Wedding Weekend 2010!!!

Hurray! We just (and by "just" I mean On Sunday...) got back from the wedding of Scott (my brother) and Erin, (my new SIL) in Newport!! 

Friday Dave and I flew out (Dave's parents graciously came in from Vegas to watch J while we went to the "Adults only" wedding of the century!) to Cali with Ryan and Emily (another bro and SIL) and it was great.  The flight wasn't too crowded, and I had something funny/sad/embarrassing happen...

  I carry a very cute, but very fake LV purse that I got in China.  Well, the stewardess who was being very snooty to everyone else, suddenly became my best friend because of my "Louis" I AM NOT THAT PERSON!  Anyway...she taught me a sure fire way of NEVER having anyone sit by you on an airplane (perfect for a little more arm room, not smelling anyone else's air for a few hours, and being able to quietly read your own book) she told me to hold a barf bag under my chin and breath deeply through my nose. Everyone getting on took one look at me and kept walking in a hurry!! At the end of the flight I was getting off the plane and said, "thanks for the tip!" she said, "Don't thank me, thank Louis!"  EMBARRASSING! That is enough to make me want to STOP carrying this very cute but VERY FAKE purse!

  Anyway, once in Cali we got checked into our hotel and promptly went to Mine and Dave's favorite ever restaurant- Pat and Oscars.  Number one best Salad AND number one best bread sticks ...EVER!!!  I have been following a really strict eating plan to get off all these "fertility treatment pounds" I put on, plus a few more, so this was the first real indulgence I have had a in a couple months. I savored my two bread sticks, and Dave at the other 11...yes, 11!!!!
  Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, so Dave and I relaxed and napped until we headed down PCH to Salt Creek Grill for a delicious dinner.  Something I learned about myself this weekend, is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to get dressed up for a fun event! I wouldn't want to do it every day, but it sure was fun to have time to do my hair and make up, and put on cute clothes that I'm not worried about what Jax is going to do to them!  Dinner was delicious, the company was so fun, and ALL ADULTS, so of course, we took lots of pictures!!

All the sisters except AnnaMarie... we missed you AM!!!

Me and my new sister Erin, who I absolutely ADORE!!!

We don't clean up half bad....

Mom, Amber and I...I think there is a slight family resemblance...don't you think?

All the sisters, plus MOM!!!

Saturday morning we slept in until 8:45 (WOOT WOOT!!!) and got up at our leisure.  I showered and got my hair process started.  At 12 Dave took me to the beautiful Montage resort, where I joined Erin and the bridesmaids for a getting ready and a pre-wedding party! It was a blast!  I didn't know anyone else there but Erin, but her bridesmaids were great and so friendly, and I got my hair and make-up done by a professional!  Yay! I loved the way they both turned out!!! 

I searched and searched for the perfect "Cocktail Chic" (that was the dress code) dress.  Something fun, and cute, and modest...and it was NO SIMPLE TASK!!!
I love the dress I found. I spent waaaaaaay more than I planned, but now I have a fancy dress for fancy occassions. I felt like a million bucks, and I will be happy to wear it again and again!

Trying to figure out which Earrings to wear...I grabbed this pic from her photogs site...

The absolutely stunning, gorgeous bride!!! Seriously! I. MEAN. SERIOUSLY!!!

The ceremony was short and sweet, and I even got to take part. I felt pretty honored, because I had the only "speaking part" (yes, I am a giant NERD) besides the officiator and Scott and Erin. I read one of their favorite poems!  During the ceremony everyone was quiet and listening, and at the most random and darling parts, Scott's daughter, Aurora, who was also a flower girl, would burst out in applause! Everyone else would laugh and applaud too, and it just added to the fun!

Afterward the PARTY STARTED!! Cocktail hour outside looking over the beach. The  hors d'oeuvres (yes I just googled that to make sure it was spelled correctly!!!) were delicious, and the Virgin Strawberry Coladas were flowing!!  It did get quite chilly out there on the beach in a cocktail dress...but the view was worth it! Everyone else brought a cute wrap...but coming from's just impossible to imagine a place that would need a jacket at 6 at night!

At cocktail hour with Michelle, the woman who officated the wedding, and a very sweet gal!

Then we headed into the most beautifully decorated ballroom for dinner and some AWESOME DANCING!!!

Dave and I had an agreement...He would be happy for me to DANCE ALL NIGHT, and I would be happy for him to sit and NOT DANCE!!!!  We both loved the arrangement! He did dance two slow songs with me, and at the very very end of the night (midnight) he finally joined me for a few fast dances because at that point...nobody cared what anyone else was doing anyways! It was a blast!!! And did I mention, I LOVE TO DANCE!!?!?!?

At 12:15 when the party was ending...Erin still looks gorgeous...I think I look a little worse for the wear after 2 hours of dancing...oh well!!!

At dinner- Love my sis!

Also at Dinner, love my non-dancing Hubby!!

Dinner was fabulous, and they had a photobooth! It takes 4 pictures, and then gives you two copies, one to keep and one to scrapbook for the bride and groom. I took several sets of pictures in there with various people, and I will send a couple sets to work with Dave to scan! HILARIOUS!!!

  Sunday morning I slept in past nine (HEAVEN!) and then we got up and went to one last hurrah..breakfast! I had pumpkin Chocolate chip pancakes, and they were DIVINE!!! Oh. so. GOOD!!  At the airport our flight was delayed a few hours, but the boys were happy to watch the games, and I had a good book to snuggle up with!

  Ahhhhh...what a fun weekend! I wish I could go somewhere fancy, and dress up with no kids, and dance like a fool with several other people also dancing like fools, and enjoying themselves immensely! I love love love my new sister, and it was just perfect! I had been looking forward with great anticipation to everything about this weekend, and it met every expectation...I love it when that happens!!!

Family Vacation...again!?

For Pete Sake! I just need to finish blogging about this before I forget I already have!

The highlights of the rest of the trip were-
1.  Most of the siblings/SIL/BIL played a round of paint ball...and all who had never played before scoffed at my bowing out because it just hurts too dang much.  I promise, I had the last laugh after everyone had huge ginormous bruises, welts and bleeding sores!

Jaxon did the climbing wall.  He didn't like it, but he did it, sort of! Maybe in two years it will be more up his alley!

(The look on his face in this first picture pretty much sums it all up...)

Jaxon FINALLY got to go fishing, and it wasn't all it was cracked up to be!  He (grandpa) finally caught a fish, and wouldn't even touch it...let alone kiss it!!

My VERY ALL TIME FAVORITE PART OF THE VACATION, and a moment that ranks in the top 5 (Quite possibly #1!!!) of all time favorite mother/memories is the family dance.  I have no pictures, but the most wonderful memories!  Jaxon didn't want to go...but all his cousins/aunts/uncles/grandma/grandpa...and of course me... were going. Finally he conceded to go, not because he wanted to, but becuase the alternative was bedtime.  So he said, "I WILL GO...BUT I WON'T DANCE!"  So like his father...
  We got there and he and his other cousin held grandpa's hands while he danced and they mostly got swung around.  Oakley started getting into it, and Jaxon...well...Jaxon started shrugging his shoulders, but it was a start!
   He didn't want me to look at him...let alone dance with him.  After a few songs the "line dances" started  "Electric slide, Makarena, Charlie Brown" and Jax could see that I knew them and Grandpa didn't, so over he came.  For the next 40 minutes, we had more fun together than I can ever remember having with him.  We laughed hysterically, DANCED HYSTERICALLY, and loved every second.  When he couldn't get the steps I would pick him up and dance around crazily with him on my shoulders or in my arms.  Finally, an hour and a half past his bedtime he said, "Pick me up mom" and immediately put his head on my shoulder.  I asked him if he was ready to go home and he said "NO! PLEASE KEEP DANCING!"  so I did. For about 10 more minutes until he was OUT! There were times during the dance that I had tears of sheer joy in my eyes. I don't even know how to explain why it was so wonderful, except that we just adored the heck out of each other for that whole time!  Nobody else cared that I was dancing like a moron, and my little 4 year old thought I was the best ever! I can promise you, there is no better feeling than the complete adoration of your little boy!

Final Verdict- I LOVE FAMILY VACATIONS! I had such a blast, and was especially excited that Dave got to be there for a full 28 hours! (which is 28 hours more than he got to spend with us at the Rogers' family reunion last year!) I loved that for that week, Jaxon and I got to be very best friends. Not that I didn't  miss Dave, but J is getting to that point, were Dad is his idol, and Mom is...well...A GIRL! I loved seeing my brothers, sister and In laws...especially girl time with the sis and SILs!
Ahhhh...I hope the next one comes quickly!


Who is this kid?

And what did he do with my baby, toddler little boy?
We had to get some pictures today for his "Student of the week" poster for preschool.
I know I'm biased..but I think Jaxon is the most gorgeous and hilarious child I have ever met in my life.
I love this boy.

A. lot.


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