Cooper 6 months

Cooper is less than a week from turning 8 months. I'm seriously behind on posting these pics, and I haven't taken his 7 month pictures...well...I still have a week!
  We are going to say that Cooper was still in his sixth month for these pics...although...we may have been a day or so late... oh well!
   He was just starting to sit up on his own, and I had to shoot fast because I knew the first place plant onto the wood would spell the last of our pictures!

Cooper is still such a sweet baby.  He seems to just be pulling out of feeling pretty cruddy, to now just feeling a little cruddy. But all the while, he's such a sweet little guy. He is generally happy, even if he's not feeling well, not breathing well, and not napping well. Because (thank you, thank you Babywise...) he is ALWAYS sleeping well at night.  We can pretty much count on Coop to go 11 hrs and 45 minutes  straight.  He would really like his bedtime to be 5:30, and wake up around 5:15...but that is NOT going to fly around here.  So we slightly torture him to stay up till 6...some days are easier than others...and then he wakes up around 5:45 and talks in his bed until we get him around 6:15.  That is NOT a bad set up right there! We still get some good 1 on 1 time with Jaxon at night.  We do still do a dream feed around 9...which technically we were supposed to drop already...but why change a good thing???
  Every where I go people still stop me to talk about Cooper.  Guess who loves it? THIS MOM!  I adore my little guy and just burst at the seams when someone stops me to say how gorgeous he is, that he should have a manager, that he should be in commercials, that he is beautiful, etc. etc. etc. But what melts my heart the most is when people who knew Jaxon as a baby, or even know Jaxon now, can't get over HOW MUCH THEY LOOK ALIKE!!!   I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO blessed to have these two as brothers!!!

See??? Gorgeous!

 Everyone does comment though on how much more serious he is than Jaxon. I personally think serious is the wrong word, he's just not as gregarious as Jax.  We have determined that Jaxon is  A LOT like me, and Cooper is shaping up to be a lot like Dave.  He is more quiet, sweet as can be, not too many mood shifts, and very very attentive to his surroundings!

Cooper was just about to get teeth here... and was chewing away on his fingers, and drooling like crazy. In fact, you can see the drool lines down the "6 months" sticker on his onesie!

Cooper is VERY expressive when he "talks" to me, and these next few pictures might be two of my favorite pictures of all time in the history of EVER!  Cooper just cracks me up!!!

I think my favorite thing about Cooper right now, is how much he loves me! Is that bad?  We just have the sweetest relationship, and when people say how serious he is, I wish they could see how giggly, and smiley, and laughy, and playful he is with me... but then again... maybe makes me feel awfully special that those times are reserved for Mama.


Easter this year was just great! The weather was perfect, and the cherry on top was that Dave's parents came down for the long weekend and celebrated with us! On Saturday the Easter bunny brought some sweet baskets, and on Sunday we focused on the resurrection of our Savior!
Our ward had an awesome Easter egg hunt at a home right around the corner. They have lots of property and it was set up like a little carnival, just perfect for the kids! They had fresh juice from the groves, Krispy Kreme donuts, and Costco muffins- talk about a feast!
 Jaxon's age group got to hunt for eggs in the Orange grove, and most of Jaxon's finds were up hiding in the branches! 
Then Jaxon decorated a cupcake, had his face painted, and played with his friend Makenna.  Cooper just enjoyed the scenery, and drank some blood orange juice from a cup! It was messy, but he loved it!
Cooper LOVES peaking under Dave's hat to see him. He also LOVES chewing on the brim of Dave's hat.  He does that whenever Dave asks for a kiss because he has quickly learned that Dave's whiskery face is TOO SCRATCHY!!!

My two bigs guys! I love these guys to death, and if you've ever wondered where Jaxon and Coop get their gorgeous eyes...wonder no more!

Drooly Coop man and Grandma! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

My sweet little rabbit.  How many more years do you think this kid will want to have his face painted like a bunny, and THEN do a bunny impression for a picture? I'm thinking not long, so I had to capture it now. Be still my heart....

Makenna is Jaxon's best buddy in the ward. She is in his primary class, lives in our neighborhood, and also goes to Franklin. They have lots in common and love to play together!

And last but not least this is my little man on the way to have his picture taken with the Easter bunny. It's a real racket they're running there! You can't take your own pictures...believe me, I tried...and everytime I put my camera up the Easter Bunny COVERED COOPER'S FACE WITH HIS DARN BIG FLUFFY HAND!  Seriously...what a crock!

Cooper 5 months...ish...

Well, Cooper's fifth month is basically a blur of runny noses, lots of phlegm and drool, several nighttime wake ups and feedings.  Trips to the Urgent Care and Dr's office, Bronchialitus, RSV, and general crud.  Needless to say...I'm glad 5 months has come and gone!  Coop did his best to stay his chipper self, but it really didn't work to well. His nights were bad, his naps were worse, and that made for one sick, sad, cranky baby!  Then how? you ask, did you get him to be phlegm free and smile-full in these pictures?  Here's the gosh darn honest truth- they were taken at 6 months and one day. Bah.  There is it. You got it out of me!
  With five months came Cooper's new trick of turning from his back to his belly, and apparently forgetting that he's known how to roll from his belly to his back for some time.  He would "get stuck" on his belly and just cry and cry. It was one of the reasons we were visiting his room every hour of the night for the entire month... to flip him back over! ARG!
  He hated his breath treatments and screamed bloody murder unless he was so exhausted that his screaming put him to sleep.  Unfortunately...that didn't happen very often!
 He's still darn cute, and we'll take him- sick and all!

I tried taking these pics with no lights and no backdrop just using the wood floors in the new house. I like them, but I'm still trying to figure the lighting out.

I included this next set because, during the photo shoot, I had the fan on.  Cooper is ENTHRALLED with ceiling fans, and was talking up a storm.  He was sure telling me quite the story about that fan, and I really really wish I knew what he was saying!

Then I flipped him back over, because with him looking at the fan, there was definitely NOT going to be any smiling, when there was such an important story to be told!

My My the time DOES FLY!!!

Heaven help me! I'm getting so far behind again!  Here's a rundown of what has kept us so busy in the last 2 months-
~cleaning and other regular mom duties
~Cooper being sick for 2 months straight, ending with RSV and breathing treatments
~Family in town and staying with us for a WEEK!
~Jaxon's birthday
~ Cooper turned 5 months
~Cooper turned 6 months
~Cooper started rolling over to his belly, but refused to roll back to his back even though he's beeing doing  it for months
~The Renaissance Festival
~Lehi Days
~Parent teacher conferences

So much has happened, and changed around here, I can't even remember half of it. (Let this be a lesson to me to keep the blog up...)
So, I am going to upload and blog as many of the afformentioned activities today and tomorrow!!

Cooper- 4 months

Our Sweet Cooper is almost 5 months...but these pictures WERE taken right around 4 months.  Now that we are in the new house, I finally have my pictures, AND internet on the same computer. Boy will that make blogging easier!
  It's hard to remember all the things I have loved about Cooper at this stage, becuase he has been sick for two weeks straight. He shoots snot rockets everytime he sneezes, and blows snot bubbles everytime he breathes. His eyes are red and watery and he whines or cries pretty much non-stop.  He snores like a bear, even when he's awake, because he's so congested! Just keepin' it real!  ;o)
In case you don't believe me- please see exibits A, B, and C below-

 But let's see- he adores Jaxon.  If Jaxon is in range, Coop will twist his head/neck/body around to see him.  And I HAVE GOT to get Jaxon talking to Coop on Camera, because it is hysterical!  Jaxon talks in  high HIGH pitched voice with a CRAZY look on his face which I know HE thinks is a smile, but actually looks like he is grimacing in serious pain! (Cooper seems to love it, so I guess he doesn't mind)
  Coop can roll to his belly from his back both ways, and has rolled from his back to his belly once!  He smiles a lot (When not sick) and chuckles occassionally, but has not started belly laughing yet.  We just moved him from the 1-2 Costco diapers to the 3's and they pretty much wrap around him twice!   He loves when you hold his hands and let him pull to standing, and then LOVES to stand up and look around!  He still hates to have his feet covered, and will kick any blanket or covering right off them.  As soon as he is well we are going to stop swaddling him, and stop going in at night when he cries (to give him his paci back) . The pediatrician says it's time to stop, and to just pull the bandaid off all at once!  he loves to suck on any part of his hand or finger, or anyone else's that he can get to his mouth.  He loves to chew on his bottle nipples on the sides of his mouth, like he is just gnawing on them!
 Here are some pictures for your viewing picture, of before the sickness turned by sweet HANDSOME boy into a disaster!!!

Can I just say that the reason I love this next picture, even though it is slightly out of focus, is Cooper's FOOT!  He has big ol' feet like Dave and can spread his toes out just like Dave too! I love seeing that!

PS- Come back sweet happy Cooper, COME BACK!!!!

Just a reminder...

I am ridiculously far behind on my blogging again, but instead of waiting to catch up to the present, I just had to blog some things I've been thinking about and that have been going on.
  We moved this past weekend.  So many miracles happened to make it work out beautifully, but here are my top 3-
1.  Mom and Dad Rogers called on Wednesday and said, "We heard you're moving in this weekend, so we are driving down to help!" I thought that was sure thoughtful, but had NO IDEA how absolutely amazing their help would be, or how absolutely helpless we would have been without them.  They are seriously so so thoughtful.  I love them so much, and love how they make what's important to us, important to them! Not only was dad Rogers like Super Man during the move, he helped Dave put together EVERY. SINGLE. THING that needed to be put together, and put them in the right place! So by the time they left, we had a lovely set up sitting room, a put together kitchen table, chairs and hutch, and almost every kitchen box unpacked, AND Jaxon's loft bed put together.  It would probably all still be undone if they weren't here to WORK WORK WORK!!!
Jax and Gpa in the new TV room!
2.  It rained pretty much non-stop all weekend. Like, to the point that there was no way to move our stuff out of the mobile mini and into the house in the down pour. (this is NOT the miracle!)  The new ward was all set to help us at 8am on Saturday but it couldn't happen- raining cats and dogs.  We grocery shopped, and headed to Costco. On the way out (around noon) it was still gray skies but no rain! We called the EQP and asked if he could get some guys to help us move in as much as possible before the rain started back up.  3 people came over, and between them, Dad and Dave, and me and Mom, we hauled our rears!  Every time it would start getting a little misty I would say a prayer in my head to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us clear out the mobile mini before it started again.  Sure enough, and the guys were carrying our LAST item- our couch, through the front door, it started to POUR! P.O.U.R!  It was such a tender mercy that I absolutely DO NOT chalk up to coincidence.  Heavenly Father heard my prayers.
3.  Jaxon and Cooper were both pretty sick.  (Also NOT the miracle!)  And when we woke up and tried to leave G and G Ferrell's to head to the new house, Jaxon was beside himself. He was cold, tired, and not feeling well.  Heading to a place with no furniture, TV, or toys unpacked was NOT high on his list. Grandpa Ferrell came downstairs just in the nick of time and heard Jaxon's pleas to please not have to go.  G Ferrell said Jaxon could stay with him for a few hours and then he would bring him over.  A few hours later they popped by so Jaxon could say hi, but they were just passing through on the way to pick up the cousins to play.  A few hours later he popped in again, but this time just passing through to get a treat.  A few hours later G called and said, just let Jaxon stay here and sleep tonight!  It was so so sweet, but Jaxon did want to go to pizza for dinner with us! Jaxon stayed with Grandpa from 7am till 5pm that day, and as a result had a very special time, and we got SO MUCH DONE while NOT trying to entertain a very bored and slightly sick 6 year old. If you want to know the truth, I think Grandpa Ferrell is going to miss Jaxon as much as Jaxon misses Grandpa. They are absolutely best friends.  It's one of the most beautiful things to me, and as  mother, it is priceless.
  The next thoughts I have are how much I am enjoying my roll as full time mother here at the new house.  At G and G's, we were absolutely spoiled.  SPOILED ROTTEN! It was wonderful, and during the first 3 months when Cooper was tiny, not sleeping through the night, and my postpartum was in full effect, it was a blessing straight from heaven.  My mother is a saint for all that she did to try to ease my burdens.
    Now that we are in the new house, I am actually really enjoying, the cooking, cleaning, chauffering, and being the boss.  It warms my heart to have a house that I love to clean.  I am so completely exhausted. It has been a looooong 6 months of NOT doing any of these things, and at night I fall into bed exhausted, but so grateful.  Emily and I have been going to the gym together at 5am...yes, that's AM!! It's so nice to be accountable and have to pick someone up so I have to go.  Because, except for the 15 minutes between 4:45 and 5am when I am awake in the cold, dark, house and everyone else is slumbering warmly and peacefully, I am SO glad I went!
 Which brings me to one of the greatest miracles of the new house- COUSINS!! Jaxon has played with the girls everyday this week, and I absolutely love having my house full of LOVE!  I love the giggles, the sneaking snacks from the fridge, the playing, and I love that Jaxon is building friendships that will NEVER fade.  I'm sure the novelty will wear off and it won't always be a daily thing, but for now, I love this lovely noise.
  I am exhausted.  There is still so much to do, unpack, and get settled.  And I could not be more grateful. I love this work called "family".

The new kitchen!


Boy how time seems like Cooper has been here forever, like, what did we ever do before Cooper?  I love that boy!
  Ever since going to Disneyland, our previous, slowly established nap routine has pretty much flown out the window and we are back to 45 minute naps. BAH!  But, on the bright side, being out and about with Cooper and facing the nameless fear about being out and about with him that was causing me so much anxiety, has helped me SO MUCH!  I'm doing so much better, and even with 45 minute naps, we just do what we need to do!
  Let's see, some interesting things about Cooper are, he has started to chuckle, he LOVES to stand up while you hold his hands, (pretty sure he's showing off!)  he loves EVERYONE at this house immensely and smiles copiously at them, and he has started "talking" A LOT! My quiet boy now loves to hear his own voice, and it usually ends in blowing raspberries!   Cooper is drooling like a maniac. Maybe he will get teeth early like Jaxon did?! He's still so chill, rarely cries (except when he's constipated...which unfortunately happens quite frequently) and he HATES to sit in the backseat by himself. At first I thought he just hated his carseat, but he was a champ on the drive to and from from Disneyland, and AT disneyland, so I've noticed he only yaks back there when he is alone. Otherwise he is happy as a clam to have company! He can roll from his stomach to his back, and is very good at keeping his head up during tummy time. He can sit in the bumbo without much help, but it doesn't look too comfy yet, so I'm going to wait a little longer until his head is stronger! Jaxon still adores him, and is getting REALLY antsy to walk around with him, which I said he could start doing A TINY BIT when Cooper could hold his own head up. Jaxon talks to him in the sweetest high pitched voice, and loves everything there is too love about Cooper. I really can't wait until they can interact more! Below are Cooper's 3 month pictures, which are actually 3 months and 1 week because of Disneyland. I compared side by side with his one month, and boy has he changed-
here is a comparison of 3 months and one month!

Crazy huh?

Here are the rest of my favs!