My four year old!

When we were growing up, my mom would interview us on our birthdays and record our answers in our journals. I love looking back at my likes and dislikes each year, so we decided to start it with Jaxon. Here is his 4 year old quiz and answers
Color- blue
Number- Teen
Food- Pizza rolls and Taco rolls
Drink- Water
Breakfast- Sandwich made out of crackers
thing to do- Play on the slide at preschool
Best friend- Daniel at school, and Kalle and Oakley
Thing to do with Mom- Play toys
Thing to do with Dad- Play T-Rex mountain

My chores- clean up my toys
What do you want to be when you grow up? - Daddy
Favorite scripture story- Jesus on the cross
Why do we go to church? To learn about the gospel
Where do you want to go on a mission?- Where Daddy Florida, or "Rahold"
What do you like to learn about- Dinosaurs
Favorite movie- Scooby Doo
Favorite Aunt/Uncle- All of them!
What is daddys job- To go to work to get money by being on the computer all day.
What is Mommy's job- to make pants and work out at the Mesa gym
favorite treat/dessert- gum and chocolate dinosaur cake
favorite song- I love to See the Temple, and SheWolf.

What food do you hate to eat- Tomatoes
What chore do you hate- all chores!
What smell do you hate- horses and cows and beef jerkey in the car.

What do you want to tell me about yourself- I love my brain. I love the Holy Ghost. I love all my cousins. I love Mom and Dad.
What do you like about being 4- I loved my birthday when I'm four. I get to play and have priveleges.

Happy Valentines Day!

The first one is the one that Jaxon gave out to his classmates and cousins, but the second one with the kiss on the cheek sure is cute!

Happy Birthday Valentine!

Today my sweet Jaxon turned 4 years old...

I can't believe it.

Yesterday I took him out for a little shoot to get some pictures for a homemade, personalized valentine, (which you all will have to wait to see on Valentine's day) but I loved some of the shots I got that didn't make the cut, so here they are for your viewing pleasure!

This was actually one of the last shots I took. Jaxon was ADAMANT that I was NOT going to kiss him with lipstick. He had no idea the purpose, but knew that lipstick was for girls and he wanted no part of it. I brided him with several things, and finally he broke down...but this was the best I got...

Chalk, not vandalism, I promise!

...hopin' I'm still his valentine...

Seriously? I love this picture!

This is more like Jaxon, big cheesy smile and loving life!

The Latest...

So...after much MILDLY uncomfortable, and WILDLY expensive testing, we have been diagnosed as "Unexplained Infertilty."

I think I could have saved thousands of dollars and just told the Dr. that myself...since we had no problem having Jaxon, but are now having problems...but that's not the way it works in this crazy fertility world.

We have a doctor that we absolutely love, and he has extremely high hopes for our in-vetro success because we fall into the catagory of highest success! HURRAY!

Which only leaves the question, WHEN? Well, that my friends, we are going to keep a little close to the heart right now. I am not embarrassed that we are doing it, and will happily share our whole experience with anyone who is curious. It will be sometime in the next 7 months, but it is just too much pressure for me to have everyone know exactly when. I know you all don't live and die by my blog posts and daily goings on...but just knowing that people are anxiously waiting to hear that's too much for me.

Don't get me wrong...when we get into the thick of things, shots, drugs, CRAZINESS LIKE I'VE NEVER KNOWN (and believe me, that's saying something!) I may change my mind and share what I'm going through. To anyone who knows anything (which is mostly everyone) about fertility, this may give you some insight to our actual schedule and dates. So, that's fine, just please don't ask me about specifics.

I promise when all is said, done, and injected, I will let everyone know either "We did In-vetro, AND IT WORKED!" or "We did in-vetro, and it didn't work."

We would most definately be so grateful for any prayers, or fasting, or temple attendance keeping us in mind. We would love thanks in advance.