Urgent Help Needed!!!

Okay, I do not need an organ transplant, but I do need help! Dave and I are going to a dinner this weekend for one of his clients. When he told me about it two weeks ago he said he was "pretty sure" it was business casual. Well, this week I got a little nervous, and asked him to please call and find out exactly what the dress code is. Well, turns out it is "semi-formal" and it is WEDNESDAY, and I don't have thing to wear!!!! Well, that is not totally true. I have a pair of nice black pants, and also a nice black skirt, and I have nice black shoes. What I do not have is a really nice top. (or a nice dress!) The top and jacket I wore to last years Christmas party do not fit (thankfully to big!!!) and this year's Christmas party is more casual, so I would LOVE not to have to buy anything fancy that I won't wear again. Does anyone have any ideas, or anything I can borrow? I do not need to post my size, anybody that reads this can make a pretty good guess! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Reunion= SUCCESS!!!!

Yes, the Highland class of 97 reunion was a smashing success, dispite many last minute changes. It went better than I ever expected!!! HOORAY!!! Here is one picture of a few of "the Girls" from High school. I forgot my camera, so I will upload more as I get them from others!


Still running. Still hard. Still worth it.

The REAL reason Jaxon is so skinny!

Okay, he is really licking strawberries off his finger, but I thought it was a funny picture. I hope no one is offended!!!


K-day, is the affectionate name given to the day that baby Katie Paula Ferrell was born (Parents Tyler and AnnaMarie) She is beautiful and her parents are proud as can be. She is sleeping well, eating well and every three hours on the dot, and everyone is happy and healthy. Baby Katie is so lucky to have AnnaMarie as a mom, and well...Tyler is a package deal! (just kidding Tyler, we know you will be a great dad and aren't really planning on building a sound proof room for crying children!) (PS TYLER- dispite what Grandpa may have told you, babies DO NOT like chocolate cake!)
Here are some shots of baby Katie, now one week old!

Run number 3- complete!

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Here's the story- Today is Saturday, day of my 10 year reunion, and I am as SORE AS CAN BE!!!!! Thursday I did Total Body Workout, which is a a cardio based class, all done with either hand weights, or resistance bands- it is hard! Then Thursday night I had my trainer and it was a "leg day"--HARD!!! Then Friday morning was step, which I love, but I was so sore from a week of running (two days of running, but anyway...) stressing about the last minute reunion things that needed to get done, and my working with my trainer. I had to take a lot of the low options and step kicked my rear. So today was going to be my day off. I need a rest!!! Well, my sis-in-law Emily came into town last night for the reunion this weekend, and she wanted to workout together this morning. I suggested a two mile run, and she agreed! Since Dave was home, and my upperback is killing me from pushing Jaxon, we decided no jogger today. IT WAS GREAT!!!!! We ran the whole two miles with no walking, and I am really beginning to rethink the whole "first 5K with Jaxon" thing. Isn't it true that your arms help propel you when you run? (help me out here runners...) IT was SOOOO much (easier is NOT the work I'm looking for)...less hard without the stroller. And, my back loosened up through the run and hasn't felt this good since Monday! WE did the run in 20 minutes, which is a 6.0 on the treadmill...HELLO!!! I NEVER RUN THAT FAST! ( I know some of you are chuckling at my reference to a ten minute mile as "fast", but I will overlook it due to my elation of running two miles without stopping!!!!) So, long story short, I am still a runner, and feeling great about it!

Now you know!

Ever wonder what a Hillbilly looks like???

"Practice Makes...Harder?"

So, today was my second go-round at the running thing. I ran (jogged slowely, but humor me people, because I will be refering to it as "running" from here on out!)my first mile in 11 minutes again. I only walked one minute to rest, and then started again. HOLY CRAP!!!! MILE TWO WAS SO HARD!!! I have to admit I walked for one minute halfway through. This time it wasnt pure adrenaline pushing me through...I knew I COULD do it, but...did I really want to? Anyway, It took me 12 minutes this time and boy was I huffing! Anyway, I am going to continue, and Nedra said she is going to try to find a 5K for us to "Run" together between Thanksgiving and Christmas! HURRAYYY!!! Here are a few songs that are great for running, and some that I am surprised are not:
1. Turning Japanese=excellent!
2. I love Rock and Roll= not so good (great for lifting weights though)
3. Staceys mom=NOt so good
4. Jump Around by House of Pain=Excellent
5. Boom by Venga Boys=Excellent
6. In Da Club by 50 cent=not so good
I will keep you updated, in that annoying way that all "runners" do updates on their blog, that I never understood before now!

A great day!

You know how sometimes you feel great about yourself, and sometimes you feel crappy, and nothing has changed exept your perception? Well...this morning I decided to "shake things up" and see how far I could run while pushing the jogger stroller (and by run I mean jog as slowely as possible to not be considered walking) Let me prefice this with- I AM NOT A RUNNER...OR A JOGGER...OR EVEN A FAST WALKER (as my husband would tell you when he is pulling me along) anyway, I thought it would be good for me and my workout routine. SO, this morning I jogged ONE WHOLE MILE without stopping (This is huge for me you marathon runners, so no smart comments!!!) and I did it while pushing a stroller in 11 minutes. Then I walked around for 2 minutes, and jogged the mile back (without stopping again!) pushing the stroller and did it in 11 minutes again! HOORRAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has inspired me to go that third mile and run a 5K. NOt yet, but by CHristmas, that is my goal! So, in review, nothing about me has actually changed ,but I feel great because of my running accomplishment!

Wacky Dream Weekly

Time for another wacky dream. This one was not quite as strange, but it really disturbed me. Last night was my bunco group that doesn't actually play bunco. It's the coolest group of girls you ever met, and they just get it. I don't know how else to describe it...anyways...We sat and chatted late into the night around a fire, so I got home and went to bed about 12:30. I swear as soon as I started dreaming, this dream started, and continued until I woke up. I dreamed that at bunco, we all were going around the circle telling something that had happened in our lives that had been monumental. Then, we had to take a shot. (By the way, none of us at bunco are drinkers so this is where it started getting "wacky") After the shot, there was a tattoo artist there to give you a tattoo to commemorate your monumental occasion if you wanted. Well, never having drunk before, I was gone after the first shot, and started getting some major tattoos. This happened 24, YES, 24 more times. My back was covered in tattoos from my neck, all the way down to my lower back. At the time I thought it was really cool to have all these occasions documented on my body, but as I was driving home (yes, driving drunk apparently, but hey, its a dream!) realized what I had done and that I was going to have to tell Dave, and start going through the painful, extensive, and EXPENSIVE proceedures to get all my tattoos removed. When I got home I woke Dave up and showed him and he was so disappointed in me. I also realized that other loved ones were going to start noticing, and I was crushed. Anyway, my dream took me through several days, and different people finding out about the tattoos and being so let down, and then I finally, FINALLY woke up for real. Well, when I woke up I was practically in tears, and went to the mirror to see how bad the damage actually was. Imagine my surprise and elation to find my back unmarred!!!! Still, you know when you wake up and you just can't quite shake the dream...I swear I had anxiety for a few hours after that, having momentary lapses or memory and worrying about my back. ANYWAY- Again, please feel free to disect this dream...am I afraid of tattoos, or worried that I am letting people down? Maybe my subconscious is telling me I need to stroll down memory lane more often...????

What? Dumbledore is Gay?

Who Knew?

After reading briefly from the final book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," she took questions from audience members.

She was asked by one young fan whether Dumbledore finds "true love."

"Dumbledore is gay," the author responded to gasps and applause.

She then explained that Dumbledore was smitten with rival Gellert Grindelwald, whom he defeated long ago in a battle between good and bad wizards. "Falling in love can blind us to an extent," Rowling said of Dumbledore's feelings, adding that Dumbledore was "horribly, terribly let down."

Dumbledore's love, she observed, was his "great tragedy."

After reading briefly from the final book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," Rowling took questions from audience members.

She was asked by one young fan whether Dumbledore finds "true love."

"Dumbledore is gay," the author responded to gasps and applause.

She then explained that Dumbledore was smitten with rival Gellert Grindelwald, whom he defeated long ago in a battle between good and bad wizards. "Falling in love can blind us to an extent," Rowling said of Dumbledore's feelings, adding that Dumbledore was "horribly, terribly let down."

Dumbledore's love, she observed, was his "great tragedy."

Why are we so boring lately?

The question really is not about boring so much as it is about busy! With a few major events in the works (Highland Class of 97 reunion and Young Women in Excellence) I feel like I have been running around crazy, but with not much to show (or blog) for it. I can say that we spent a great weekend in Vegas for Dave's Grandma's funeral, and while that doesn't sound so great, it was not too sad of a weekend, it was a good time for her to go, and it was awesome to have ALL SEVEN of Dave's siblings together for some good eats, Madden football, and a few lengthy Risk tournaments. (we sure know how to live-it-up Vegas style Huh???)
Dave also took this Wed., Thurs.(today), and Friday off, so we have been having fun family outings including but not limited too: the zoo (did you know that a Black Widow's venom is 15 times stronger than that of a Rattle snake? How about that a Flamingo turns pink becuase of the Brine Shrimp that it eats? try visiting the zoo for more useless infomation)the gym, the mall, singing time at the mall with Dooper the prairie dog (more affectionately called "Duker" by Jaxon), a walk around the Riparian Preserve, the library, and much more to come! So while our lives have not been very blog-worthy lately, they have been busy and fun...so I guess that counts for something!

Thanks for the help, thanks for nothing...

All right all you crazy creative people out there who commented on a cute way to answer for homecoming.... I called my YW today to give her all these ideas and she said, "Oh, sorry, I don't need them anymore, I already answered him today!" She covered his entire room (walls, furniture, bed, etc) in sticky notes and on the back of just one it said yes. She said the visual effect was pretty cool. There was a cute little poem with it too, but I can't remember it. THe winner was going to get a $5 Sonic card, which I think is a pretty cool prize, so I will think of something else for all you gamers out there! And thanks again for the help!!!

IDK, my BFF, JILL?!?

Well, that was the best title I could come up with for the following blog. One of my YW is in dire need of a cute way to answer this "tottally cute guy" that she "totally has a crush on" from her seminary class! So, all you crazy kids that filled someones bathtub with fish, their room with balloons and so forth, please comment with your best "dance answer" The winner gets a prize...a pretty lame prize im sure, but a prize none-the-less! Bring em on!

Wacky Dream Weekly

Lots of people I know, do a cool reoccuring weekly post on their blog... ie a weekly recipe, a cool product spotlight, Photo-booth Tuesday, etc. I have decided to joint the ranks, becuase while I have been giving Dave a hard time for talking in his sleep, I have some of the strangest dreams ever! So, I decided to pick the craziest one each week.
Two nights ago I dreamed that I magically shrunk ( to the size of a quarter) one of my Young Women at church(Jessie), so I could hide her in my purse and sneak her out of her house so her mom wouldn't know. So, after she was in my purse, I was talking to her mom in their house entry way, and she ran out of my purse and around my arm in circles, wanting her mom to be scared that it was a mouse. Well of course, her mom was scared, but I didn't want to be caught smuggling a magically shrunk YW out of the house, so as her mom swatted at her, I tried to whip her back into my purse on the way out the door. Well, she fell to the ground, and instead of being concerned, I was dang mad that she almost got me in trouble. I pinched her by the back of her clothes and asked her what on earth she was thinking. She said she was pretty sure I broke every bone in her body when I dropped her. I told her that there was no way I was taking her to the doctor, so that not only would her mom be mad at me for sneaking her out, but the doctor would want to know how I shrunk her in the first place. I stuffed her into my purse and told her not to say another word to me for at least 24 hours.
Anyone psych people out there that want to interpret this for me????

One more try...

Okay, here goes one more shot at uploading the link to John Flaherty's awesome music video. Remember he is the one with the poofiest black hair, skin tight pants, and knee high boots! Highland grads and Mission bay Alum- YOU MUST WATCH!!!


Say A Little Prayer For Me...

Here are a few shots of baby-J at bedtime last night. He insists on sitting in his rocker all by himself for prayer time, and as of yet, can't quite manage to fold his arms and close his eyes at the same time. We also never quite know if he will be folding his own arms, or helping Bumble Bear fold his arms, but I think he gets the general idea anyways...

Finally, A POST!!!

I know, I know, its lame to leave your blog with no updates for two weeks, but I figure its better than blogging about nothing. Actually, I didn't really think that, I couldn't even think of something that wasn't interesting that I was doing that I could blog. But, for better or worse, I am back! Here is one of the reasons I was detained from blogging- Emily (my best friend from highschool turned sister in law when she married my older bro Ryan) and her daughters Peyton and Hailey came down for a week visit from Cali. We had lots of fun, and as the pictures show
"Peak-in" is Jaxon's new best friend! She thinks he is still a baby and wants to rock him and feed him his bottle, and he actually lets her!

HAHA- good for a laugh!!!

Watch me "morph" into Angelina Jolie!!!