My friend Clint!

This post may seem seems strange even to me, but never-the-less, here we go. My good friend Clint (my good friend through Dave, who was best friends with Clint and "the crew" in high school) said the other day, that his wife will never ever do a blog about him, the way I have about Dave a few times. I really like the guy, so I said, "Hey, I will do it!" I don't think he really believed me, so here goes---
Things I like about Clint-
1. He is very verbal about liking me better than Dave!
2. He is very funny, without trying to be too funny!
3. He is one of the few guys who talks exponentially more than his wife (Jarrod will join this catagory if/when he gets married!)
4. He is SUPER smart!
5. He knows a lot, but doesn't make you feel like an idiot for knowing less!
6. His wife rocks!

NOw I will take a stab at some information about Clint and Malia--I cannot verify any of this information!-

1. Who is the man? Clint
2. How long have they been together? 7 years?
4. How old is Clint? 28

1. Who eats more? Clint- Malia eats like a bird!
2. Who said "I love you" first? I would guess Clint
3. Who weighs more? Come on now... lets be serious!
4. Who sings better? Ummm...I guess I'll go with Malia!
5. Who's Older? Clint, he graduated a year before Malia!
6. Who's smarter? I would be in trouble no matter how I answered this question- they are both very smart...but in Malia's defense, I think she was valadictorian or something like that!

7. Who's temper is worse? I'll go with Malia
8. Who does the laundry? Again, I venture a guess with Malia
9. Who does the dishes? Clint???

11. Who's feet are bigger? Clint
12. Who's hair is longer? Malia's, and Clint made fun of her when she cut bangs, which I thought were really cute!
13. Who's better with the computer? Not a clue.
14. Who mows the lawn? Clint- he used to own a lawn service, so I bet he knows lots of lawn cutting tricks and techniques!
15. Who pays the bills? Malia?
19. Who's the most stubborn? They are both pretty stubborn~!

So there you co Clint, I hope this has brightened your day!


HEY! I would like to take some FREE pictures of anyone who will to let me! Families (not big ones!), couples, kids, etc...I want to get better and I need practice. I can't promise they will be stellar, but so far I wouldnt say they have been bad, so you take your chances, but hey, free is worth a shot, right? So, let me know if I have any takers!

Man oh man!

Well, a week of non blogging is due in part to 2 factors- the internet connection was down forever!!!! and Jaxon and Dave are both sick! I don't feel so well myself, but in playing the role of "mother," that doesnt really matter does it? I don't mean for that to sound bitter, seriously, its just true! My boys are sick, who will take care of them if not me??? Jaxon can't stop coughing (3 days), has had terrible Diahrea (sp?)for about 2 weeks, and has been crying and laying around on us for about 3 days now. I'm pretty sure Dave has the flu. He doesn't get sick very often, but when he does, boy is he out! He had a temp of 102 last night, and he thought for sure he was on the verge of death. Knowing otherwise, I just gave him Niquil and sent him to bed at 6pm, where he stayed the rest of the evening and night! Being the hard worker that he is, he still got up and went to work today, becuase he hadn't taken the day off, and didn't want anyone to think he was faking just to prolong his vacation time. Believe me, one look at Dave at work today, and no one will question how he is feeling. As for me, what is there to say? Im a few days away from 29, and that sounds a heck of a lot older than 28! I plan on doing a year in review blog (maybe) but I will say that 2007 was a FANTASTIC YEAR! After pulling out of the post-partum, it was up and up for the Rogers! I look forward to another wonderful year, and am really excited to set new goals and REACH THEM!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

Well, well... Another Christmas come and gone, and every one just gets better. Christmas as a parent really does bring crazy joy to the holiday, and watching Jaxon get so excited even when he doesn't really understand is motherhood at its best! If I had to describe Jaxon's Christmas in one word this year it would be "Elmo" He got an Elmo tooth brush, and Elmo book, and Elmo coloring book, an Elmo hat, and the best of the best- and Elmo doll that sings when you squeeze its tummy! He also got a set of cool blocks (that we had to put together), but doesn't quite understand the physics of stacking largest to smallest yet... oh well...all year to learn! Dave and I scored big time at the family game, snagging such items as Red Lobster, Claim Jumper, Melting Pot, and Black Angus gift cards. We also got a massage at a day spa for me and 6 movie tickets (mostly for Dave). Dave was also SO thoughtful of me this year, and really got me some well thought out gifts...a few of them I told him I wanted, but a few were total surprises and exactly what I wanted. Dave got a new wallet (sorry again about the old one...), a lazer level, and a stud finder. (insert any number of "stud finder" jokes here...) We have spent wonderful time with family, and were lucky enough to get some time with Gr. and Gr. Rogers who came down for a quick trip over the weekend! When they left Jaxon kept repeating, "Where Papa go? Where Papa go?" he has a special love for his Grandpas...even though its his Grammies that dote on him constantly...
Anyway, Im finding it difficult to put into words the joy in my heart. To be loved and to have other to love, that's what it's really all about. I am so blessed in both respects! Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!

Toddler Traffic Jam

While the quality of these pictures is not the best, the content strikes me as hilarious. The combined age of the 5 drivers/passengers/pushers is 11 years old! These are some of Jaxons cousins. This is Kalle (2 and a half) driving the 4- wheeler, Peyton (6) driving Oakley (1) in the John Deer, and Jaxon pushing!

This next one also cracks me up. Jaxon (not quite 2) is driving (and yes, they really were driving in circles in my parents back yard!) Oakley (just turned one) is strapped in the passenger seat, and Peyton (6) is riding in the back!

Hadlock Heaven!

YES! My second family photo shoot was a success! The recipe is pretty easy- a great looking family (the Hadlocks) that is down to earth and doesn't mind a bosy photographer, a perfectly behaved angel baby who never even whimpered once even though it was FREEZING outside, and a gorgeous location. At this point, the skill of the photohgrapher doesn't really matter much!!! So here are a few pictures from our shoot ...Okay, QUITE A FEW, but I'm just really happy with the way it turned out!First- the location, I mean really, does it get prettier than this??
(In Arizona???)

Next some of the cute family- pretty traditional!

next, their handsome son-

And my favorites- in the trees!

Tis the Season! be busy! In-laws are in town- LOVE IT! Finishing up last minute presents- don't love it! here are some cute photos- no time for more blogging! TOO MUCH TO DO!!!

"I think Im falling in love..."

Okay, this is TOO cute not to blog. Today my sis-in-law Emily called with a strange request. Could Jaxon please ride to the airport with my dad when he picks their family up from the airport. Her 6 year old daughter was BEGGING her to have Jaxon come, and this was their conversation this morning-
Peyton: Mom, I think Im falling in love with Jaxon
Emily: He's your cousin, your not allowed to fall in love with him
Peyton: But I love him so much
Emily- It's good to love your cousins! You just can't be "in Love" with them...
Peyton- But Mom, I think he's falling in love with me too!
EMily- Why do you think that?
Peyton- Because when I'm around, I'm his favorite! Im the only one he wants to play with.

I think that is hilarious. Also, last week Emily told me that Peyton had a certain ammount of money to take to school to the Christmas store to by her family presents. She begged for extra money to by Jaxon one, but her mom said no. Peyton, being the independent 6 year old that she is threated to use all the money she was supposed to use on her family, to by one present for Jaxon. When she could see that that was not going to fly, she came home and told her mom that she was just going to give the present that she bought for her 3 year old sister to Jaxon instead. Again she was told no, and has been begging ever since to buy him a present.
In her defense, Jaxon LOVES her to death! Im not sure what it is, but she still thinks of him as a baby, and asks to hold him and feed him his bottle (sippy) normally Jaxon would absolutely revolt, but for Peyton, he lays still in her lap and lets her baby him! What a pair!

I got Skillz...

I know, I know, its "skills" and that little lesson in spelling, people, leads nicely into the reason for this post. I NEED SOME WORK! Teaching is my skill, but since I have a 2 year old (almost) that I'm not going to put into daycare, that brings me to tutoring! I Have a teaching degree, I know Spalding inside and out (Franklin parents) I am phonetically and whole language trained, and I can tutor from Pre-K, to high school seniors except for AP sciences and Calculus. It's that time of year, and we could use the money, so if you know anyone who needs some extra help, send them my way! (My hourly rate is $30 dollars an hour, which may sound expensive, but it's about half the price of Kumon, Tutor-Time, etc. and their "teachers" are not all teachers, nor does your child/nephew/grandschild get one-on-one time there!) So put the word out and GET ME HIRED!
PS- I would be happy to award a finders bonus! :o)

Can you tell..

Can you tell Jaxon is napping and this is my first time to blog all week? Anyway, I guess I need to add that my sister's family was actually my first shot at Family pictures, but lack of time and location, led us to only a few good shots.

Something fun!

Welcome to the Christmas edition of getting to know your friends.

Wrapping paper or gift bags? bags are easier, but wrapped is more fun to open!

Real tree or artificial? Again, I love real, but a nice artificial tree given to you so you don't have to buy a real one until you can afford it- It'll work!

When do you put up the tree? Day after Thanksgiving

When do you take the tree down? as soon as we can...Dave's Christmas rules!

Do you like egg nog? Heck no!

Favorite gift received as a child? My "My buddy" doll. I left him out in the rain and have mourned his lose ever since!

Do you have a nativity scene? 3, and in the market for more. Dave loves them, but the next one we buy will be pretty nice, so not for a while. the ones at Deseret book are awesome, but awfully pricey!

Hardest person to buy for? My parents who have everything they need, and Dave who never wants anything!

Easiest person to buy for? ME! But I bet I don't count- so...Jaxon

Worst Christmas gift you ever received? Well it wasn't a Christmas present, but its funny enough to share. For our wedding gift from one of my Jewish 5th grade students, we got a certificate that a tree had been planted in our name in the Hebrew National Forest in Jerusalem. (or something like that!)

Mail or email Holiday cards? Mail, I love the photos, keep 'em coming!

Favorite Christmas Movie? I'm sad to say (and Dave is mortified) that the only one I have seen is the grinch---so thats the one for me!

When do you start shopping for Christmas? Online after Thanksgiving.

Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Of course!

Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? My mom's caramel, chocolate dipped giant pretzel sticks.

Clear lights or colored on the tree? I say clear, Dave says colored, we have colored because Dave cares more!

Favorite Christmas song? I love them all, but I love to hear ( and sing along at the top of my lungs) Feliz Navidad on 99.9

Travel for Christmas or stay at home? Stay home! (travel before and after)

Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Yes I can

Angel on the tree top or a star? Star-but as of yet we havent been able to find one that our tree can support the weight...maybe the 5th time is a charm?

Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Morning! We play a fun game with gifts with my side of the fam on Christmas eve.

Most annoying thing about this time of year? Parking at the mall!

What I love most about Christmas? I love all things Christmas, but I have to say the family togetherness is best. I could honestly do without giving and receiving presents as long as we got some good ol' fmaily fun time in!


My First "Shot"

Here are a few shots from my first try at family pictures, and I think they turned out pretty well, considering. They are very tradition, but Im hoping to start thinking outside the box a little as I get more practice!

back track a little...

A few more shots from Utah that I couldn't not put up- A reunion at temple square with a dear friend! Elise and I met our Freshman year, and though we lost touch for a while, it feels like we never lost any time! She is awesome all around! Here are she and I and also our boys loving life (and the warmth) at McDonalds!

Here is a picture of Jax and I visiting my paternal grandparents, so Jaxon's great grandparents. Grandpa turns 99 on Dec. 31st, and Grams is 90!!!

What a week!!!

As you can see by my week of non-blogging, THE VACATION IS OVER!!! It has been quite the week, and I will spare ALL the details except one, which really captures the essence of the rest of the week nicely. On Wed. my phone flew off the top of my car while I was driving, it bounced about 10 feet in the air, and was then run over at least once! Needless to say, that cell phone is no longer. It's hard to say which part put the nail in the coffin...but I digress. Anyway, that leads me to this plea- it was so far ruined that they couldnt get the old numbers out to transfer to the new phone I had to buy! So- please email me your home, cell, office or whatever other number I reach you on! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!
More later, or never if things don't slow down a little...

Goodbye fair condo...

I am so sorry to say that our "dream vacation" has come to an end. We have spent 8 fantastic, stress free, together days at my parents condo in Provo. While Provo is not necessarily a famous vacation spot, it fits our needs perfectly. We had plenty of friends to visit with, and a few items on our to-do list, but it was the perfect vacation because it was stress free! A great spacious place to stay, and NOT having to keep anyone elses schedule, SO NICE! we did what we wanted, when we wanted to, and just hung out together in the meantime. With Busy season right around the corner, it's good for Jax and I to get as much Dave time as we can. Goodbye dear condo, maybe we will make this an annual event!

Happy Birthday Dave- sorry about your wallet!

Dec. 7th- HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!!! (yes thats right, I am now sure of the day of my husband's birthday...there was some time during our dating/marriage that I was sure it was the 6th, but thats another story...and I'm not very good with dates!)
It is great to be here with our own little family together on Dave's big 2-8! Its not often we get to spend his whole b-day together, so we are enjoying it. I smuggled a few gifts for Dave in my suitcase- 2 new dress shirts, a pair of shoes, and present from my mom that consisted of some sweet cash and 8 new pairs of Christmas socks! And for a special treat, I got up and made Jaxon's bottle this morning, even though it as Dave's turn. All in all the morning was turning out great, until we realized that I ran his whole wallet through the wash...oops! A few casualties were his first U2 concert ticket stub, and my school picture that I gave him when we got engaged! (I was teaching fifth grade and the picture turned out well... it was a cheesy declaration of love, 5th grade style!) Jaxon's newborn picture, and a few punch cards from now undistinguishable vendors. It's the actual wallet that is going to be the greatest casualty, though we are waiting on pins and needles to see the actual outcome when it dries. It has been a trusty friend to Dave for 10 good years, and I may have killed it on Dave's birthday, now that's a shame!
In honor of Dave's birthday, I will now highlight some of his finer attributes and/or oddities!
1. Dave can lick his elbow, which is supposed to be humanly impossble! ( I hope no one is around while you are reading this so you can try) He has a love/hate relationship with this little known talent, he's proud to have it, but mortified to have to do it on command, especially in large groups. Please feel free to ask him to do it if you have never seen it!
2. Dave loves Christmas! But he has some very seriously Christmas "rules" such as no looking at, enjoying, or shopping for any Christmas decorations before black Friday. Also, no listening to Christmas tunes until said Friday. Not only are these things not allowed- decor. and music before Thanksgiving makes him downright mad! Also, Christmas should be as tacky, homemade and as heartfelt as possible, no matter how it looks!
3. Dave only missed one college class in all of his 4 years! HOLY CRAP! I think I averaged one a day...but back to Dave. He likes to remind me that I am the reason for that single mar on his otherwise perfect attendance... I was in labor with Jaxon! (And don't worry, he DID contemplate leaving for class and then coming back!)
4. Dave passed all 4 of his ridiculously impossible CPA exams on the first try. The one he was sure he failed, he passed with a 92% (for any knowledgeable geeks out there- it was the tax section, and he's an audit guy, so a 92 is UNHEARD OF!!!!)
5. Dave loves candy! Not chocolately nutty stuff, but the chewy, fruity stuff! He is well known for this love and keeps a candy dish at work for all to enjoy!
6. My parents ADORE Dave! Seriously, in our little families list from favorite to least favorite, I fall a distant third! Dave does dishes, unloads the dishwasher, and fixes their computer on a nearly daily basis. My mom loves Dave's little quirks and keeps him well stocked in Christmas socks and candy for his candy dish- which by the way she bought for him in the first place!
7. Dave can beat anyone in a soda drinking contest. Many a waitress/waiter has commented on his crazy ability to down soda likes its nothing at all! When we stop at Sonic, his 44 ouncer will be finished before we leave the parking lot, and then he will start drinking mine. He can throw back a couple 2-liters without blinking, and when we are at home he doesn't even bother with a cup!
8. Dave has a huge heart. He is so good to me and is blissfully obliviously to my many crazies and quirks. He has never said anything unkind to me, and never raised his voice with me- I'M SERIOUS! He is a wonderful husband!

One more for today!

Any of you who know Dave well, knows of his dear and eccentric love of all things Christmas. This includes his Christmas sock Collection. Dave owns at least 30 pairs of Christmas socks, some play music, many have holes from years of December love. Dave wears Christmas socks exclusively (including to work, church, AND- if he is wearing sandles) every day from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas day. Anyway, this year Dave and Grammie F. decided that Jaxon would join in the tradition, so of course, I had to take some photos... I love my silly boys!!


It wouldn't be a trip to Provo without a stroll down memory lane at BYU! Jaxon loved the cougar, ("Gook-blah", then "Cootie" as far as Jaxon was concerned) and a walk through Taylor Hall. Oh WOW- THE MEMORIES!!! (Let me just add that most of them are shockingly embarrassing to me, and Im blushing as I write this, and I'm SO glad that none of you are mind readers!...AHHHH...the follies of youth!) Also, for anyone concerned that I don't debut on my own blog enough- here you go!

Jax and Mommy at the Coug

I can forever use this as proof/blackmail that Dave fully supports BYU and Jaxon attending BYU in the future!


AHhhhhh Taylor 1200....those were some crazy days!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- I totally forgot about that!

Good clean fun!

Yesterday we took Jaxon bowling in the Wilk basement. We decided not to bowl ourselves, because then we would have just ignored Jaxon. It's so funny seeing the world from the eyes of a toddler...Jaxon loved pushing the ball down the ramp, and then immediately ran to the ball return ecstatically awaiting his ball to magically appear. He couldnt have cared less about how many pins he knocked down, and we couldn't make him wait and watch!

For Papa and Tafi

Papa requested a few pictures of Jaxon on the sled that papa bought, and Tafi wanted to know why I am never featured in my own blog (camera shy...) so here's a little something for both of you! This is me showing Jaxon how to make a snow angel, Jaxon and I kissing, and a couple of Jax with his sled.
And to anyone wanting to post, say, or even thinking an interesting comment about mine and Dave's jackets, I would just like to say that neither of us own a winter coat, so we just used what we found in the closet here at the condo!!!!!