Like I said...

That last post was just a teaser.  I am uploading quite a few more karate if you're not related to just might not care that much. I'm cool with that.
But before you sign out, a couple questions-

1 Does anyone else get A TON of comments on their blog in Chinese/Japanese?  It is starting to weird me out a little! If you check back on my post comments, you will see what I'm talking about! 

2. What are the fall sports for kids? We want to start Jaxon in something else, but don't know what is available.  We know soccer, does anything else run in the fall? Help please!

Finally, Karate pictures! Disclaimer- it's really dark in the gym where he does Karate.  I had my ISO turned ALL THE WAY UP... (as in 6400) to get these shots without too much blur from all his that is why they are so grainy!)

First- Jaxon LOVES to yell his Ki-ais.  He's the smallest kid in class, but also the loudest!

Next...when he's actually paying attention...his form isn't half bad!

Sometimes though, his "Creative Karate" side kicks in.  One thing he likes to do is "Eyes closed karate" Don't ask me why....

Here they were kicking their hands.  Jaxon is shockingly flexible...but I think I may have mentioned that a time or two....

Here is Jaxon doing "horse Stance" with his best mean guy face... frightening, isn't it?

And Finally, the Jaxon we all know and love.... MR CHEESE!!!

Just a Teaser...

I can't believe that I waited until Jaxon's last day of Karate to take some pictures, but I definately got some good ones. I don't have much time this morning to get them all up, but had to share two of my favorites.
We were very glad to get Jaxon into karate this year, and he loved it, but he didn't seem to pay one lick of attention.  He loved doing his own interpretation and just being a wild man. He made a best little friend named Connor who actually really got it, and it highlighted Jaxon's lack of...well...getting it!  Anyway, he did his belt testing last night, and I thought for sure it was going to be a real disaster.  I was pleasantly surprised! He knew A LOT more than I gave him credit for, and he did really well.  He wasn't scared at all standing by himself in front of Sensai and doing all of his moves. He needed reminding on a few, but he did a great job and was so proud of himself.

Here is Jaxon doing his best "You Wanna Piece of Me Sucka???"  moves and face-

Next I just love this picture of Jaxon looking so small at the testing table and compared to Sensai, but being so strong in his moves.  He is FEARLESS!!!

And the best part of all....Jaxon earned his YELLOW BELT!  We will be gone for the next two weeks of Karate, but will be back in time for the awards and belt ceremony.  My little karate master is growing up!

I miss...

Waking up to this-

Seeing this throughout the day-

Going to bed to this-

That it wasn't to hot for this-

But what I missed the most was this-

so we're back.

Blindsided. Twice.

Here we go again...
For the last 6 weeks we have been prepping (shots, meds, drs apts) for a frozen embryo transfer. We had one average quality embryo frozen, and wanted to use it before we made any other decisions.

Wednesday June 30th, was our transfer, and it didn't go very well.  Most of the embryo's cells had died while thawing.  The dr. said that there was only a slim chance that it would work, but since we had done all the prep and drugs, and since there were still a few living cells, we would go ahead with the transfer. 

We did all the necessary things, bedrest for 3 days, rest for following 9 days.  Friday July 9th I went in for a blood test to see if we were pregnant.  We did not in any way think that we were, so it was just a formality to be sure.  We had planned some other things for the coming months and the rest of the year so that I would have some other things to focus on when the news came in.

 Imagine our surprise when our dr. called Friday afternoon to congratulate us on our pregnancy.  We were exstatic, but very much is shock.

 Blindsided #1.

We went out to dinner to celebrate, and didn't talk much about the baby, because we were still so surprised. We both said that it would be much more real when we heard a heartbeat. 

Today I went in for the first of several more blood tests to track the progress of the baby by tracking the increase of HcG in my blood.  The Dr. called less than 2 hours later to tell us that instead of doubling like it should have, the HcG had gone down. Prognosis- not pregnant anymore.

Blindsided #2.

Obviously we are very sad.  I wish that the news the first time would just have been negative, because we were ready for it with no expectations.  It hurts a lot more now that I had 3 whole days to think that I was going to have a baby. 

We are okay. Jaxon and I already had a trip planned to visit family in California this weekend, so we aren't skipping town just because of this, but it is nice to get away.  Again- comments, emails and texts are welcome, but I probably won't answer the phone much until we get back from Cali next Monday.

Contrary to Popular Belief...


I don't know why I've felt so anti-blogging lately, but I have a lot of pictures to catch up on, so this will be a catch-all post for the last 2 months!
(please note, while still Fake, Jaxon's fake smile is really getting better! Now if only those dead teeth would fall out!)

Father's Day- Dave got his dearest wish (of several years...) A Wii!!! Can you tell that he and Jax were a little excited? Wii have 3 controllers and it is great leverage to get Jaxon to do all his chores and not whine. It has provided us with A LOT of fun family time!

Next- we surprised Jaxon and took him to the Circus. It was really fun, and a lot more expensive than I remember. Dave put Jax in the car while I was getting the tickets...and guess what he forgot...JAXON'S SHOES! Ah well...Jaxon didn't seem to mind too much! Jaxon's favorite part was all the motorcycles driving inside the sphere!

This past weekend Dave's parents came to visit and we had Lots of fun! We all went to the Phoenix Children's Museum, and it was awesome! We are definately going back during the school year when it is less crowded! Here is Jaxon smiling by his floating ping-pong ball.

Serving up some excellent Ice cream!

Riding a Motorcycle with Grandma!

Building Forts with Dad-

Making Pizza-

And Lastly- here is Dave and I at Organ Stop Pizza. We went with Mom and Dad Rogers and Jaxon. J was in a "no pictures" mood, but we all had a great time!