Out of order, let the chaos begin

If I'm going to start blogging again...  I have 6 months worth of picture to upload....

In September we spent the weekend at the beach house with Scott and Erin.  Jaxon L-O-V-E-S both of them like crazy.  Erin is just a nephew magnet and Jaxon is no exception, and Scott has a very sweet relationship with Jaxon where he knows how to tease Jaxon just enough, and then let Jaxon turn it around on him and emerge victorious!

September Rain.  How many times are you 5 and comfortable and ecstatic to play in the rain in your underwear? Right...not too often...so I let him enjoy it and took pictures to document the whole thing! (plus, is there anything cuter than a 5 year old in boxer briefs?  I think not...)

Field Trip

Seriously, I find myself sitting here and thinking to myself, "Am I really doing this? Am I really blogging? And better yet, am I really blogging about what Jaxon said to be about a field trip, when I HAVEN'T blogged about being pregnant, finding out we were pregnant, telling Jaxon about being pregnant, or our family two week trip to China???  The answer is- yes- take what you can get!
  Jaxon's class is going on a field trip to the zoo this Friday, and last Friday I got a paper home asking me to be a chaperone.  (I had volunteered...) I told Jaxon I was going, and I really thought he was going to be so stoked! He LOVES when I am parent helper, and although I only help from 8:30-9:30 on Thursdays, he BEGS me to "Stay and watch him" until he gets out at 11:10.



"What? Ruin Everything? What the heck are you talking about? I thought you would be excited?!"

"FINE! You can come, BUT YOU. CAN'T. TALK!!!!"

"Jaxon, I have to talk, I'll be in charge of your group!"

"IN CHARGE OF MY GROUP????" (Hangs his head and covers his face)

well.... I'm going to be honest...I did not expect that.


Yesterday, I brought it up again, and apparently he had just been in a bad mood, because he was VERY EXCITED that I was going, and asked could I "PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH A BIG CHERRY ON TOP Sit by him on the bus?"

Well... I'm going to be honest... I didn't expect that either.

When he brought up the bus, it actually worried me. Me? The Bus? With Kindergartners?  They are going to get a first rate education on pregnancy nausea.... nice.
I talked to his teacher today, and she is going to ask the other parent who is "helping" in my group if she will be the one to ride the bus. I asked Jaxon about it, but he had just heard me talking to his teacher and expressing my concern so he said, "Mom, I would really like to sit by you on the bus, but I can just sit by a friend, like Macey, or Joshua, or Jack, or Izzy...see I have lots of friends, so don't worry. I don't want you to be sick, and I DON'T want to you throw up in front of all my friends!"

On that note, I have to keep a barf cup in the car with me at all times. Today (as happens at least one a week)  I had to use it. Jaxon slapped his forehead and said, "I can't wait for this baby to come! Then I will never have to listen to you throw up again!" (poor kid, it is pretty gross, and pretty sad that he has to listen to his mom do that...)
I said, "What about me? It's even worse for me! I'm the one throwing up!"
to which he elequently said, "Yeah right now, you know it's worse for me! GROSS!"

Can it be?

Am I really posting something on THE BLOG?  This thing has haunted me for a 6 months now.  I keep wanting to write but there is just so much to catch up on! ARG!
   Well, here I am... Jaxon did something that really touched my heart tonight and so here I am, blogging.  Tonight as we put Jaxon to bed, he got a huge smile on his face and pulled back his covers.  There were 3 baby toys that had been his years ago.  When he was 4 we cleaned all of the baby things our of his closet and were going to give most of them to DI.  He begged to let him choose a few toys to give to a baby, should we ever have another one.  We let him pick, and he picked 3 of his favorite soft plushy toys.  Those toys have been up on a shelf in his closet for the last two years, and there they were in his bed.  He grinned a Jaxon grin and said, "These were mine, but I picked them out for the baby." (Oh, by the way, I'm 13 weeks pregnant...one of those things I really should have blogged about and felt guilty over...)   "I'm going to keep them safe until he gets here." (He is currently convinced the baby is a boy...) "I'm going to give them names for him and everything!" He proceeded to name all three, and then snuggled them into his arms and went straight to sleep. I went in there a few minutes ago, and though he was fast asleep and had changed positions, he still had all 3 in his arms.  He is so excited for this baby, and it makes me happier than words can say.  The story of how we told him will be dear to my heart forever, but let's not get ahead of ourselves... what will I have left to blog if I tell it now???  :o)