A "PS" to the last post

PS- In the next 2 weeks... If you feel like bringing Dave dinner, or anything edible, that would be awesome. If you feel like inviting him over for dinner or games, or something like that...that's also awesome....just don't expect him to come...he's a little shy like that!

Goodbye Dave...I'll be gone longer than I originally planned...

You know how when you're looking for your life to be crappy, it is? And when you are looking for the blessings instead, you totally find them? Well, since Dave was out of work, we really tried hard to remember our blessings, and I swear they keep coming in. I got tons of out-of-the-blue photo work, and two extra classes at the gym during that time. I can't believe how much that helped us out...that and a SERIOUSLY tight budget. Then Dave got an awesome, AWESOME job waaaaay closer to home. Then I somehow fell into this awesome photo opportunity with City of Mesa, and now, it's happened again! I just got hired by a law firm to go to Miami (can take Jaxon, totally fine and also totally paid for!) to do some last minute photo shooting that they need for a case at the end of August. What does this mean to the Rogers Family? It means Jaxon and I will drive back to Provo to my parents condo after the Yellowstone trip... Shower, do a load of laundry, leave all our camping stuff there, and fly from SLC to Miami for a week to do some shooting. It's great because all expenses are paid, and I'm making "I got hired by a law firm" prices not, "I got hired to do some family pictures" prices. This is really such a blessing to us as we are about to finally pull out of our "out of work hole"...the only downside...Jax and I won't see Dave for...uh...15 days? Bye Dave! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Awesome/ Not Awesome

Here is another installment of Awesome/Not Awesome, which always makes me laugh when I see it on Jill's blog...

Awesome: I ground the wheat and made 6 loaves of bread this morning.
Not Awesome: The Preheat Temp. is 400 but when you put the bread in you turn it down to 350...guess what I forgot to do? Now I have 6 dark brown, TOASTED loaves... boo.

Awesome: Jaxon FINALLY went stinkers in his potty Chair this morning!
Not Awesome: 10 minutes later he finished the job...in his underwear.

Awesome: Jaxon was asleep within 10 minutes of me putting him down for his nap.
Not Awesome: He was awake after 20 minutes because I forgot to put a pull-up on him and he wet the bed.

"MOM! Get in here RIGHT AWAY! There is a big pile of Urine in my bed!"

I'm SO EXCITED...and I just CAN'T hide it!!!"

Okay, so I haven't blogged much about this, because, well...I'm overly cautious, "somewhat" anxious, and hate to eat my words later. BUT! In the last couple months I have been working with the City Of Mesa Visitor's Bureau, doing some shooting around Mesa for possible use in some of their publications. ("Possible" is why I didn't blog too much about it... I would have been devasted to have talked about it, then not have any of my shots used!)
I was SO CRAZY EXCITED to be asked to do this, but also SO CRAZY NERVOUS. We shot at various locations around Mesa, in various lighting conditions, and with some models...so it really stretched me out of my comfort zone....I mean...REALLY! (also in some CRAZY heat...but that comes with the territory!)

Anyway, last night I had my last shoot with my City of Mesa Rep., who quickly also became a good friend, and she mentioned that one of my pictures is being used on the COVER (HURRAY!) of Mesa's Brochure called Mesa Map and Guide!! Mine is the picture of the store fronts at Dana Park Ranch. (The first inset picture on the top) I also have one picture on the inside of "girl shopping" :o) which is also linked.
The Mesa Visitors Bureau Magazine for 2010 (which publishes over 100,000 copies!!) will be wrapping up soon, and I also found out I am in the running for a cover shot there too! I don't mind telling, because I don't mind if I don't get it! I know I have at least a few pictures in the magazine as well...and hopefully at least a few more with last night's shoot! The best part, my name will be credited under any of my pictures used...HURRAY!!! I'M GOING TO BE PUBLISHED! So...no bursting my bubble...I know it's not much, BUT IT'S SO MUCH TO ME!!!

The countdown is on...

5 days until Jaxon and I leave for our epic adventure in Yellowstone! AHHHH! (I mean that "Ahhhh" in a good way too....) I am excited, nervous, and well...nervous.

Things I am looking forward to-
~Spending time with dear family!!!! (Really, this out-weighs all other pros and cons and is the reason Jax and I are braving this trip without the Mr.)
~Cooler daytime weather
~Interesting sites and adventures

Things I am NOT looking forward to-
~The 11 hour drive to Utah, then the 7 hour drive to Yellowstone
~The FREEZING nighttime temperatures
~Sleeping in a tent with Jaxon
~Sleeping in a sleeping bag..quite possibly with Jaxon
~Sleeping outside. period.
~Wild animals sniffing around our tent at night. I think this is my biggest fear. Has anyone read Hatchet? (Great read if you haven't) but there's a part where a bear, having smelled Brian's food that he had cooked that night, comes skulking around camp. Brian startles it, and the bear swipes him right out of his shelter and into the lake, luckily not killing him. I DO NOT WANT TO BE SWIPED BY A BEAR....IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR????

Somedays you just can't win!

Tonight as Dave and I were driving home from our Date (Temple and Harry Potter Movie) I was making out the check to our babysitter. After it was all made out, we noticed that it was on a check from an account that doesn't even EXIST anymore! AHHHH...I was really worried that I might have written other checks out of it. We were talking about how embarassing that would be when she tried to cash it and it bounced...YIKES!
So I made out a check from our real account (PS-I DO usually pay babysitters in cash...when I was young I HATED getting checks...but it's all we had) and gave it to her as I was driving her home. She said uncomfortable... "Ummmm...Sister Rogers...about these checks..." OH CRAP! I KNEW IT! I HAD WRITTEN HER A BAD CHECK! I WAS DYING!!!
Then she finished.... "I have one from you that I can't cash...because somehow you made it out for '10 Minutes' instead of '10 dollars' "
YES! Not only is that FUNNY....it's exponentially less embarrassing than having given her a bad check!

Complete Randomness with some hilarious-ness

I just uploaded the pictures from my point and shoot, and they are from all over the place...so I will put a few up here...but first...that hilariousness I promised...

Jaxon was sitting on his potty chair eating a peeled apple. He then brought the apple into the kitchen and told Dave to throw it away. Dave asked him why, and Jaxon said he had dropped it in his urine, in his potty chair. He then told Dave he got it out and licked it...and it was just to yucky to keep eating! (Okay, Mom R. I know that won't be hilarious to you, but I'm pretty sure it won't kill him!)

Next- Random pictures...

1. First from WAAAAAAY Back-
My hotel room when I had to stay overnight in Beijing...How is it that a room can have this on the wall...

But this free of charge to use...

And as an added bonus...this heart shaped sign in the bathroom...

(Not sure if I already told this...or how on earth I forgot to take a picture...but the little sign by the bed said, "Please enjoy your sleep. Don't put your wet clothes on the lamp shade."

2. Our trip to Utah...When Jax and I walked to the stadium early one morning. It was wide open setting up for stadium of fire (Everyone is SO trusting...) so we walked in and looked around...no one said a word to us!

Here is Jax contemplating the cougar. I don't think there is one place anywhere in Arizona as green and lush as the things in this picture. So sad...

#3- We went to Chucky Cheese to celebrate Jaxon being potty trained. Dave was really sad to be there and have to "help" Jaxon play all those games...can't you tell?

#4. I had an epiphany about my busy schedule and spending more time with Jaxon, so everyday from 3-4:30 is going to be devoted solely to him. We will play, craft, read, cook, etc...but all for he and I to work and have fun together. Our first project was painting large marshmallows with finger paint gel, and then sticking them together with toothpicks. It was a real hit with Jaxon, but word to the wise...fingerpaint gel + marshmallows = extremely sticky!

(Can you tell which ones I painted and which ones he painted?)

My creation...

Jaxon's Creation...

A helpful "Help Center" in India...No, really!

After 45 minutes on hold, and 30 more minutes talking to several different people to figure out exactly what I needed help with, a very nice man named Ananp spent 20 minutes and walked me step-by-step through downloading a converter I needed for my new camera. He was super nice and EXTREMELY PATIENT with me. Thank you my Indian friend, thank you.

Calling All Camper-outdoorsy types- HELP!

We...and by "we" I mean only Jaxon and I, because Dave has to work, are less than two weeks away from our Roger's Family Reunion- CAMPING IN YELLOWSTONE! While I am excited to see Dave's family whom I adore, I am not looking forward to camping.

Please don't judge me.

It's just not my thing...in fact, the only time I've ever done it was one night with the Youth on the Stake Trek, and I can promise you that it was the worse night of my life. (Though it's true one could argue...I don't get out much...) Freezing, icey, SO SO Cold, and windy..sleeping on a rocky ridge, with only a sleeping bag, no other blankets, air mattress... (come on, we were pioneers!) So, that is the experience I have to pull from. AND!!! Yellowstone is supposed to be a whopping 38 degrees at night...BRRRRRR!!!

Here is where YOU Come in! First, I need good solid camping tips. The first really good one I heard was "Change your underwear at night instead of the morning...sleep clean!" This is the real deal stuff people, THIS IS WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR!!!

Second, if you have anything that would make camping in the wilderness, without my husband, in a tent, with a 3 year old, for a week, any easier that you would let me borrow, I will be your slave forever! (or at least be so grateful and pray that you get A LOT of blessings!)

2 Specific things I'm looking for are #1. A couple beanies to fit a 3 year old. (I would REALLY Love one with ear flaps and a tie under the chin for him to sleep in...90% of your body heat is lost through the head you know!) and #2. Some already grungy camping sweatshirts/jackets for Jax to wear in the evenings.



(Jaxon went potty on the potty chair after holding it a very long time during nursery)
Jaxon: "WOOT! WOOT!"
(Anyone who knows Dave, knows he should never say anything of the sort...)

(I was babysitting my sister's 3 young kids plus Jaxon so I had a 4,3,2, and 1 year old...Jaxon did something naughty and got his cheek flicked, and my sister does not really believe in much physical punishment like that so her kids were a little shocked...)


MY BABY IS HERE!!! No, I'm not talking about the kind you incubate for 9 long months, nor the kind you lovingly adopt...I'm talking about the kind that takes awesome pictures and that I've been on the waiting list for 2 months for!!!! HURRAY! YIPPEE!!! Right after Jaxon's nap we are picking it up!!!!

Um...yuck...and see-ya later meat, I'll miss you!

So, potty training continues to go well....with one little snag. After his first day doing "stinkers" on the potty TWICE, Jaxon has decided against that same plan of action. We have now had 2 stinky-undies situations, and I am DYING! It is SO GROSS! Way worse than diapers. I have heard this can be a problem...any suggestions? The best I've heard thus far, is to have him tell me when he needs to go #2 and put him in a diaper. That way he is still in tune with his body, but doesn't need to be scared to go on the potty. (Why is that scary by the way????) HELP ANYONE?

Also, I'm sad/happy/excited/bummed to admit, I've jumped on the "meatless" or "vegitarian" bandwagon. I've known for a looooooooong time (through my wonderful sis and sis-in-law) that there are plenty of health benefits, but I REALLY LOVE MEAT! I am a carnivore! Well, I just read the new fertility study from Harvard (The most comprehensive fertility study to date) and meat is BAD BAD for fertility. So is caffeine (no brainer there...) which I have also given up and am trying to talk Dave into doing the same. Another fetility offender is low-fat and non-fat dairy! CRAZY HUH? I guess removing the fats drastically changes the hormonal make- up and it becomes crazy hight in male hormones. Also, the stuff they put back in to make it still taste creamy and yummy is very bad for fertility.
Good for fertility?--- Vegetable proteins, and FULL FAT DAIRY ! (yes, 2 servings of full fat dairy a day. Best dairy- Full fat Milk! #2- 1/2 cup scoop of full fat ice cream!)

Here's the link if you want to read the 9 page study results for yourself!

I'm so in love with this guy...

Jax and I have been spending a lot of time together lately...not that that is any different from any other time...it's just a lot more personal when we are searching out restrooms every 15 minutes. He has only had 2 accidents, and both were at the gym. I don't know if they remember to ask him, and he is nervous to tell them, or if he is having to much fun to stop playing, but only 2 accidents the first week of potty training, that's great for me. We have had him in undies the whole time, even out in public, because the one time we put him in a pullup- it felt too much like a diaper and he thought it was free reign. I really feel like this is a big step in him "growing up" and not being my baby anymore. That and him starting preschool in the fall...Growing up is such a double edged sword.

My favorite part of this picture- his dirty fingernails...he's still my little boy after all!

Potty Part 2

Here are a few more pictures from our potty party yesterday!

This one is my favorite-don't they just look SO pleased with themselves???

Potty training continues to go well...so why are Jaxon and I so emotionally drained??? We were BOTH in melt-down mode when Dave got home last night...so he quickly excused me to go shopping, to get a pedicure, to the library, to get dinner, whatever I wanted. All I wanted was a bath and some peace and quiet...so I went upstairs!

This morning I didn't pump Jaxon full of liquids because we HAD to go to the gym for me to teach. I took him before kidsclub, and asked the gym ladies to take him every 15 minutes (They are really wonderful!!) but right before I got back (like 2 minutes before) he had a little accident. I was prepared with new clothes so no problem. We went to the ranch market, tried using the bathroom 4 times, but each time, "Oh. I just can't do it right now."

Anyway...he went several times after that successfully in different toilets, and even told me during swim lessons when he needed to go, and got to go on the "pee tree" twice! Boy was that exciting!
After we got home he said he needed to go so he stripped down and plopped down on his potty chair. He didn't hop right off as usual, so I just made his lunch. He still hadn't gone so I told him to get his unders on for lunch. He said, "I CAN'T! I'm NOT done yet!" So I pulled his play table over and he ate lunch while sitting on the potty! While in the kitchen cleaning I heard his chair start to play music and went to tell him good job, when what did I find?? It was NOT URINE! Hurray! Stinkers in the potty is a BIG deal, and he was really excited! I cleaned out the chair, and told him to get his unders, but he said he wasn't done. He sat right now, and did more! That happened one more time, and boy was he pleased! Now that we have passed that milestone, we are going to Chucky Cheese with all his cousins this Saturday!!
I AM SO EXCITED!!! Hopefully this means WAAAAAAAY less stinky diapers to change on my horizon!

Potty Party 2009 = SUCCESS!!!

HURRAY!!! Jaxon is now well on his way to being potty trained! He is 3 and and half exactly, and for some time now we have been trying to encourage and excite him about potty training. We have practically promised him the moon, which has made him very excited, but unfortunatly also very anxious about PT. He knows exactly when he is going to go, and he hides. Then he is embarrassed about it, but still refused to sit on our cute elmo seat that we got to go on top of the toilet. While we were in Utah, his cousin Oakley (8 months younger) pretty much got potty trained, and I was getting very frustrated. My sister Amber (Oakley's mom) is a certifiable genius, and invited us over today for a Potty Party to get Jaxon excited and ready and DOING IT! So, 7:50 this morning we showed up with a potty chair to match Oakley's (That plays music when something goes in...) several drinks, and a change of clothes! Amber gave Jaxon some of Oakleys Unders, just so he could wear them around his ankles while they sat and watched a movie and DRANK AND DRANK AND DRANK! (the unders around the ankles actually made him very excited!) So, after an hour, and SEVERAL cups of juice, soda, and punch....still no tinkles...not even from Oakley, who does this all the time now. Jaxon started crying that he was done and wanted to get off the potty pronto, which to me was the cue that he really had to go, and was holding it, becuase he was worried about going on the potty. Right then Oakley let loose! The potty played music, and we all danced, cheered, clapped, laughed, etc! Well, Jaxon thought that was pretty cool, so about 2 minutes later his eyes got big and he said, " MOM! I GOTTA GO TOO!!!" and sure enough...a few tiny sprinkles came out! Of course we did the dance/cheer/clap/ high five/hurray routine all over again, and then off to the kitchen for their reward- ice cream! Well, not 2 minutes later, with his underwear on, he says, "MOM! I gotta go again!!!" We ran him over, and this time, he let loose!
Really? It's that easy? He goes one time and now he can tell me??? Over the course of the next hour at Amber's house, he went at least 10 more times...each time telling me it was urgent, and each time just tinkling a few drops!
After leaving Amber's, we went to Walmart to pick up some "big boy underwear." Now I totally understand why moms who are potty training DON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE!! We didn't have any accidents, but we used the Walmart bathroom 12 times while we were there. Each time he squeezed out a drop or two, and I wasn't about to tell him to get a grip, so we actually went to the bathroom 3 times before we even made it to the underwear aisle! We then met back up with Amber and my SIL Emily, and all this time he was in underwear, and no accidents! We ate lunch together, he used the potty twice while at lunch, drove home, and still no accidents! He sat on the potty one more time before nap time, and now he is sleeping in a diaper! When he wakes up he is very excited to pick one of his new pairs of underwear to wear. YAHOO!!!!
On a much sadder note...while emptying the kiddie swimming pool in Amber's backyard, my phone met another wattery grave. It is currently drying out in a bowl or rice, but I'll be honest...I don't have high hopes for it. So if you call, leave a message, or call the home phone.

A Day in the Life...

Jaxon in Utah: Picture Edition

1. Jaxon and Gordon, playing nicely, with nice big rocks. (really, right there I shoulda known better...)

Gordon throws his rock to the ground...
Jaxon considers throwing his rock to the ground...

But instead throws it on Gordon's finger.

*******(not pictured...Gordon's finger is cut and gushes blood. Jaxon is spanked.)*******

Jaxon cries because he hurt Gordon, got spanked, and Mommy "squeezed his wrist too tight"

Jaxon in timeout in the wilderness (come on...this is kinda cute!)

"Jaxon, show me your happy face and we will go find Gordon."

Another reason to love Utah...

I met up with these lovely ladies, (and photographed some of their beautiful boys). These were (and still are) some of my favorite people that I met throughout my college career. Being with these girls is always the same- complete comfort, laughing A LOT, and the ability to talk about ANYTHING and everything. Collectively we've been through a lot, and they are a wealth of information and understanding...I LOVE YOU GUYS!

I also got to meet up with Lindsay...who I'm sure Heavenly Father meant for me to meet SEVERAL different ways at BYU, but it never quite happened. We lived one apartment away from each other, one semester apart, we had SEVERAL mutual friends from several different places, and we both went through the education program. we ended up meeting in my ward here in AZ, and she has been a dear friend ever since. She is now back in the motherland, but luckily still just a phone call away! Love you too Linds!

(She does not know I took this picture while we were trying to shoot our boys in a wheat field..)


That's how I feel post vacation.

I am determined to get my priorities in order and start feeling a little inner peace. Family, the house, and making dinner are going to be #1 on my list...while working, and worrying are moving on DOWN.

Today I have---
~Spent time with Jaxon, albeit...not all of it pleasant...
~Cleaned the downstairs...mostly
~Put dinner in the crockpot...Dave's favorite...Porcupine meatballs
~Returned/made about 100 phone calls
~edited 2 photo shoots
~taught one class with one more to go (can't quit ALL the working...)

And wonder of all wonders...Jaxon's nap is currently 10 minutes short of 3 HOURS..and going strong!!! That never NEVER happens!

Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me time to get my priorities straight!

A few of my favorites from this weekend-

Jaxon jumping for Joy over the fireworks Dave was lighting-

And the best 4th of July-esque picture I could get of him...why is it the ONE time you drive by a gorgeous wheat field, your child is uncooperative? Oh yes...because when it comes to pictures...he is ALWAYS uncooperative!

I LOVE being a parent

You know, you always love your child. But there times when parenthood is tough, and then there are times like this week, where I am absolutely loving it. This is what it's all about! Seeing life through Jaxon's eyes...it's reminding me of our trip to Disneyland last December.

On thursday we went to campus. On the way up, Jaxon and I were singing the BYU fight song, which he knows, but needed a little refreshing. I also pointed out the "Y" on the mountain and told him that is stands for "B-Y-U COUGARS!!!" So, as we were walking aruond the bookstore he was seeing the "Y" everywhere, so he kept shouting, "B-Y-U- COUGARS" To which everyone in earshot would cheer and clap. That was all the incentive Jaxon needed to keep going, so all throughout campus we were surrounded my cheering and clapping. SO FUN!
My comentary on BYU. I went there, and I love it. I know it's not for everyone, I totally get it, but when you go on campus, there is definately an upbeat, positive feeling. Everyone smiles, chats, is polite, and is modestly dressed. You don't see anyone that looks too scary.

We went to 7-peaks on Friday, and Jaxon could have stayed ALL DAY. He loved the kids area and the lazy river, but once we took him down the big slides on our laps, we couldn't talk him into anything else. We went OVER AND OVER AND OVER! He only wanted to go down on Dave's lap, which was fine with me because 1. Dave's stronger and a better swimmer than me, and 2. Jaxon always picks me to do things with him, and it made Dave feel really good to be the go-to guy. Jax especially loved the innertube rides and we ended up staying until almost 8pm!!
Commentary on 7-Peaks...I already did a post on this, but I will just say, being anywhere pool/water/heat related with a son and husband, it's really nice not to be surrounded by bare skin and bikinis. I really appreciated it, and didn't see one suit/person that I was absolutely shocked about, and would have been sad for Dave and Jax to have to see. When I was young and leaders would say to the girls, "Dress modestly to help the boys out" That always made me a little mad thinking, "Let the boys take a little responsibilty and help themselves!" Now I get it, they are responsible for their thoughts, but others (girls) can take responsibility for what the boys have to see. Getting off my soapbox now...
Saturday morning I already blogged about the crazy paraders- my commentary on that is just that sometimes Mormons are wacky, but usually there is a good reason hidden under there somewhere!
Saturday afternoon we met up with one of Dave's sisters, her hubby and her kids. We hadn't seen then in a long time, and it was awesome! They are such a fun laid back family, and their little boy (who is just 6 months younger than Jaxon) and Jax became BFF's and could have played together until eternity with no thought to the rest of us! We went to the provo Malt Shop and had yummy shakes and burgers. Can't wait to see them again at the big camping trip in a month! (that is NOT to say in ANY WAY that I am looking forward to camping...)
Saturday night we put Jax down at 7 and woke him up at 9:45 for the big show. My dad had nailed down a tarp in prime position on the lawn right across from the stadium, and Jaxon had just as much fun watching all the kids around us lighting off fireworks as watching the big show. Fire works are fun!! The Stadium Of Fire fireworks DID NOT disappoint, they were awesome! (Also for any fans out there...I got to hear the Jonas Brothers do a few of their closing songs!)
Now it's Sunday and Dave has to head home....boooo. Jaxon and I will be joining him tomorrow.....boooo. This is definately the place to be on the 4th of July!

Second post for the 4th of July- Dave's lost his mind!

(Scroll down if you want to read the first 4th of July post...)

I just looked over to see Dave, (enjoying cable at my parents condo since we don't have it at home) arms up in the air, pumping his fists yelling, "GO JOEY!!! GO!!!!!" What is he doing you ask?
Watching the Competative Hotdog Eating Championship.

He then said, "YES!!!! Joey Chestnut Just beat the world Record! And he beat Kobiashi by 4 hotdogs!!!"

Oh Dave. I love you.

Mormons: A Peculiar People!

Happy 4th of July! Here in Provo is the Utah Freedom Grand Parade just a mile from my parents condo, so of course we thought it would be great fun to take Jaxon...little did we know the BIG GIANT DEAL this parade is. People camped out (YES, as in--with tents) along the parade route starting at 9am the day before (that's as early as you are allowed to camp out) roping off large sections, setting up tents, camp chairs, Grills, griddles, generators with swamp coolers, TV's, DVD players, Wiis, etc. Seriously! All this for prime seating at a parade??? I saw a friend of mine before I knew about the Hullabaloo of the parade, and she had a giant whiteboard in her garage with a list of 27 things to remember to bring down to the parade! I really didn't get it at all, so she said, "For me, this is bigger than Christmas! Just wait...you'll see!"
To tell you the truth, I thought it was all a little weird and slightly lame to camp out just to see an hour and a half long parade....that is... until this morning as we got into the thick of things. It wasn't really about the parade for most of these 200,000 people. Of course the parade is great, but it was about tradition and family. Going year after year, taking shifts at the "camp site", cooking on the grill, cousins in tents giggling all night, and just being together. You have never seen a breakfast feast like some of these families were enjoying together. It made me imagine if all our family were here...taking a shift with my sisters chatting and snoozing, dad grilling for everyone in the evening...sounds like great fun! Lindsay was right... I GOT IT!!!
Anyway...we were going to start the one mile walk about about 7:45 (Parade started at 9) and take our chances with getting Jaxon a seat anywhere near the actual parade. Since we had spent yesterday at 7-peaks...we all slept in (even Jaxon!!) and didn't end up getting out the door until a little after 8. To say it was total mayhem down University would be the understatement of the century. So we walked and walked and walked...and finally found a little spot about 30 feet from the street that was actually saved for residents of it's apartment building...but all the tenants were watching out their windows and said,"Go ahead!" A few minutes later we saw a large roped off area that had only about 1/4 being used by a hispanic family with 4 little boys. We asked if we could sit in the back corner, and the wonderful kind mother told us, NO! Bring the little boy (Jaxon) up to the curb so he could see. She was offering us drinks, snacks, and gave us her extra camp chair-seriously- AN ANGEL!
Jaxon loved the parade and watched the whole thing in awe. Towards the end he even ventured off our laps to run 10 feet into the street for the candy being thrown! It was such a fun morning, and I am looking forward to a picnic with my parents for lunch in Provo Canyon, an afternoon with 2 of Dave's sisters and their families...selling my parents reserved parking spots at their condo for $20 a pop to Stadium of Fire goers (Jo Bros performing this year) and then listening to the concert and watching the Stadium of Fire fire works (biggest fire work show in Utah) from the lawn!
Why have I never come to Utah for the 4th Before????

Utah: Movin up my list!

Just a quick post before Dave and I head out for date! Today we went to 7-peaks water park, and aside from the fact that it was SO SO SO SO SO fun to do with Jaxon (seriously, one of the most fun family activities we have ever done) aside from that...the ratio of girls in modest STOMACH COVERING suimsuits to those in Bikinis was AT LEAST 7:1!! Yes! MODESTY ROCKS! I love you Utah!

through new eyes

Apparently living in Provo as a college student, I didn't take time to notice the gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery, and idyllic easy lifestyle that many enjoy here. We got in yesterday night and first headed over to my Aunt and Uncles house. My parents chatted with them, while Jaxon and I played outside (OUTSIDE!!!) in the lush green grass (LUSH GREEN GRASS!!!) for an hour (AN HOUR!!!) It was perfect, gorgeous, fun, cool, breezy, and did I mention perfect??? If Jaxon asks me to play outside in Arizona, mostly I just flat refuse. If I'm feeling crazy and actually agree, we are outside for 10 minutes, all 10 of which I am hating. And at the end of which we are both drenched in sweat, red in the face, and dying of dehydration. Here...I could have stayed outside all night and played with Jaxon...now that is the life!
Also, this morning when Jaxon woke up at 5:30 (YES, 5:30!!) and by 8:30 had had enough of watch cartoons and being quiet so as not to wake my parents, we went for a nice long walk to the stadium/cougar! IT WAS GORGEOUS! Sunny, breezy, and that perfect temperature that is neither hot nor cold.
Noonish we went to a canyon park with a college friend of mine and our boys just played and played. It was a little warm, but totally doable! And we were both sitting in the sun for pete sake!
Anyway...I'm not planning on picking up and moving here any time soon...but the thought is better than it used to be!!!