Cooper 5 months...ish...

Well, Cooper's fifth month is basically a blur of runny noses, lots of phlegm and drool, several nighttime wake ups and feedings.  Trips to the Urgent Care and Dr's office, Bronchialitus, RSV, and general crud.  Needless to say...I'm glad 5 months has come and gone!  Coop did his best to stay his chipper self, but it really didn't work to well. His nights were bad, his naps were worse, and that made for one sick, sad, cranky baby!  Then how? you ask, did you get him to be phlegm free and smile-full in these pictures?  Here's the gosh darn honest truth- they were taken at 6 months and one day. Bah.  There is it. You got it out of me!
  With five months came Cooper's new trick of turning from his back to his belly, and apparently forgetting that he's known how to roll from his belly to his back for some time.  He would "get stuck" on his belly and just cry and cry. It was one of the reasons we were visiting his room every hour of the night for the entire month... to flip him back over! ARG!
  He hated his breath treatments and screamed bloody murder unless he was so exhausted that his screaming put him to sleep.  Unfortunately...that didn't happen very often!
 He's still darn cute, and we'll take him- sick and all!

I tried taking these pics with no lights and no backdrop just using the wood floors in the new house. I like them, but I'm still trying to figure the lighting out.

I included this next set because, during the photo shoot, I had the fan on.  Cooper is ENTHRALLED with ceiling fans, and was talking up a storm.  He was sure telling me quite the story about that fan, and I really really wish I knew what he was saying!

Then I flipped him back over, because with him looking at the fan, there was definitely NOT going to be any smiling, when there was such an important story to be told!

My My the time DOES FLY!!!

Heaven help me! I'm getting so far behind again!  Here's a rundown of what has kept us so busy in the last 2 months-
~cleaning and other regular mom duties
~Cooper being sick for 2 months straight, ending with RSV and breathing treatments
~Family in town and staying with us for a WEEK!
~Jaxon's birthday
~ Cooper turned 5 months
~Cooper turned 6 months
~Cooper started rolling over to his belly, but refused to roll back to his back even though he's beeing doing  it for months
~The Renaissance Festival
~Lehi Days
~Parent teacher conferences

So much has happened, and changed around here, I can't even remember half of it. (Let this be a lesson to me to keep the blog up...)
So, I am going to upload and blog as many of the afformentioned activities today and tomorrow!!