Okay, you should probably sit down...because as it turns out, WE ARE ACTUALLY HAVING A BOY!!!!
No, this is NOT a joke!
No, this was NOT an elaborate scheme to trick people!
There is a very plausible, and very humorous story, and here it goes-

Friday night, I was feeling A LOT of cramping in my belly. My lower back was killing me, and I was sicker than usual...and I was COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT!
Dave told me to just go to the ER and get everything checked out ,because he knew everything was fine, but he knew I would not sleep until I KNEW it too!
  So I went to the new little Rinky Dink Gilbert Hospital on Power and Ray because they have billboard that says "Door to Dr. in LESS THAN 30 minutes"  I just wanted to KNOW what was going on as soon as possible. 
Looooooong story short ( at least this part of the story...)  Everything WAS/IS TOTALLY FINE!  The baby is fine, I am fine, everything is good.  During the Ultrasound at the ER, the ultrasound tech (Who was clearly a complete IDIOT!) told me I was having a girl!


Dave and I decided NOT to tell anyone I had been at the ER. We didn't want anyone overly worried.  So we just kept our little "girl" a secret, because I was going in to have my ultrasound on the following Monday. (This past Monday) 
I was still so excited for my ultrasound, and Monday morning about 2 hours before it was scheduled, the Dr's office called and cancelled, because the Ultrasound tech was sick. I was pretty sad, but since I already "knew the gender" and was dying to tell, I told Dave I was just going to act as if I had gone to my Ultrasound so I could start telling, and STILL would not have to tell anyone I went to the ER.


CONGRATULATIONS...IT"S A BOY!!!!  I was shocked, I laughed pretty much the rest of the Ultrasound, and I promise this is true- I couldn't stop grinning!
Yes, I was SO SO SO EXCITED to think I was having a girl.

I had the Ultrasound tech show us his goods about 10 time (Dave can tell you, that's not even an exaggeration!) and there is no question, our little boy is ALL BOY! 

So don't feel bad for me. No "I'm sorrys" or "maybe next times"  OUR LITTLE BOY IS LISTENING, AND I HOPE HE IS AS THRILLED TO BE WITH US AS WE ARE TO BE HAVING HIM!!!

                        IT'S A BOY!!!!

The Story of The Pregnancy!'s not THAT story.  Shockingly, THAT happened the good ol' fashioned way...but enough of that...
  First let me add, this post will probably be very scrambled and jump around a lot. So unless you really care, have your own fertility issues, or are just morbidly curious how the heck someone who has been trying for 4 years and had two failed invitros could possibly get pregnant, you can just skip this post and think,

"How nice, Ashley's pregnant." 

So, remember my last post about China? Okay, we go back further than that.  Remember the post before that about Christmas, specifically how I was so stressed out of my mind that I was really ready for Thanksgiving/Christmas/Church stuff to be over so I could just leave the country without cell phone access for 2 weeks? Yes, okay, we start there-
Okay, so there are those people, who are super well meaning, but if you have fertility issues, you really just want to stuff a sock in their mouth and then put duct tape over it so that they can't give you anymore unsolicited, painful, (and STUPID) fertility advice.  Specifically this little gem- "JUST STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! AS SOON AS YOU STOP "TRYING" YOU WILL GET PREGNANT! IT HAPPENS EVERY TIME!!!"
I'm so sorry people. Sorry that I can count to both 14 and 28, and that once a month a get a super lame and inconvenient reminder that my greatest hope and dream has been dashed once again.  It's nearly impossible to just "Forget about it" and word to the wise- don't ever say that to someone....and if you have, you should go buy them a Route 44 Sonic today and drop it off at their house for no apparent reason!
Well, I will now sort of eat my words. Not because I think you should EVER say that to someone, but because I think that's how I got pregnant.  Well....that a few other things... but I was so INSANELY STRESSED OUT OF MY MIND, that I didn't have time to think about my fertility in November and December. I'm serious, I don't think I could have told you which way was up, let alone which days I would be ovulating.

 So, back to the very convoluted story.  Dave and I had decided for the end of last year to quit all our drugs, ultrasounds, day 13 trigger shots etc. etc. etc. because I was already too stressed out, and because we were going to do another round (or 2) of invitro this year.  BUT- I did need to have one procedure done before we could go forward with invtro.  I needed to have a laperoscopy to see if my right ovary was fused to the back of my Uterus with scar tissues from Jaxon's c-section. (During our last invitro, the doctor couldn't get to my right ovary to get all those beautiful little follicles, and thought it was because it was fused to the back of my Uterus) so, we wanted to start our Invitro process right away in January, so I scheduled the laperoscopy for December 5th.
   On The fifth I had my laperoscopy.  Dr. went in through an incision in my belly button, and one in my c-section scar.  The procedure went well.  My ovary was not fused, so the doc just moved it. I had no endometriosis to speak of, I had one large cyst which the dr. removed (But after finding out that it was my day 14 in my cycle, he said it was probably my follicle/egg about to ovulate) and he flushed my tubes to make sure they weren't blocked- which they weren't.  So like I said, it went well, but didn't show anything unusual.
  So, because the Dr. may or may not have removed a egg/follicle, he said it may or may not have changed my cycle.  So....that was not very informative.  Anyway... recovery was pretty simple and thus, CRAZY INSANE life went on.  On Dec. 22rd we left for China.  You can read all about that in the previous post, but let's just say...we shared a room with Jaxon our whole was pretty much completely on hold!  :o)
I hadn't had my period for 4 weeks before the trip. 
I didn't know if my cycle had changed.
What I did know is that I am very regular, so my period should for sure come sometime during the trip. Either at the beginning, or the end.  I was prepared, but didn't think much of it.... until it was 4 days until we would be leaving China.  Since I hadn't started at the beginning of the trip, I knew it would be at the end.
Counting down....
Day 4...nothing.
Day 3...nothing.
Day 2....nothing, and I mentioned something to Dave. Dave knows better then to get excited every time I do, so he wasn't too phased.
Day 1- We were leaving China, and nothing. I checked ALL shops in the Beijing Airport- no pregnancy tests. bah.
        We arrived in Seattle. I checked ALL shops in the Seattle airport- no pregnancy tests. Bah!
        We arrived at the Phoenix airport. I checked ALL shops on the way out of the airport, NO PREGNANCY TESTS- BAH!!!!
 My dear friend picked us up and drove us home, and as soon as she pulled away, Dave took off to go to the store to get a darn test.
He brought it home.
I took it.
I was pregnant.

I came out of the bathroom Crying and Dave didn't know if that was good or bad. I nodded my head and he ran over to hug me! I was crying and we were hugging and Jaxon said, "What are you guys doing???"
  I said, "We are just SO HAPPY to be a family!"
Jaxon said under his breath.... "You guys are weird..."

So, I had NO IDEA how far along I was.  I didn't know what my cycle had become, so we made an ultrasound apt. right way.  The first 5 days home I was horribly jet lagged, but fine other than that.  On day 6, two days before our hit! AWFUL, DEBILITATING NAUSEA! BLECH!
( I have tried not to complain too much, because I WILL TAKE IT...)
 At our drs. apt we saw the heart flutter and found out we we were 7.5 weeks along. So you know how you actually calculate your pregnancy from two weeks back from the actual conception date?
Any guesses what that meant the "First day" of my pregnancy was?
No takers?
Coincidence? I think not...

 We had decided that if we could see the heart beat, we would start telling people, because I was too sick to hide it.  So, we started telling, and I have been so touched by people's excitement for us!!
We hadn't told Jaxon yet, because we were waiting to see the we saw it, and it was time!
But a post for another day!!