"I'm Going There Someday..."

On Sunday we went and walked around the temple after tithing settlement. Of course I try to keep my camera on hand, and of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a few shots of Jaxon in his new Christmas Church outfit! (Thanks grammie!)
We are headed off to Utah tomorrow, but hopefull we will still be able to upload entrys and pictures...EVERYONE PRAY FOR SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday Happiness...it begins!

The holidays have never really been a very stressful time for me, so I can honestly say I really love this time of year! Today we had Cicily snap some shots of us so we could get a good one for our Christmas card, and while I don't love the way I look, I absolutely love my little family. We are happy, we are healthy, and we are together. So, when I look at a less than perfect picture, I am trying to remember what wonderful blessings I have. Then we met a few of Dave's sisters and their families at the new out door mall and walked around together. I LOVE DAVE'S FAMILY!! I am such a lucky girl to have married such a great guy with such a wonderful family. It is always so fun to get together with them, and I always look forward to seeing any of his siblings or his parents! This 4 days with no work and all play, is just so fun! We put up the Christmas tree yesterday with Jaxon awake so we could talk about the "rules" of not touching etc. He was so excited and really didn't listen very well at all, but who could blame him with all the fun things around? Last night we carried him into the house about 9:30, sound asleep with his head on Dave's shoulder. When we were walking past the Christmas tree he opened his eyes. His head snapped up, he got a huge smile on his face, pointed at the tree and said "OH!!!!" Then he promptly put his head back down and went to sleep- what a guy! Here are a few fun pictures from today!

Way to cooperate Jaxon!

Ewwwwww!!! Gross!!!

That's better!!!

Like father like son.

I swear this kid is mine. He looks nothing like me, but HE IS MINE!!!

Sometimes playing is hard work!!

I Came, I saw, I TROTTED!!!!!

HURRAY!!! At 10:08 I completed my first 10K (my first actual race/run of any kind since high school track to be exact) with a time of 1 hour and 8 minutes! I really wanted to finish under 1 hour and 15 minutes, but I didn't tell anyone, in case I didnt make it! (my time is an 11 and a half minute mile) I was so nervous I thought I might have a heart attack, but as you can see from this blog, I survived to tell the tale! Marie was a great running partner, she encouraged me to push on and do my best, while allowing any walking time necessary! (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU MARIE!!!) While I am not looking forward to my next 10K (no there is not one planned, but yes, there probably will be) I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest accomplishments of my adult life! Is that lame? Well, I don't care, because its the truth!

(It wouldn't be the trot, without the turkey...he finishes every year in 47 minutes!)

(Before the race)

( We didn't finish last after all! This many people were behind us!)

(I ran into Kate after the race!)

(After the race- We did it!!!!)

(finishing the race)

(Enjoying the fruits of our labors!)

Happy Thanksgiving, How do you like your steak?

Yes, I am not at all sad to say that our Thanksgiving did not take the traditional route this year. All Ferrell and Rogers family members except my parents were otherwise occupied with other festivities, and the whole shebang for just the 4 of us was not what sounded like a good time. Too Much prep, too much food, too much time! (Plus to be honest, I'm not all that crazy about Thanksgiving food!) So we made reservations for the 4 adults and Jaxon and had a delicious time at Black Angus! There was no prep. and best of all, no clean up! Jaxon was a perfect little angel all through dinner, and enjoyed his meal of ice and croutons (his choice, not ours!) We all enjoyed the appetizer sampler, salads, steaks, asparagus, and choc. cake for dessert. Thanksgiving is all about family anyway, and 4 of my very favorite people in the world were there, stress free! What more can a girl ask for!
So, I thought I would follow the trend and say something about my blessings-
1. I am ridiculously thankful for Davey J! My man is so wonderful, caring, fun, funny, and SO SO SO SO easy to get along with! (I know you are all thinking that is just what I deserve, because I am also SO easy to get along with...) He is so thoughtful and a great dad. He likes my hair curly (Which it does naturally, so there are major bonus points!) He thinks I look beautiful in my workout clothes, even AFTER I am worked out! He always does the dishes without being asked, and he makes me SO HAPPY!!!!
More to come! Happy Thanksgiving!

(I look out of it because I ran the 10K Turkey trot just before...I don't think Dave has an excuse...)

A new love...

Two words: Joshua Radin. He is the artist playing on my play list. Look him up, you will love him!
(Thanks Nedra for the great tip!)

Vampires...mythical creatures???

This blog is for all you Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse (Stephanie Meyer) lovers! (The rest of you might not get it!)
Last night Dave and I were looking for my magazine, which we realized that we left at my parents house.
D: Sorry I don't run fast enough to go get it really quick from your parents house.
A: If you were a vampire you could do it.
D: Vampires can't run fast!
A: Yes they can!
D: No they can't...but they can fly.
A: NO THEY CAN'T! That's a widespread myth!
D: Oh, that's a myth about Vampires? It's ALL a myth Ashley, Vampires aren't real...you've been reading too many of those books.
A: (under my breath) ...that's what YOU think!

I do think I'm a bit obsessed, Im just finishing the series for the second time, and I still love Edward!

"New Mexico...Cleaner than real Mexico"

Hello All! Jaxon and I just got back from our Quick trip to New Mexico with Nedra. Dave was out of town and she invited us to come celebrate Thanksgiving a week early with her family. I have to say, I think it is a tragedy, a sham, and a mockery...a TRAVISHAMOCKERY if you will, that every boy does not get to grow up on a farm/ranch. Jaxon had more fun, and was more dirty that ever before. The freedom to roam made his little heart sing, and I'm sad we have no such space at our cubicle size lot here in Mesa. Something funny that happened- We were at a gas station just inside NM and I was getting a drink. The women in front of me had some sort of hard liquor in a brown bag, and started chatting with me. Here is the conversation:
Lady: "My Husband is a REALLY bad driver, so I have to drink"
ME: "Whatever it takes!"
Lady: "Well, we ARE from New Mexico you know..."
ME: "Uh...Okay!!"

She said the part about being from New Mexico as if that was all the explanation needed for the booze...who knew???
Here are a few cute pics from the weekend~!

PS- I know Im biased, but I have the most beautiful son on the planet!
PSS - attribute his open mouth in every picture to inheriting his father's tongue. Dave had to get a tongue-trap when he was little to train his ginormous tongue to stay in his mouth...Im thinking Jaxon may have to get the same thing! Thanks genes, thanks!

Things that Stink...

1. Being sick
2. Being sick while your husband is out of town for 2 weeks.
3. Being sick while your husband is out of town for 2 weeks and you are supposed to be training for a 10K run.
in conclusion, being sick stinks.

Swim Lessons

Jaxon loves his swim lessons, so today I let just dad swim and I took pictures. While Jaxon does enjoy the water, his lessons do have some ups and downs!


Let me prefice this, and all other blogs about running with this: I am in no way trying to brag about my running "accomplishments." I am actually in so much shock that I am even trying to "run" at all, because I have hated and avoided it for so long. I am surprised that I can do it at all, so that is why I am so excited. Anyway, that being said... this morning Marie convinced me to go running with her to train for our "big race" we did almost 5 miles. We walked to warm up the 1/2 mile out of the neighborhood, then ran 2 and 2/3 miles with out stopping, then we walked a 1/2 and ran a 1/2 until we got back home. It took us exactly an hour, so I am really looking forward to the 10K. I know it will be hard, but it will be worth it. My only real "injury" concern, is that my left knee cap feels kind of...wobbly, for lack of better word. It feels like it comes kind of loose when I run, and then sits a little too low when I'm done. It doesnt exactly "hurt" it just feels...wrong. Any suggestions, hints or diagnosis would be much appreciated!

I must be crazy...

Well, I have a crazy (yet very athletic!) friend Marie who has someone convinced me to run... well... "run" the 10K Turkey Trot with her. What was I thinking when I agreed? So between now and Thanksgiving I am going to pass on Step class and get some running in instead. Today I did 5 miles in one hour at the gym. It was DANG HARD, but hey, I'm not dead right? (Thats what Marie said to make me feel better!!!) So It will be a 2-3 mile run, and then a run walk for me, but I will at least be able to say I did it...and then conveniently forget my time if anyone asks!!!!

Halloween Pictures!

Even with my SLR, he is too stinkin' fast for me! I need some sort of superpower! On a lighter note, I got kicked out of Val Vista Lakes for sneaking up the hill to take these pictures while a wedding was taking place. I figured if they couldnt see me then it didnt matter anyways, but apparently it matters to them...OOOPS!!!

just get used to it!

I know that I used to upload tons of pics of jax, and it is going to start again now that I have my camera...sorry, he is my most "convenient" subject! (which is really relative because he never stands still!) Anyway, here is day one with the new camera!


I stole this from a creative friend, but I am getting close to my 3000th hit, so if it is you, let me know! (Check the hit counter in the corner!) Maybe you will win that prize Ive been dying to give away!

here we are!

Okay, here is a picture from last night when Dave and I had our fun night out. I loved my outfit, and it was appropriate for the occasion. The even wasnt really "fun" but the food was good and it was fun to dress up! It is blurry because I used my new camera and tri-pod, and my manual focus skills arent 100% yet, but you can get the general idea!

better late than never...

here are some belated haloween photos. I didnt get any of Jax that I love, because he moves to fast for my point and shot, and my other camera wasnt here. these are from a fun party I went to with my sister Amber, and my cousin/sister Heather. I only got one of Heathers kids...I think because they were too excited about all the junk food!


WOW- this is one of those days, that has just been good, no,...GREAT all around!! The day started out normal as ever, up at 6:45, step class at the gym, and Jaxon down for a nap. Then I tracked my very very VERY exciting package that I was pretty sure was coming today! (my new DSLR Canon Rebel xti with lots of fun extras!!!!!!) It was on its way! Well, I also needed to go shopping at Forever 21 (thanks Kate and Haleigh for the idea) becuase although so many people offered SO MANY cute clothing options, none of them fit quite right, looked quite right on me, etc. So, here-in lies the dilemma. I needed to go shopping, but I would have to be home to sign for my camera. I waited until 2 and then decided I just had to go. It was more important to have something to wear to the party than to have my camera today. Anyway- I found a darling outfit, that is SOOOOO not me, but hey, live a little right? (Maroon floaty bubble dress-strapless, with a way cute little black shrug over it) So shopping was a success, which when looking for the "perfect outfit", is blessing enough, but then I rushed home, hoping against the odds to beat UPS. Well, here is where it really gets good! As I was going to turn in the first entrance to our neighborhood, a little thought popped into my head...if the UPS truck had come, it would most likely leave through the other entrance/exit. So I kept driving, went in the neighborhood...AND GUESS WHO WAS ON HIS WAY OUT????? IF you guessed the UPS truck, you have been following along VERY WELL!!! I flagged him down and asked if he had tried to deliver a package to my address, he said yes, I begged him to give it to me, and HE SAID YES!!!! I GOT MY CAMERA!!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!! So, I now have a ton of things to learn how to attach and use, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! The battery is charging as we speak, and then, its hands on learning for me! Poor Dave, he is going to be very lonely as I plug through the users manual! I will upload photos that I take as soon as I'm not embarrassed at how they turn out, and I will upload some photos from tomorrow night if I remember to have someone take a few!!!