Thanks for the love

We are feeling it. Honestly we are.

Thanks for the calls, texts, and comments. Just because I haven't responded doesn't mean they don't mean the world to us.

The Rogers are now taking a much needed and long overdue vacation.

From Life.
From waiting.
From disappointment.
...and from everybody but the 3 of us.

We planned it yesterday.
We leave tomorrow.
We are not usually spontaneous, but this feels perfect.

It's all about Jaxon right now, and that also feels right. So we are going to be spending 1 day at Legoland and 3 days at Disneyland. This is our impromptu summer vacation, it just came a little early.

See ya next Friday......
with less worries,
less regret,
more smiles,
more pictures,
more memories made,
and having more focused on all the wonderful blessings in our lives.

It didn't work

We just finished our invitro process and it didn't work. We just found out this morning.
Please comment, call, or text, but I won't be picking up for a few days.
When you do see me, please don't pretend you don't know or it didn't happen, It makes me feel worse than crying about what did happen. Feel free to say you're sorry or cry. And please don't be look away when I cry.

Jaxon Says...

1. Jaxon has decided that every nightly prayer should include some Spanish. The only problem, he doesn't know Spanish! So sometimes he will say one "sentence" in nonsense, or sometimes he will whisper to Dave "How do you say ______ in Spanish?" Dave will help him, but let's be still sounds like nonsense!

Jaxon has a real problem with tattling on Dave to me. Somehow he got in his head that I am the "Big Boss" and Daddy is next in line. So frequently during the day Dave will tell him something and he will say, "Mom! Is that true?" or Dave will ask him to do something and Jax will say, "Mom! Do I have to do that?" he knows he gets in trouble for telling on Dave to me, so it is slowing down....but he just can't seem to stop.
Well, last night before prayer, Dave was teasing Jaxon about something, and J didn't like it. Jaxon turned to tattle on Dave and I was giving him "the look." He knew I wouldn't listen to tattling about joking around and that I would say he needed to tell Dave if he didn't like it, so he thought for a second and said, "Mom, Daddy just made fun of the prophets! He called them a "slock" and said he didn't want to follow them!"
While we did have to have a talk about lying, Dave and I were trying not to let him see us laugh. Lying aside, I guess we are doing something right when he thinks the best way to get someone in trouble is to say that they don't love the prophet!

3. Jaxon has his first talk today. I am really excited, and I think he is too. We wrote his talk and then recorded my voice saying it on the computer. We listened to it several times a day so he could start memorizing it, and when he was pretty good, we started using pictures from the Gospel library to help him remember. I show a picture and he remembers what he is supposed to say. It is the cutest thing ever, and I hope that he doesn't get any stage fright today. I would love for him to be able to say most of his talk by looking at the pictures we are showing, and with very little whispering in his ear from me. My favorite part though, is at the end. He just was supposed to say that he loves Heavenly Father and Jesus, but he ad-libs every time. It's like the beginning of his little testimony coming through. He says something a little different every time, but it's usually about a warm feeling, or choosing the right! He also ad-libs a little about Joseph Smith. It's pretty funny because he just tries to through in as many "gospel" words as possible and sometimes he veers a little from the actual truth!
...I will let you know how it goes!

Two Funny Stories...

(I think this Picture is hysterical! It has nothing to do with these two stories, it is simply for your viewing pleasure!)

1. We have finally worked out a system to keep Jaxon from calling for us at Unearthly-early times in the morning. If he calls for us before his lamp turns on (at 6:05) he has to take a nap that day, instead of quiet time...and it works like a charm. He usually wakes up around 5:45ish, gets up, uses his potty chair in his room, and get's himself dressed and waits for the lamp to turn on.
So the other morning, he called for me when he was not supposed to, and it went something like this- (Imagine 4-year old stream-of-conscious speech that just comes out in one, never-ending sentence!)
"MOM!! MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!! I need you! I know I'm not supposed to call for you and I really tried not to, but this is an EMERGENCY!"
Of course I ran to the room, and I found Jaxon naked-
"Mom, I tried not to call for, but I have a problem! I got undressed and went urine, but then I had to go stinkers, so I did, but it didn't go all the way down like it does in the toilet, it's sticking up, and I have to do more urine, but I didn't want to get stinkers on my buns, so I got the wipes and tried to push it down, but my hand slipped and went in the urine...ALL OVER THE URINE, and I'm not sure if I have stinkers on my hand our not, and I tried to wipe it up but it's still wet, and I still have to go urine, and the stinkers are still standing up!!"
As you can imagine I had him hosed down in the tub in a flash, but I was trying so hard not to laugh!
#2. Yesterday we were walking out the door to church when I realized we hadn't done Jaxon's hair. I quickly plopped him on the counter and grabbed the spray bottle, comb, and spiker gel. (Let me insert here, that J is great when I do his hair, he never fights me...) so I started spraying his hair all over and after about 4 or 5 squirts he starts fighting me like crazy. I am still trying to spray his hair because I don't want to be late, so after about 4 more wild sprays he yells, "STOP! STOP! THAT STINKS! I'M NOT NAUGHTY!!!!"
I forgot that I dumped the water and filled the spray bottle with vinegar a week ago for back talk punishment. So, I had just wildly sprayed vinegar all over Jaxon! We didn't have time to get him undressed, wash his hair, and redressed, so had Dave run get his cologne, thinking I could mask the smell. I doused Jaxon's hair in cologne and spiker gel, then could still smell it, so some more cologne. It was the best I could do and we just left for church.
Once we got to church we noticed that somehow the combo of vinegar+cologne+water+spiker gel+more cologne made Jaxon's hair have a white powder ALL OVER IT. It seriously looked like the spray gray that you would put in your hair to make you look old. AND! To make matters worse, he still stunk to high heaven. If possible, the cologne only joined with and magnified the vinegar.
Luckily Jax was being a daddy's boy and spent most of Sacrament Meeting on Dave's lap, but it was hysterical to look over to see Jax trying to snuggle Dave, and Dave trying to do anything to keep his nose out of Jaxon's hair! win a few, you lose a few!

Jaxon Says...

1.We went to Barro's with some cousins and grandma during the priesthood session of conference. The pizza came and Amber was getting her kids pizza first, so J said, "Hey Aunt Amber, Hit me up!"

2. Grandpa had to run to Costco while babysitting Jax (errands rank right up there with naps in his book...) and J DID NOT want to go. Apparently grandpa told him that he had moved to Costco and told all his friends to come visit him there. Jaxon said to me, "Grandpa said he moved to Costco and all his friends were coming to visit, but they didn't. HE TRICKED ME!"

3. J saw a cartoon of boy sliding down a rainbow. He said,
"HEY! That kid is....wait...I don't believe it."

4. We were leaving the park and I told J to stay away from the storm drain. He asked why and I told him, "It's dirty and it probably stinks."
Under his breath, "you probably stink..."
(He did get in trouble for that one...but it doesn't mean it's not funny!!!)

Easter Pictures

Nope, not one picture from the Easter Egg hunt or Easter morning with our baskets, but some cute pics that I took of Jax and his buddy Brailyn.
I already posted some of these on my photo blog, so if you already read/saw them, you can disregard.
I love any pictures of my little guy, so I love these too, but they are not my favorite. He spent the hour before the pictures with his best buddy Grandpa, and got a cherry shaved ice. He was red from head to toe, and I scrubbed the best I could, but those bright red lips were not going anywhere!

Their cheesy smiles were killing us so we thought we would take a different approach-
"Hold hands and laugh!"
This is what we got...they might have been faking it, but Malia and I thought it was pretty funny!

My favorite- I told them to hide behind the tree and when I said three, to pop their heads out on either side and smile. They were whispering and giggling behind the tree, and when I said "three!" this is what they had cooked up! I LOVE IT! These two are quite the hilarious rascals when together!