Sorry I'm lame...but Jaxon is funny!

Yes, another Jaxon post. If you're already bored, please, stop reading.

Today we took Jaxon to his first Diamondbacks game! He loved the build up, and didn't mind the game too much either. He mostly enjoyed "looking for treats" that he didn't eat (ice cream and cotton candy) but he did eat half a bag of grapes and 3 baggies of apple slices...go figure.
Anyway, he said some funny things today that I didn't want to forget.

#1. We were watching this cool ball-machine at the D-backs entrance. It's a twisty-turny ball maze and the balls do all sorts of neat jumps, flips, slides etc. There is one place where the balls fall into a big metal "drum" and roll and roll around and around before they fall through the hole at the bottom. I held Jaxon up and said,
"Look at those balls! Isn't that cool?"
and he said, "Yeah mom, I'm really impressed with those balls!"

#2 Then after we got home he begged for a bowl of cereal- a type that I KNOW he doesn't like. I finally gave in and poured him a bowl. After 1 bite he got down and said,
"I'm all done!"
Me: "No you're not! You just started!"
Jax: "Yes I am! That cereal is Faulty!"
Me: "Uh, it's what?"
Jax: "It's FAULTY!"
Me: "Okay then, What does 'faulty' mean?"
Jax: "It means I don't like it and I'M DONE!"

And let's be serious, no one can be expected to eat faulty cereal!

"That's Called Subtraction"

Dave: You have 2 more minutes in the tub Jaxon.
Jax: You said I had 5 minutes.
Dave: You did have 5 minutes, but 3 minutes went by, so you only have 2 minutes left. That's called subtraction, get it?
Jax: (TOTAL silence...which for Jaxon is saying something...)
Dave: Oh. You probably don't get subtraction, but you will...someday.

Creative Naughtiness!

Jaxon is currently in his room, NOT napping. From 1-3, he goes in his firefighter bed. Whether or not he sleeps, he has to stay in there for 2 hours. It's not just nap time for Jaxon, it's "REST TIME" for the whole family. When he doesn't sleep, which is about every other day, he can play with all his "friends" in his bed.
The thing is, he knows we can hear him through the monitor, so he often tries several things to get our attention, things that he can't really get in trouble for.
Right now he is yelling the words to the song "The Iron Rod" (normally a lovely church song for little kids) at the top of his lungs. He's hoping we'll come in to tell him to pipe down, but he knows he not going to get in trouble for singing church little rascal!


Jax: Zeus is your father.
Dave: No, Grandpa Rogers is my father.
Jax: Hurcules is my father!
Dave: No, I'm your father.
Jax: ...are you sure?

...Like a baby

This kid has a nervous breakdown if he can feel the tag in his pajamas, or if there is one rogue string on his clothes...but apparently he will sleep with a Spider Man bandaid stuck to his forhead. Classic.

Did I mention...

That I've been busy? I'm not complaining, it's been a real blessing, but I haven't had much time for fun mom stuff lately. Yesterday I pulled out some new fabric I wanted to try out for a backdrop, and put Jaxon in front of it. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit, but it was more for trying out the backdrop than for getting pictures of Jaxon, but hey- I still have pictures to prove he was in them!
He is getting bigger and better everyday...why does that make me just a little bit sad?

Jaxon and his trusty sidekick-

When I ask Jaxon to smile, if he doesn't run away, I get this-

Or this-

But When Dad is in the room- it's this every time!

Busy Busy

I have been super busy lately, and while it has been a blessing to be working so much, I have been neglecting my family, home, blog, pictures of my boys, etc. Just wanted to do a quick post about something fun- I hosted my "Non-bunco playing bunco group" On Friday. We get together once a month and whoever hosts decides on the menu, activity, etc. Every month is totally different and every month is really fun. I had bunco on the mind when I went to China and got all my gifts etc. from there.

Amber came over and helped me cook some delicious, healthier versions of Chinese Favorites (baked spring rolls, teriyaki chicken, sweet and sour chicken, sauted asian veggies, fried rice, white rice...and then very non-Chinese dessert of Choc. cake, raspberry sauce, fresh berries and whip cream!)

We all ate and then cleared out the table for the next part. I brought knock-off designer purses home and we played the White elephant game with stealing/trading for our activity. It was a lot of fun, and no one got too upset about purses being stolen.
After that we had our dessert and talked into the wee hours of the night. Girls nights are always such a good stress release, even when you have to plan them!
The simple decor-
The Chinese Table-
The place setting- everyone got their own set of hand painted Chop sticks...but everyone was too hungry to try to use them!...except Sheri, she was a trooper!
The purses- all wrapped up for the surprise!
The other take-home gift...a set of hand-painted book marks and a traditional Chinese treat (gross! but traditional none-the-less!)


Today Jaxon had his first tumbling class with Park and Rec...and I'm still undecided about my reviews. But first a quick back-track... his last quarter class was Preschool Picasso, where we made crafts together...yeah...NOT his thing!
So I thought this would be right up his alley...and it was...sort of. We walked in and there were all sorts of mats and squishy "ramps" etc...all calling little boys names to come explore. I wouldn't let Jaxon play on them until the teacher called them, but some other moms did, so Jaxon was really wanting to. After stretching (which Jaxon sat in the circle and watched but refused to stretch) all the parents left the kids with the teacher for 45 minutes. I watched through the window and the "naughty boys" were up and at it immediately. They were not sitting on the mat like Ms. Danielle asked, and were interupting her instructions. Jaxon sat on his mat for about 2 minutes, but watched the boys longingly, and then decided to join the hooligans. He also ran and didn't listen for a few minutes before I went in and interceded. He had a stern talking to about respecting his teacher and listening, and for the rest of the class he did pretty well...but checked the window every 30 seconds or so to see if I was still watching. (I WAS!)
Here are my problems-
1. I don't want Jaxon to be one of those "naughty boys" that a teacher cringes at.
2. In a class of 12, 3-year olds, I think it's a little unresonable to expect 11 of them to sit and watch as one child at a time gets a turn to walk the "balance beam", do frog jumps, etc.
3. With Jaxon's toe walking, his legs and core are really weak. Even though we are working with a physical therapist, he is still really weary of trying things that he can't/won't or is scared to fail at. So, most of the movements they were supposed to perform down the length of the mat, he just skipped over all together and ran from one end to the other. The teacher was getting a little frustrated that he wouldn't/couldn't? do it, and it was breaking my heart.

After class I made him apologize to Ms. Danielle for not listening, and we talked about what I expect from him next week. ( I also explained to her about his toe-walking and weak muscles) Even though I think it's unreasonable for all those kids to sit for 80% of the class, if that is what's expected, he still has to do it.
I also think the teacher ( a high school girl) is a little unfamiliar with what kids actually know at that age. At the end of class they played duck-duck-goose, but when one kid was "goose" more than half of the kids would get up and start running around the circle screaming. (Of course, Jaxon was one of those kids). This was really frustrating to her, and she quit the game early because the kids weren't following the rules, ...but in their defense, I don't think most of them had played before, and didn't understand why they couldn't get up and run around if someone else could.

What's the verdict? Do I just worry too much???

More Vegas Highlights

We are back from Vegas...which I have mixed feelings about. Dave jokingly said yesterday, "We should just put you on a plane and have Jax and I stay a few more days." I didn't think anything of it, but getting home and seeing how much I still have to do (edit 7--yes that's right 7 shoots, prepare for launch at the gym which is in 2 weeks, get the house ready for bunco this Friday, and teach 5 classes...) I think he may have been serious, and I think I should have taken him up on it. It erks Jaxon to no end to have me home, but upstairs working on the computer where he can't come. If I'm downstairs, he couldn't care less and mostly ignores me, but upstairs- yikes!
Anyway, Vegas was perfect and relaxing, and here are a few more highlights- Naps, any time! Delicious healthy food. Jaxon playing with his 5 girl cousins. Now- normally I would be wishing there were more boys for him to play with, but these girls are tough, and they really love Jaxon. I think they harrassed him at least as much as he to them, and everyone enjoyed it. They still seem to think that Jaxon should be about 12 months old, so they try to carry him around and snuggle him-and he doesn't mind too much. He thinks that they should play like boys and tackles and grabs them, and they don't mind too much either!
Jaxon also learned a new word, which he used continually- "Tardy." In his "No David" book (which is calls his "No David Rogers" book), David goes to school and is tardy. We talked about what tardy meant, and while he knew it meant late, he liked to use it more like a put down- "HAHA! Grandpa, you're Tardy! HAHA- Grandpa's Tardy!!!" (pretty funny)

And my favorite story from Las Vegas- during Easter dinner with a lot of us there,
Jaxon said, "I'm getting down!"
Me: " Sorry Jaxon, it's not time to leave the table yet!"
Jaxon: "But this chair is hurting my bottom!"
Me: (assuming that was a lame excuse) "That chair is NOT hurting your bottom!"
Jaxon: (Hopped down without permission and ran away) "YES IT IS!!!"
Me: "Oh, well, maybe it was because you were sitting on your fork!"
Jaxon: (coming back to look) "...I wondered where that was..."

Fun in Vegas

I made it safely to Vegas, and it is always relaxing to be here. Jaxon was happy to see me, but still is a Grandma's boy through and through. A few funny things that have happened since we've been here-

Me: "Jaxon, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
Jaxon: "Ummm...I think I'll be a foolish man!"

This morning for Easter (we do baskets on Sat. and then focus on the real meaning of Easter on Sunday) Jaxon got a bug net, bug tweezers, and a bug cage. We sent him outside to "collect bugs" (ie- get him out of the house and out of our hair) and he happily went outside to play, and came back a half hour later...toting his bug cage with 6 bugs! All but one were dead... we aren't sure if they were dead before Jaxon squeezed them with the bug tweezers, of if that was an unfortunate side effect. Either way, between those and his new swords, he is loving life!

Pretty Cool!!

I'm about to head out the door to fly to Vegas to meet Dave and Jaxon. While I enjoyed being super busy and getting tons of things done, I am now very excited to see my guys again. I also realized I am way further behind than I thought, and didn't get even half of the things done that I had planned. Ah well, such is life.

Before I leave, here is a picture of what I was doing yesterday afternoon-

That is a picture of my "Press Credentials" from Chase Field. I got to shoot a highschool game from the 3rd base dugout!! It was so cool to be down there, and even got to go under the stadium where the teams meet, see the private bathroom (yes, both cool and gross!) etc.

Enjoying until...

I have to admit, while I do miss my boys, I have been thoroughly enjoying this time to myself to work, run around, and not worry about being anywhere or doing anything other than what I (emphasis on the "I"!!!) need. Well...that is until I talked to my guys on the phone tonight. I told Dave to have Jaxon call me so we could sing his favorite bedtime song together, and Jaxon started sobbing. He demanded to that I come right then to sing it with him in person, not on the phone. He said he wanted to leave "Las "Begas" and come home to mommy. The most heart wrenching-
(said through sobs)
"This is NOT GOOD! I want mommy right now! Not on the airplane tomorrow! I want her here with me!"
Oh dear, now I am a little sad, and missing my boys for real. Alas, I will have to wait until tomorrow.


Through total accident, my last post made me seem like a much better parent than I actually am. We do not actually teach Jaxon a word of the day (but I am now going to try...) those were words that he picked up on his own and decided to try out.

Kind of like the time Aunt Nena told him to come into the Kitchen at a dinner party and yell, "This is PANDAMONIUM!!!" which he was quite happy to do. About a month later after not hearing it since (I think...) at a nice quiet dinner at home he said, "Hey guys! This is PANDAMONIUM!!!"


That was Jaxon's word of the day. Yesterday it was "nonsense", which was hysterical, but in his defense, he knew what it meant and used it correctly. ie-
"Mom, you can't put me in time out! THAT'S NONSENSE!!"
"Cleaning up is nonsense!"

Today on the other hand, Jaxon had no idea what "knowledge" meant, but tried it out several different ways, including yelling at the top of his lungs at Fry's,
Other good ones (shouted at Fry's) included,
"Tell that guy to move his knowledge!" (yes, "that guy" heard...)
"Mom, don't forget to buy some knowledge!"
"Hi Knowledge!" (said to a guy passing us, whose cart Jaxon tried to grab as he pushed past)
"Mom, I knowledge you!"
...well isn't that sweet...I think.

The wisdom of a (barely) 3 year old

"MOVE DUDE! Hey mom! Why isn't that Dude moving? Doesn't he know I need my chicken nuggets?"

"Yes Ma'am, I do love money!"

"I'm the man! Say it again! I'M THE MAN!"
(that one I actually misheard...he was saying "I'm the map..." from Dora, but it was pretty funny when I thought it was "man."