Come on now, SERIOUSLY???

Now, how is it that neither Amber nor I made it onto this show...DID NOT EVEN GET AN INTERVIEW, and this moron...I mean really!!! I may not have won the million, but I know for sure that an elephant may, or may not be larger than a kettle!! What if the kettle belonged to a giant??? Or King Kong???

"Dream a Little Dream of....A Helicopter???"

I have made a very funny discovery these past few nights. I have been staying up very late reading in bed to finish my twilight series (SO GOOD by the way!!) and Dave just goes to sleep. Well, apparently, Dave talks in his sleep, but not until he is good and gone! I discovered that if I talk to him about whatever he is talking about, I can get him to give me 5-7 sentences before I wake him up to much to continue. We have already had one hilarious experience with this last week, but I have been sworn to secrecy, and Dave made me a pretty sweet deal never to bring it up...anyway...last night at about 1 AM Dave rolled over with his eyes wide open and said "WOW!" I thought he was being sarcastic because he had seen how late it was and that I was still reading, but I said, "What?"
D: I just bought a helicopter!"
A: Really? Where?
D: At a silent Auction.
A: How much did it cost?
D: Free!
A: Where are you going to keep it?
D: I don't know, maybe the garage.
A: Are you going to learn to fly it?
D: Probably not?
A: Can I learn?
D: maybe...
A: What about Jaxon?
D: NO!
A: What about you? (I know I repeated this question, but I was hoping to get more out of him!!!)
D: Yes, probably
A: Wow Dave, thats cool!
D: Yeah...Cool...

Date night with Kirby!

Saturday night Dave and I, along with his sister Kim and her husband Dustin went to see a little "concert" at Mountain View High. Both of us really like Kirby in all his emmy awarding winning performances (such as Singles Ward, the RM, The Best 2 Years etc) so we thought it would be fun to see him perform. We had a good time, and he was pretty good, but I have to say, his "opening act" Corbin Alred was better! Very folksy, very good. Anyway, this is the first time in I don't know how long that "Date night" has been an actual Date! YEAH FOR KIRBY AND DAVE!!!

Thanks Grammie!

When Jaxon tells Grammie he wants Shah-ko (chocolate) she delivers!

WHAT THE...???

For anyone who checked my blog today, (Thurs. Sept 13th) and said to yourself "What the heck???" I would like to warn you that that is what happens when you give your Oh-so-helpful younger sister your password so she can help you upload music to your blog!! Thanks AMBER!!! You really are SO FUNNY!!! And I'll be honest...I needed a laugh today...

I LOVE my sister!

She is just So funny!


I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! I have been wanting to chop my hair for some time now, and just got the courage this week. My awesome hair girl was ready and waiting, and did a great job. It is shorter than I had planned,...but I gave her the pictures and she did it exactly, so maybe its just shorter than admitted it was going to be! I was going for the "younger hipper cut" but this morning when my mom saw me she said,
"WOW! That really ages you! I mean, you look a lot older! I mean, you look more mature!" Thanks mom! Anyway, this morning when (this is NOT a joke) my shower, and doing my hair start to finish, took less time than it normally takes just to wash and condition my hair I realized that it was ALL WORTH IT. Its true, Im the first to admit, that on me, long hair looks the best...when it is not up in a greasy ponytail...which it was 97% of the the point??? Anyway,... The first straight look is how it will look when I really put time into it, and the second curly look is AU Natural and is how it will look A LOT!

Swim Lessons

ON Saturuday, Jaxon had his first swim lesson, and to say it was a bit of a disaster would be a GIANT understatement! My little fish who loves the water and has no fear what-so-ever, screamed and sobbed the entire time. The instructor said thats normal for first time lessons, but I think he really disrupted the other 5 in his "starfish" class. These are no mess around swim lessons either, he will for sure have sweet swimming skills, if I can ever get him to stop clinging to me for dear life and screaming bloody murder! We went to the pool today (Monday) as a family, and he did a lot better with the skills with me and Dave both in the water. We will see how it goes next Saturday...
I'll connect a few pictures so you can see if you can decipher the before and after shots...