So Preppy, so cute!

I know that there are those of you out there who hate the preppy look. I'm totally okay with that. I think your kids are darling in their grunge/punk/skater/ etc. clothing. So, just enjoy the cuteness no matter what you think of preppiness in general. Also, this is not my hairstyle of choice for Jaxon, but we are growing out the buzz, and with his natural curl, its still too short to spike up in front.

This morning we had 15 minutes to kill before we went to the gym, and Jaxon really wanted some gum. In general, he is really good with gum, but we don't take our chances in the house. So we went outside to chew some gum, and he hoped on his tricycle. I thought he looked so dang cute I grabbed my camera...but he looks so old to me in these pictures that it's almost out of place to have him on a trike. Also, he doesn't actually ride the tricycle the right way...he cannot for the life of him figure out the pedals!

The funny faces of Jaxon-

Check out those green eyes...almost as beautiful as his daddy's!

The correct way to ride a tricycle-

The way he actually rides-

Busy Busy!

Well the last few days have been super busy and super fun, but alas, no pictures to show for it! (actually that's not entirely true, I did a baby shoot yesterday and the photos are on my other blog...) Anyway, here's the rundown. Thursday night Dave, Jaxon and I used a gift card to cheesecake factory and ate WAAAAAAAYYYY too much food, including the Godiva Cheesecake, ooooooohhhh get heavier just thinking about that thing! Then Friday I planted a tiny garden, HURRAY FOR MY INNER DOMESTIC WOMEN!!! It's just in pots, and I am still trying to figure out yard placement and water amounts. I planted thyme, basil, rosemary, tomatoes, peppers, and oregano. I bought them already sprouted at Lowes and just transplanted. They smell fantastic, especially the basil and rosemary, so I can't wait to use some. Then Friday night I hosted non-bunco playing bunco. It was a really fun time. We did a fun workout then stuffed ourselves on Macaroni Grill. Their catering will deliver and set up ALL THE FOOD AND UTENSILS! It was really quite reasonable and boy was it nice to not have to prepare, cook, present, and clean dishes! Saturday I went to the broadcast with my sister and loved it. I especially loved Elder Uchtdorf's (spelling?) talk. It was about recoginizing the good in what you do, and creating beauty around you. I loved that he recognized all types of talents, and said that anytime you bring something about that wasn't there before, you are creating. That includes happiness, service, smiles, making food, getting healthy, etc.
Anyway, like I said Sunday I did a quick shoot for a good friend of mine, mother and baby are both beautiful and healthy. Now we are trying to come down from a long weekend, and also prepare for Dave's parents coming into town on Friday. We are doing well and staying busy, HURRAY!


Okay, many of you know that my parents are in China. My sister and I have started a blog for them and we upload their emails to us, telling us what they have been up to. Anyone who knows my dad knows he is a character, but I promise you , you do not have to know him to get a laugh out loud belly laugh from reading their blog! The address is:
Some of his antics you can read about include (But are certainly not limited too):
~Accidently restarting the treadmill next to his and sending a chinese woman flying
~Being unable to find the classroom he is supposed to teach in and searching 7 floors of classrooms
~Becoming a paid spokesman and making a commercial- all without a clue what he was doing
~Carrying my mom on his back
~Strongly suspecting that a kind women that helped him at Mcdonalds was actually his reincarnated father
~Playing his harmonica along with a musically talented bird
~almost decapitating an elderly man on a bicycle

A walk down memory lane...

I saw this on Kelly's blog and laughed for the next 20 minutes. I couldn't resist the urge to "yearbook" Dave and I. We made a pretty cute couple in the 50s and 60s...the 80's got a little scary! try it at
















Short and funny-

Last week I was changing Jaxon's diaper (stinkers) and he wanted me to put his bare bum on the rug before it was cleaned. I told him-
A- We don't put stinkers on the rug, that's gross.
J- Only Daddy does stinkers on the rug?
A-No, daddy DOESN"T do stinkers on the rug!
J-Oh. He only does Urine on the rug!?
A-No! Daddy does not go to the bathroom on the run, ever!
J-I go Urine on the loft floor when I'm sick! (this is true, it happened last week while he was naked in prep for a bath--he tinkled on the hardwood in the loft...) And you 'keened it up' wiff your sock! (also true, it was the only thing available on short notice!)

Then yesterday...
J- I want to jump high!
A- Okay, Jump up to the Fan!
J- NO! That would chop my head off onto the rug!
I guess the time of independent thinking has come, its just not always right on. Neither Dave nor I told him the fan would "chop his head off" so I guess he came up with that one all on his own.

Fountain Fun

Today Jaxon and I went to a new shooting location with a couple of the YW. One of them is doing photography as her YW in Excellence project and is going to shadow me and shoot, and do some photoshop work. It is really fun and she has a good eye! Anyway, after a few tips I let her loose with my camera and her model (one of the other young women) and I tried dilligently to keep Jaxon out of the fountain. While I did keep his actual body from getting in, that was about all I did. He was soaked to the bone and happy as can be. Ah well, what else should little boys do besides have fun and make messes!

Chocolate Chip Party

Today was not Jaxon's best day. To sum it up I will tell you that he fell off a kitchen chair, onto his face, on the tile. He got two major fat lips and bled quite profusely. The fault of the fall lies equally between us, so I won't go into the details, but at least it wasn't on purpose. After the fall he was in pain and was a holy terror. I felt terrible for the kid, but was adamant that he pick up his blocks which he had been procrastinating for half the day. Nothing worked and he was practically hysterical, and I was at my whits end. Then I started feeling really bad, becuase I would be in no mood to pick up blocks if I had just smashed my face into the tile, mostly I would jsut want a little sympathy. So I told him he could have a "Chocolate Chip Party" with Daddy if he would pick up his blocks. I had no idea was a "Chocolate Chip Party" was, but since Jaxon perked up and started cleaning, I just made it up as we went along. I made Dave and Jaxon matching "party hats" and gave them each a bowl of Choc. chips. I also layed out the strawberries, so that I didn't feel like a totally terrible parent and pushover. Jax and Dave had a great time at their party, and we saved the hats for another melt down!

Can you tell that his bottom lip and upper right lip are totally swollen? Poor guy!

Dave's Genius idea of putting the chocolate chips INSIDE the strawberry! (and look at those blue eyes! Even blurry their beautiful!)

What a day...and night, and roses

Man, I am exhausted. I know I only have one kid, but it's just like exercise, THAT'S ALL I'M CONDITIONED FOR RIGHT NOW! Yesterday he ran a fever of 103 and cried all day. None-the-less we had to go to the post office, which is not much of a treat anyways, then add a sick toddler, oh man. Then last night I was woken up at 4 am exactly with a weak little, "mama? Mama? Mama?" Coming through the monitor. I went in and he was HOT HOT again and asking for water. We got him some water (dave did actually) and as soon as he drank it all he proceeded to start throwing up. Luckily it was just water since he hadn't eaten anything the day before. We changed his shirt, and immediately he threw up again. Third time was a charm, new shirt, and we put him back to bed. Im lucky he's a good sleeper becuase he went right back to sleep, but I was worried and listened for him for the next half hour. One bright spot? Dave knew it had been a hard day and brought me a dozen beautiful red roses. They are smiling at me from the kitchen table and when Jaxon whines and cries I sniff them and whisper, "Calgone, take me away!" Okay, I don't do that, but they remind me what a great guy Dave is!
On a funnier note, a few days ago when I peeked in on him right before I went to bed. He heard me and sat up, totally dazed and confused....he didn't even look at me, just groped blindly for his little bear. I said quietly, "Jaxon, lay down and I will cover you with your blanket." Jaxon proceeded to do what can best be described as down-ward dog (a yoga pose) where he was balancing on his feet and his head, in an triangle shape. I was cracking up, and stood there for about 10 seconds. I'm pretty sure he fell asleep that way, because all of a sudden he just toppled over to one side (guess it's hard to keep your balance when your sleeping) and was dead asleep, not to be woken up, even by his own crashing over.

Ahhhh, Bed time.

As I have said before, Jaxon really loves his bed, he loves to sleep, nap, and all things crib- related! We had two different babysitters this weekend, one for a date, and one for the temple. Both said that Jaxon is the easiest to put to bed of anyone they have ever babysat. So, a few nights ago, Jaxon had an early bath because he was FILTHY From playing outside. When he got out, it was still about 15 minutes till bedtime, but I didn't want him to go back downstairs and get all riled and involved in toys or a video. So, Dave went down and got some books, and we had "special reading time in Mom and Dad's bed" Jaxon thought that was pretty cool! (On the whole, we don't spend a lot of time in there as a family...) so at 7:30 I said, "Okay, it's bed time. You get to sleep with mom and dad tonight!" I was under the impression that this was every kids dream, and although I was just teasing, I wanted to see if he would get super excited. I turned off the overhead and bedside light and pulled the covers over the three of us. Jaxon started Bawling!!! I'm talking real tears! He was saying, "PEASE GO MY OWN CRIB! NO SLEEP WITH MOM AND DAD! NO LIKE DIS BED" PEASE GO MY OWN CRIB...PEASE!!!!" Seriously? Who is this kid? As soon as I turned on the bedside lamp and he could see, he shot out of our room so fast he was a blur. When we got into his room he was holding onto his crib for dear life! He could barely keep his head on my shoulder for a song because I think he was afraid I might try to take him back into our bed with him. What a kid.

Temple pics...

I have decided to sell some of my temple pics, and I really wanted to name this blog entry
"I Love to Sell the Temple" as a little play on words...but it just seemed to blasphemous!" I have included one more angle that I have worked on and I will also include them on my everydaylovephotography website so you can see everything available. Here's the thing, I am not going to sell "unlimited printing rights" as in, here's the picture on disk, do whatever you want with it...that's why I watermarked them. So if you are interested in a picture of the temple, I will order it for you.

Here are the prices-
8x10- $10.00
11x14- $20.00

I can also get bigger prints, so if you are interested, just ask. The company that I will be printing through is excellent and highly regarded by photographers as doing flawless work. (We are not talking Walmart or Walgreens here)
Obviously, these prices are for the picture only, and does not include matting or framing.

I love to see the temple!

My good friend (and web designer extraordinaire), Lauryn, asked me to take some shots of the temple for her, and I really loved doing it. Here are a couple, and there are more on my photo blog. What am I going to do with them you ask? I'm not sure yet!