Looking on the bright side!

There is a chance that I may have exaggurated the whole AC situation a little...anyway, I decided it was looking a little negative, and that coupled with a situation I had this morning, I decided to try to see the 'tender mercies' in some of these otherwise rediculous/cruddy/hot sitations I find myself in. The bright side of the AC siutation is - we have a house, we have AC, it works, it works especially well when it is over 100 degrees outside, I have a wonderful husband, he has a good job (even if it does make him a little stingy with the cool breezes) etc. etc. etc. So, on to this morning's sitation - the more I think about it, the more blessed I feel. I was carrying a piping hot (as in, carrying it with hot pads becuase it was too hot for my bare hands) bowl of oatmeal out to the rug where I was going to join Jaxon in watching another rousing episode of Caillou. Just as I was sitting down (not 12 inches from Jax) the bowl slipped out of my hands and oatmeal splashed EVERYWHERE! My legs were burning and the rug...don't get me started! Well, I was thinking that was a pretty cruddy start to the day. As My legs were stinging on the way to the gym, it made me think, Jaxon was sitting on the floor right there, and didn't even get a drop on him. (In fact he laughed hysterically at the whole sitation and whacked my back enthusiastically while I was hunched over scrubbing the rug!) Anyway, what a blessing that my stupid old rug got sloshed and not my precious little guy. (who by the way bit my arm so hard today that I have a perfectly round bruise, and a raised welt in the shape of his upper teeth...but that's another story...) So, there is my bright side rendition of spilling oatmeal, and I may do more "bright side" posts if my attitude necessitates!

For Pete's Sake, part II

I have resigned myself to the fact that those who read my blog (and comment) are cheapskates who care more about saving a buck than saving my life. Thanks you guys...thanks for nothing! I jest, I jest! We have been opening the windows morn and eve, keeping the fans on, and the blinds closed. But guess what? April is just around the corner, and then, "DANG THE MAN!" AC- here we come!!! MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA (imagine an evil laugh and me rolling my hands in little circles with one eyebrow up!)

For Pete Sake!

I have been told that Dave was a little cheap in highschool, actually I have been told OVER AND OVER AGAIN! That being said, he has always been very generous since I have known him. He is generous to me, others, the church etc. Well now, the accountant in him is coming out with a vengence! Dave refuses to let me turn on the AC, based solely on the fact that it is still March. Turning on the AC in March is like giving into "the man" and we just can't have that in this house. Could someone please tell the man, to kindly turn down the heat, so my thermomstat doesn't read 85 degrees??? Or tell my husband, that I might die of heatstroke!?!?! (I'm pretty sure it is possible to die of heat stroke, even if it is only March!)

Things I heard today...

Keep in mind, these are all from Jaxon who is a whopping 2 years, and 2 months old. and that they were all said within the same car ride to the gym...

1. "Mommy, I go live ah Tate's house." ("Ah" is how Jaxon says "at", and Tate is the 4/5 year old son of a good friend of mine. Jaxon worships the kid, but seriously...?)

2. "Mommy, Go FASTER!" (Why the heck does he care how fast we drive to the gym?)

3. "Come on pople!" (After I honked, Jaxon said this, again! This is the second time he has done this, apparently this is what I say after I honk...)

4. "Mommy, you buy Shashon ("Jaxon") Moldy-bike?" (Moldy bike is how Jax says "motorbike" which is what he calls a motorcycle.) He is absolutely OBSESSED with motorcycles right now...but if I have anything to do with it, he will NEVER ride one!

Also, yesterday I drove one of my YW to school. In the 10 minute car ride Jaxon had asked "Why?" at least 30 times, and I think she was about ready to jump out the window. It gets very tiring, but I always try to answer because 1. He is just trying to engage me in conversation and get some attention, which is good. and 2. Later (sometimes days later) he will repeat to me something I said to him during one of our question and answer periods. Last week he saw a motorcycle and said, "no ride! Unky Brit say NO NO! A too dange-us" It must have been a week before that I told he we don't ride motorcycles because Uncle Brit, who is a doctor in the ER, says we can never ride them because they are too dangerous.

I Heart Photoshop, and darling little girls!

Come on, how cute are these girls? And this mom is a genius, while it looks like ALL the girls and mom have matching dresses, really she just bought everyone a white dress and tied matching ribbons around, HOW SMART!!!

Product of the YEAR!!

I don't usually care too much about cool, hip, new products, but this is one of which I have been singing the praises for a LONG TIME!!! It is from miabellina.com, and it is called "the sonata" It's great for sleeve coverage but doesn't add another layer of oppressive heat when its HOT HOT HOT outside! I wear mine all year long, because I just hate layers, especially undershirts that ride up, etc! They come in a plethera of sizes, and 4 colors- white, black, brown, and cream. So, next time you think you cannot wear

This.... This...


This... Or This...

Think This,and GO FOR IT!!! ( I should get paid for this)


I'm happy/sad/embarrassed/relieved/ambivilant about the fact that this is the second year the Easter Bunny has skipped our house. Jaxon is not old enough to know the difference, so this is just one of those holidays that we left everyone else do the work (ward egg hunt, Mom's delicious Easter dinner) and we just go along for the ride. We had a fun ward egg hunt yesterday, and Amber and her kids and my parents also came. Jaxon got lots of eggs, and generally had no idea what was going on, or why Dave was dragging him from bush to bush pointing out eggs to put in his basket, while I attempted to take pictures! I had been taking LOTS of pictures of other people in the last 24 hours (see photo blog for Tribe Taase and The Reeves) so I wasn't super dedicated to "getting the good shot." Oh well, again, Jaxon won't mind too much. This afternoon we are off to delicious dinner at Grammie and Papa's, and let me just say how much I LOVE MY PARENTS! Seriously, I cannot say how wonderful they are. We are bringing Dad Rogers' famous coconut Yams (I HATE HATE HATE yams, but LOVE LOVE LOVE this delicious recipe) and it will be an dinner to remember. I guess this is a good time to say how grateful I am for this holiday-Christ and his life, death, and ressurection. Aren't we blessed?!?!?!

Thanks for the ears Grammie!

Jax and Jack - best buds!

Like Father Like Son! (and boy are they a handsome pair!!!)

Please Jaxon! One good picture with Mom...is that too much to ask???
Yes, yes it is too much to ask ...

All's well that ends well. (you can see that Jaxon is thrilled with this arrangement!)

(We will call our new wagon Jaxon's Easter present!)

How do you spell Dangerous? A-M-B-E-R !!!

That previous blog entry about adorable candlestick holders is what happens when your little sister knows your blog password! Yesterday my mom let us go through her Easter decor boxes and take the things we liked. (There were about 10 boxes! She loves to decorate!) Anyway, when we were all done, most of the leftovers were going to get chucked. My mom just couldn't believe that neither Amber nor I wanted these "Adorable" candlestick holders. I joked about putting real carrots in to make it more festive, but that was that. Well, apparently Amber got them home and did put real carrots in them (and dipped them in lighter fluid, which CANNOT be safe!!!) and lit them up for a great gag picture for my blog. I love you sis, you know how to keep things lively! (But I think I need to change my password!)

Easter in the Air... it's a little smokey!

Yesterday my Mom gave me some of her Easter decorations. My absolute favorite are these adorable little bunny candle holders. The best part about them? Carrots fit right into the candle holes to make them even more festive. They have got to be my favorite new Easter decorations! Thanks Mom!
All it takes is a littel lighter fluid to get these candles burning!

Busy Busy!

Here's the story. Jaxon and I went on a scouting expedition yesterday to look for some new photo spots. We found one with some water, but it was nasty and I wouldn't let Jaxon play in it. So I promised him we would go to VVL and look at the waterfalls. Well, VVL was having a wedding, so you couldnt go up the mountain where all the little streams and waterfalls are. So Jaxon just wanted to "look" at the sand pool, and this is where the photo story begins. (this reminds me of a post I did last year called "The evolution of outside play and getting naked"!)

"Just my Toes mom, I promise!"

"Did I say just my toes, I meant my bum too"

"Farewell shorts"

"Diaper, you're next!"

"CHEEKY Freedom!!!" (and a lovely water-ballet move!)

"Free at last!!"

I believe the word you're looking for is WUSSY

Oh yeah, WUSSY! (Not "woosy", which people interpreted to be "woozy")
As in, don't be such a wuss, just take your birth control and stop complaining!


(For those of you who don't spend multiple hours a week with teenage girls, TMI means TOO MUCH INFORMATION, and now, you have been warned!)
I have not blogged because I have been sick sick sick! All of my symptoms are those of pregnancy, but NO I am not pregnant. On monday I switched B.C., and my new one made me feel as bad (or worse) than I ever felt when I actually was pregnant. (and for anyone who knew me when I was pregnant...thats pretty darn bad!)
Crazy nausea, throwing up, horrendous back and stomach cramps...gee I just can't wait till it's time for the real deal! So anyway, I started taking it Tuesday, and stopped taking it Thursday, but today (Tuesday) is the first day that I actually feel human again. It's so weird, because before I had Jaxon, BC had no effect what-so-ever on me! When I heard other people complain about it, I thought (secretly to myself without saying anything to them) that they must be awefully woosy! (is that how you spell woosy?) Anyway, there will be no woosy thoughts from me about anyone from here on out. Anyway, I hope to be permanently back to the land of the living!

Tagged by Cicily

2 Names you go by: (other than Ashley) Stinky Bottom Poo-poo Head (yes its true, and don't ask!) and Ash-hole (pretty self explanitory there...) I need some better nicknames!
2 Things you are wearing right now: Shorts that my mom has taken in about 4 times so I don't have to buy new ones--so they fit in the waist but are super baggy in the bum, and my FAVORITE OF ALL TIME my Mia Bellina under-half-shirt (look up Mia Bellina online and see what I am talking about, and all you Arizonans will thank me come 110 degrees!!

2 Things you want (or have) in a Relationship: laughter and communication
2 of Your Favorite Things to Do: Reading in the bath tub, Blog!
2 Things You Did Last Night: took the night off recovering from a mini-meltdown, and watched LOST
2 People you talked to last Night: Dave and Jaxon
2 Things You're Doing Tomorrow: Going on a date with Dave if we can find a babysitter, and something (yet to be determined) all by myself
2 Longest Car Rides: Ummm...Phoenix to Provo, and thats about it for car rides ,but my flight to New Zealand was 14 hours!
2 Favorite Holidays: Christmas and Halloween
2 Favorite Drinks: Water and Diet Dr. Pepper (even after throwing it up!)
2 Things about me you may not have known: I can Hula Dance, and I bruise extremely easily ( I currently have 2 major bruises on my legs that I cannot account for and 5 on my arms, again, no idea where I got them. One more, because I think it is fairly odd and interesting...more than one person has suggested that I possibly have a depth perception problem. I cannot usually walk through a doorway without banging my arm into the side, or walk between a row of desks without jabbing a leg several times.

2 Jobs I have Had in my Life: Teacher and my previously mentioned 5 days at a gas station before being fired.
2 Movies I could Watch Over and Over: Knights Tale, and Count of Monte Cristo
2 of My Favorite Foods: Choc. Covered strawberries, and Choc. cake (especially the Mother load from Claim Jumper, or my new favorite, The Great Wall from PF Changs)
2 Places I'd Rather Be right Now: In a cool breezy beach house smelling the ocean waves(but with no beach near by, I hate sand on my feet) or New Zealand with Dave.

There is so non-essential Ashley info for you!

"Don't Do it!" Part II

1. Don't drink a whole 44 ouncer of Diet Dr. Pepper on the first day after you gave up on not soda drinking.
2. Don't swing extremely high on the swingset for long periods of time while holding your son on your lap (no matter how cutely he giggles) after you have gorged yourself on that self-same 44- ouncer.
3. Don't let your son see you throw up in the garbage can, or he will say the rest of the day,repeatedly, "Mommy Frow up? Why Mommy Why?" (Boy when our next pregnancy comes THAT sentence is going to get old quickly!)

In closing, Dr. Pepper and Swing sets DON'T MIX!!!

A little ranting and raving

I just typed a whole blog of serious complaining. It felt good to get it out, but I just couldn't print it. Why? Because what would it help? Negativity breeds negativity. So, instead, I will say this. If there is anyone in your life at home, work, church, the gym, day care, school, etc. that does anything nice for you or serves you, Go right now and say thank you. Write a letter, make a phone call, send an email, whatever. People do a lot of hard jobs, sometimes they are thankless, and a simple thank you goes a LONG WAY!!! So, instead of printing three paragraphs of why I am feeling less that fantastic, I am going to print some thank yous! I will try to include everyone who I remember reads my blog. Please don't be offended if I leave you out...if certainly wasn't on purpose- ( I will start with family, then move from the top of my links to the bottom)
Mom- thanks for being such a great friend, and listener, and helper, and supporter!
Emily- thanks for never giving up on me.
Ryan- thanks for remembering to applaud the little things, it means a lot.
Dave- Thanks for not leaving me for being crazy. I LOVE YOU FOREVER.
Tyler- Thanks for calling me everyday...even if it is for dubious reasons!
AnnaMarie- thanks for being so positive, its amazing, and contageous.
Amber- Thanks for being the best sister ever, a great example, and so much fun to live near.
Mom Rogers- thanks for loving unconditionally and being the sweetest person I know.
Brandis- thanks for all your funny comments!
Lauren- Thanks for so much help to a brand new friend.
Marie- thanks for listening and not judging, and for watching Jaxon
Nedra- thanks for being so positive, and giving Jaxon noisy toys that he loves.
Donnie- thanks for always being totally willing to do anything that needs to be done
Sarah- thanks for loving me like a sister, AND a friend!
Misti- thank you for your tireless optimism and amazing musical contributions
Charlotte- thanks for working hard in a difficult situation and never giving up on girls that need all that love you continue to give them.
Kelly- thanks for being the funniest writer that I know!
Christi- thanks for the shout out. I have read it about 20 times these past two days, and it always makes me feel better.
Celeste- thanks for being an awesome camp director!
Kim- thanks for being a great VT companion
Haleigh- thanks for keeping us up to date on the 1998 reunion
Michelle- thanks for being so dang creative and inspiring.
Tafi- thanks for your laughter. It is SO refreshing. And thanks for renewing our long lost friendship.
Clint- thanks for liking me more than Dave
Malia- thanks for our outings, they are so needed, and Jax likes them just as much as I do.
Molly- thanks for being so positive and inspirational.
Jill- thanks for teaching free photo classes that were SO FANTASTIC. And for being a photo inspiration
Ashley- thanks for being so creative on your blog, and always so upbeat.
Cami- thanks for being so spunky and real, and what a fantastic sense of style.
Cicily- thanks for always being there. I love our chats, however few and far between. I know I can always count on you.
Kate- thanks for keeping in touch with long lost friends, even if it is only occasionally.
Elyse- thanks for finding me after all this time and picking up like we were never lost. Thanks for such an inspirational blog.
Jen- thanks for being a photo inspiration, and always inviting me to scrap even though I can never go.
Kay- thanks for always being flexible with tutoring and putting my name out to the photo world.
Heather- thanks for being a good listener.
Heidi- thanks for introducing me to splendid smoothies, and making me always want to go to the gym.
Amy Stanger (can't remember married name) Thanks for always being a friend. And for meeting for dinner while I was in Utah.

Well, that feels a little better!


These are from our adventures at Family Fun Van today. Jaxon was SOOOO excited for The firemen to come and do a presentation, but he was petrified once they got their gear on. The man in the gear asked if everyone could try a "stop drop and roll", and Jaxon hollered a very loud, "NO DO IT!" to all of his friends around him, apparently thinking whatever the scary looking man was asking them to do would put them all in grave peril! He straightened out once the firemen were at a safe distance, and sure has fun with his buddies Tate and Jack!

What's not to love about this good-lookin' fella?

Best Buddies!

Baking Powder to Thyme, Easy as ABC

This weekend I decided to totally clean out everything in the pantry and get some organization! I even "built" my own spice shelves! (had wood cut at Lowes and glued it together!) Now there is not any junk or unnecessaries in there, and everything has a nice place! HURRAY~ We also did the hall closet and the garage last weekend, so now on to the upstairs game/everything closet,...then maybe I will tackle the black hole that is Dave's workout room! Spring cleaning is here! AND I LOVE IT!

I even alphabetized ALL of my spices! (this is a trick I learned from my mom and have been wanting to do it for 5 years!) From Baking Powder to Thyme, and everything in between! (Yes, I do tend to be a little OCD, and yes, I like it that way!)


Okay come on, Jaxon was watching himself on the video camera, one of his favorite things to go, and this was his pose. Man, I LOVE THIS KID!

Strange but true

A few days ago I was listening to a voice mail message from Dave (on speaker phone) and my sister Amber said he sounded like a duck. So, the next time I talked to him, I randomly called him Duckface. He thought I said' "dungface" and was wondering why I would do such a thing. After I explained what I had really said we had a good laugh and now use "duckface" occasionally just for fun. So...
Yesterday in the car I was talking to Dave on speaker phone again, and at the end of the conversation I said, "Bye Duckface" and all of a sudden, Jaxon had a breakdown!
"NO MOMMY NO! Why Daddy Duckface? No Mommy!" I'm not sure what part of that was offensive to Jaxon, but I thought it was cute the way he was sticking up for Dave, especially after the "Go way" incident!


YES! YES! YES! My good friend Lauren has been helping me with a little project (and by helping I mean doing it, because I don't understand 'computer speak', and she as it turns out, is a GENIUS!!!!) I mentioned that I would like to have a better header for my photo blog, and she told me that she could do WAY better than that! (Well, she didn't actually SAY that, but she DID do WAY BETTER THAN THAT!!) Anyway, here is the link to my new photo site...a very awesome, professional-looking photo site! Hurray for LAUREN! THREE CHEERS! (And a "Cheers Mate" because she's Australian!)
check it out and tell me what you think!!!


( I tried to include a link, but it appears not to be working...that's usually the case when I do it...)

"Go Way Dave!"

Jaxon has had two interesting developments in his life lately-
1. He refuses to call Dave "daddy" even if he gets in trouble, ignored, or goes to time out.
2. He asks for Dave all day but when he comes home, Jaxon clings to me and gets jealous of my time with Dave.

These two developments lead to last night's outburst. Jaxon did not want to play outside with Dave while Dave was grilling. He wanted to be inside with me and for me to hold him. He was having a bit of a tantrum, so I called Dave in for backup. Dave only got one leg in the door before Jaxon ran over, hit his leg, and tried to push him back outside, all while yelling, "GO WAY DAVE!"
Obviously this was quite comical and naughty at the same time. Jaxon got a timeout from me, and he started bawling. When I got him out of time out I told him he had to say, "Sorry Daddy" and if he called Daddy "Dave", then he would go back to timeout. So, through sobs Jaxon gives Dave a kiss and says, "sorry Dave!" I told Jax he had one more chance to say, "Sorry Daddy" and to try again. He again said, "Sorry Dave!" and then started crying, "NO timeout! No timeout!"
Any ideas? We were just having Dave ignore him if Jax called him Dave, but it's getting a little out of hand!

Fun with the Grill

You know how in a previous post I said I learned how to use the grill..."sort of" well, here is a perfect example of where the "Sort of" explains itself. Tonight we had a fantastic dinner of Grilled chicken, grilled bell peppers, grilled asparagus, and grilled corn on the cob- YUM YUM!

One might look at this picture and think that the grilling that was done was quite superb, and you would be right, with one exeption....I guess I failed to read the fine print (or the really large print...whatever...) that said BEFORE you put the corn on the grill, you should wrap it in foil...oops. So, the corn got a littled blackened in places, but all in all, still not terrible. As for the rest of the dinner, DELICIOUS!!! I found the easiest most awesome marinade for chicken and peppers, here it is---- mix Italian dressing (as much as you want) chopped garlic (as much as you want) rosemary (as much as you want) bell peppers (whatever color and as much as you want) and chicken breasts (as much as you want) and let them marinade all day. Then Grill. Does that sound easy to follow or what????? Let me tell you, it is SOOOOOO good! (and Healthy, I use Fat Free Italian, and just add 2 TBSP of Olive oil so the chicken doesnt burn)

Happy today!

First, this is more of why I love Arizona...Flowers in the winter! (Yup- February is winter, even in Arizona!) I am just feeling really grateful and happy right now. We are all healthy and enjoying being outside while we still can. It is busy season but we are still getting to see Dave occasionally. He has been on a close client and we got to meet him for lunch twice. In a few weeks he will be back on a close client for 8 WHOLE WEEKS! That means no super long drives home in traffic! Jaxon is talking up a storm and cracking us up. The YW are back on track. The house is clean more often than not. I enjoy making dinner, sort of. I learned how to use the grill, sort of. Here's a good one- I got 11 hours and 45 minutes of sleep last night! I am feeling so content. Life is just good!