Come back and bring your soft, fluffy goodness with you!

I bought a pack of scruchies a while back for our 80's release at the gym, and have recently taken to using them when I got to bed now that it's too dang hot to sleep with my hair down. Darn if I didn't forget how nice scrunchies really are. They are soft, durable, poofy, and they don't snap your hairs off. So, I know the 80's are making a comeback...something of which I have taken a sacred vow NEVER to get involved in, but for scrunchies...I would make an all you fashion-forward the scrunchy comin' back or what???

(I mean...who could say NO to this green beauty???)

I AM (Republican) WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!

Tonight I went to the fledgling meeting for the Gilbert Chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women. What an awesome experience! I paid my dues, and am now an active member! The AZ NFRP President spoke a little and took us through the history of sufferage and the making of the federation. I felt very empowered to be joining a group that actively works to be involved in political issues and in helping out in the community! I don't want to "mourn when the wicked rule" So I am going to do something about ! I invite any and all of you to come out and join!

Jaxon's PT

Here are some pictures (mostly for Grandmas and Grandpas) of Jaxon's physical therapy. This place is so fun! It makes me jealous every time we I do occasionally jump on their awesomely bouncey trampolines, and I did jump into the foam pit under the guise of helping Jaxon. That is something I won't do again! Now I understand why Jaxon loves to jump in and play, and hates to get out. It is impossible to move in that thing, and it is a serious workout!

There is another little girl "KK" there at the same time as Jaxon. Their "issues" are very similar, and they get along great. She's also really good for Jaxon because she LOVES to follow directions...something he could use a little help with!

Jaxon and KK chillin' in the foam pit-

Jaxon- giving up after struggling to climb out-

His favorite part of the balance beam? Jumping OFF!

Two little monkeys...

Last night in his prayer he said, "Thank you for Miss Jen and KK at the gym!"

"You can't stop me! "

Um...have I mentioned that Jaxon is on a bit of a pet obsession? Honestly, I don't know how long this is going to last, but he is relentless! Yesterday on the way to a bar-b-que with some friends (in the biggest, most awesome, kid friendly backyard I have EVER seen in Arizona) this was our conversation-

J: "Why can't we have a dog instead of a Mommy?"

M: "Who would take you to the park, and Miss Jen's gym, and tuck you in?"

J: "Oh, daddy can do all dat stuff."

M: "No, daddy has to work."

J: "hmmm...well...I'm just going to say a prayer and ask Henny Faddur for a doggy!"

M: "Jaxon, we don't ask Heavenly Father for things that aren't good for us. It wouldn't be good for us to have a dog because they make Mommy sick!"

J: "Well I AM going to say a prayer and YOU CAN'T STOP ME, CAUSE YOU'RE DRIVING!"

~~"Dear Henny Faddur, thank you for my blessings, and um, I WISH FOR A PUPPY!...oh, and AMEN...HA!!!"

(Note, that is not a "hahaha" where he was laughing, no it was one, loud triumphant "HA!" has in "SEE! I did it SO THERE!")

M: "Jaxon, Heavenly Father can't send you a dog."

J: "Fine! Dear Henny Faddur, I wish for a KITTY!...and AMEN!"
I think he may be getting Heavenly Father, Santa Claus, and the genie from Aladdin a little confused...but on the bright least he's praying!

Are You Kidding Me?

This is so Jaxon. Man I love this kid!

Friends with Benefits...

HAHA! I am cracking myself up with that title, because it fits this post perfectly and doesn't have anything to do with making out!
As I have been shooting my father's day mini-sessions, I got to have some "Mommy and Me" pictures taken of Jaxon and I as well! I traded with a friend of mine who is also a photographer, thus- "Friends with Benefits" (que- Ashley chuckle!)
I love these up close and personal pictures of Jaxon and I, and I am going to have some of them framed for Dave's new office! (Once again, so excited for an office and not a CUBICLE!!!)

Launch Fun at the Gym

Here are a few pictures from my "other job" I teach Aqua aerobics at the gym. I love it, and it is hard work. Every 3 months we "launch" all new music and choreography and it's a big deal. Lots of people team together to really make it a "show" for the first week. I have a great team of ladies that I work with, and the theme that we went with for this past launch was "Girls in the Hoodies" because of a lot of the music was rap/hip hop etc. Just thought I would post a couple fun pictures.

PS- We DID NOT, keep the hoodies on the whole time! Just for the first song, then when we took them off, we had fake tattoo sleeves on!

You can see by the darker colors on my shirt and bandana...there is exessive sweating going on!

When you're 3...

...Happiness is sitting on the counter and licking the beaters.
Remember when life was that simple?

Dinner Time Lecture

As I was getting ready to post this I said to Dave, " I really wish we had some of these Jaxon Monologues taped, because I think it's really hard for other people to believe that he actually says all these things..."
Tonight at dinner, out of the blue,
Jaxon says, " Hey Guys! We're eating dinner togedder as a family!"
Me: "That's right Jaxon. Aren't we lucky to have a family? We have so many blessings, and if we make good choices, we will all be able to live together forever with Heavenly Father!"
(Jaxon thought about this for a moment, then his dreaded pointer finger came up, and we knew we were in for a lecture...this is the point where either Dave or I usually have to excuse ourselves...because if we are both listening, we will crack up laughing together)
Jaxon: "Well! You're a naughty boy and you're a naughty girl and I'm a good boy! And if you put me in time out ever again, I'll live with Heavenly Fadder forever without you guys, and YOU'LL BE BROKEN!!"
(Dave and I just looked at each other, and were trying hard not to laugh, and also trying to figure out where all this was coming from because Jaxon had a fabulous day with no timeouts...well Jaxon interpreted this as him needing to clarify his position a little more..)
Jaxon: I'm just gonna tell Heavenly Fadder dat you're broken!!!
Me: "Jaxon, you're right, you are a good boy!"
Jaxon: "NO! I'm a naughty boy!"
The conversation quickly deteriorated from here...but Dave and I have laughed about it ever since.

Jaxon has also been on a pet kick lately (asking if we could have a puppy instead of a mom...)
Yesterday he really tried to pull a fast one on me...He asked me Oh-so nonchalantly, "Mom, do cows make you sneeze?"
I said, "Nope!"
So he said, "Good! We can get a cow for a pet! Hurray!!!"

So Many Blessings!

It wasn't long ago that I was writing about struggling and being grateful for the growth opportunities. And while I really am SO grateful for our struggles and what they have taught us, and am also REALLY REALLY grateful that they seem to be turning around!
So, what's going on with us?
1. Dave is working at a WONDERFUL new company! It's doing just what he was doing before, and it is about a MILLION TIMES closer to home! Jaxon and I have already gone to have lunch with him (where he has own office, not a cubicle!) And boy did we all have fun!
***Added bonus- his boss is as good as it gets! A great man to know & work for- HURRAY!!***
2. Dave is officially a CPA!!! All the tests are done, hours are finished, work time is logged, paper work is complete, AND--- the Certificate CAME IN THE MAIL!!! Dave remembered late last night that it should have come yesterday in the mail, and took an evening run to the mailbox! We are going to have it nicely NICELY framed for his office!
3. Jaxon is doing really well with his physical therapy! His legs and core are getting stronger every day, and he is walking on his toes a little less...only a little since it's not only a physical crutch but a major habit, but progress is progress, RIGHT?
4. I am going back to China! This trip is much more "business" than "pleasure" but even though I will be helping my dad set up some business ventures (more to come on this awesome-ness later) it's always pleasure to travel abroad and see the sites..even if those sites are mostly pearl markets and tie factories! It will be a faster trip than last time, and it's just me, so pray that I find my way through the foreign airports with no international incidences...
5. Still working on increasing our little family...but all in good time, we know there is a plan for us.
Thanks for the prayers people, we have sure felt and been grateful for every single one.


Yes, you read that correctly, Mother's Day is over, and it's time to think about Dear Ol' Dad!
I will be doing Father’s Day Mini-sessions for only $40!

Chose from either
“Just Like Dad Or “Mommy and Me”

Perfect for Dad’s office, desk, wallet, and all around the house!
Pictures will be taken in my in-home studio on a black backdrop. You will receive a CD with 10-15 high resolution, fully edited pictures with full copyright release-- This means all the images belong to you! I will be doing most of the 20 minute mini-sessions on Friday May 29th and Saturday the 30th, but if those dates don’t work I will do my best to schedule you in at another time. Email me at to secure your spot!

If you book a session, and link this post on your blog, you will receive $5 off your session!!
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Ready for some pictures?
"Just Like Dad"
Bring dad's work clothes, sports stuff, Skateboard, musical instrument, or anything else ridiculously adorable you can think of-and of course, don't forget his HUGE shoes!

Sports Stuff-

Other cuties-

And now for "Mommy and Me" ...sure to melt Dad's heart!

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

It is shaping up to be quite the day, all thanks to my best friend Dave! Before I get into his Mother's Day kindness, let me just say that last Tuesday he got me a dozen Gerber Daisys to wish me good luck on Launch at the gym and also my first photography advertising booth I would be setting up. They were pink and GORGEOUS, (and my favorite flower) and danged if they aren't the most resilliant things ever! It is now almost two weeks later, and I still have one flower going strong. They all lasted over a week, and then slowely one by one the heads would drop. When that happened I would just pull that flower out, so I have been enjoying my arrangement ever since!
Yesterday Dave and Jaxon went to Costco, where Dave said they picked up a little surprise treat for me instead of flowers, since my others were still living. He said he was trying to make Jaxon understand NOT to mention anything before he put him down for his nap. (Anyone knowing Jaxon, knows that he repeats EVERYTHING he hears) so When I went in to get him from his nap the first thing he said, "We got strawberries! With Chocolate! For YOU!"
HURRAY! My favorite treat EVER! So, no need to wait, we got out the most beautiful choc. covered strawberries you ever saw in your life, and each had one. We continued to enjoy them throughout the evening, and finished them for lunch today.
Then this morning Dave told me he had Bishopric at 7am. I was a little miffed at the Bishop, because it seems like Mother's day would be a good day to cancel! Anyway, at right around 7 when Dave was supposed to leave, I got Jaxon up and we started down the stairs. Jaxon said,
"Yum! Smell's like Daddy's cooking somepin!"
(I sniffed, and it did indeed...I honestly thought he had made himself scrambled eggs before his meeting) Then Jaxon said,
"Smells Pancake-y!"
Dave laughed because that's exactly what it was. Dave's meeting didn't actually start until 8 (thank you Bishop!) and he had come down and made Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Pancakes! WHAT A GUY!! We enjoyed a delicious breakfast together. After Church we finished the strawberries, and I ate lunch while Dave cut ALL the fruit for our portion of family dinner tonight. He then sent me upstairs for my Mother's Day nap! ( Also get to get myself a massage at the gym!)
Man I love Dave. He is such an honest-to-goodness, GOOD man. He is completely honest, kind, soft spoken, a good listener, he respects me and the struggles I go through as a mom and home maker, and he NEVER raises his voice or says anything to me in anger. I am such a lucky wife and mother, today, and EVERYDAY!~


My Sister Just launched her new business, "Gardens On The Grow",
which I think is G-E-N-I-U-S, so I am plugging it here! She has spent months studying Arizona climate and weather, vegetable growth seasons, proper soil componants, and several other things that I don't really understand, and the result is this new business where she will-
1. Come to YOUR house,
2. BUILD you a foot-by-foot garden,
3. MIX the soil correctly (this ain't your average dirt!),
4. And plant the herbs and vegetables of YOUR CHOOSING!
All you have to do is follow the specific watering instructions that she leaves you, and you will have a flourishing garden in no time!
I am going to have her build me two gardens, one for herbs, and one for vegetables. The great thing about her company is, once you have your foot-by-foot garden, you can re-use it every planting season! She can either give you new seeds with specific planting/watering instructions, or come back and plant you a WHOLE NEW SET of delicious earthy goodness! You decide!
Check out her site at and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Friday Jaxon-isms

(On the Radio) Happy Mother's Day
Jaxon: HAHA! Happy Mother's Day? That's Nonsense! It's Happy Kid's Day!

(In the Car-same trip as above)
J-Can we get a puppy?
A-No, they make mommy Sneeze.
J-Can we get a Kitty?
A-No, they make mommy sneeze too.
J-Well, can we just have a puppy instead of a Mommy?

My Punch Drunk Toddler

WHAT A DAY! I woke up at 4:20 this morning to get to the dentist with Jaxon by 5am. He was going to have some extensive dental work done, and he was their youngest patient, so he got to see the anesthesiologist and dentist first.

He got his knock-out shot in the leg while I held him, and he was out and drooling on my arm within two minutes. I then passed him over to the anesthesiologist who carried him into the room while I went to wait in the lobby. For the next two hours I got regular updates that he was doing great, and out like a light.
At right around 7 they came and got me so I could be with him when he woke up. They had filled 5 cavities, and put caps on 4 of those 5 teeth. (Let me interject that we have NEVER let Jaxon go to bed with any kind of bottle and we are VERY vigilant about teeth brushing...PLEASE DON'T JUDGE US!) So obviously, quite a lot of work done. (Let me also interject that all visible caps are tooth we don't have a white trash baby on our hands!)
The doctors said he would have a long day between coming out of anesthesia and the pain in his mouth. He said to alternate Motrin and Tylonol as soon as he could keep it down. When Jaxon woke up, he was totally delirious. He would switch between sobbing, sleeping, making the strangest noises, and talking total jibberish, all within a minutes time span. We finally got to leave, and on the way home it was more of the same. He was sleeping, then sobbing, and I was saying "You're all right Jaxon. You're all right." Then, the only non-jibberish thing he said for the next 2 hours- "NONSENSE MOM! I am NOT okay!!!" Then he immediately Konked out.
At home he fell asleep on me and slept that way for the next two hours. When he woke up he was well past the time that I couldn't give him water or juice, so he got both and did really well...except for the fact that he could not find his mouth with the sippy to save his life. I had to keep helping him.
He was so woozy, and unstable though. If it wasn't for being a worried mother, it would have been a lot more funny. He couldn't keep his head up, so if he tried to pick it up off my shoulder, it would fall all the way back. When we were walking to get his juice he tried to pick his head up, it fell back, and he started laughing so hard. He said, "Hey Mom! MY HEAD IS SPINNING!!!"
I laid him on the couch so I could put in a DVD, and he promptly fell right off! He didn't seem to upset, just a little dazed.
We went to get a smoothie and then I needed to stop at the park for Ward Play Group since that is my calling. Jaxon tried to go up the jungle gym (while I was NOT being a good mother and was talking) and fell right off the top. Didn't even cry. Just came and sat in my lap and said he wanted to go home. Which we did.
To finish the story, he was a champ all day. Terrible balance and wobbly, but never once complained about any mouth pain. I didn't give him any medicine, and he took a 3 hour nap!
I was prepared for a horrible day, but it never came. I got to take a nice long nap during Jaxon's. Pretty much all the way until tonight he was a little off balance. Dave said when he came to get Jaxon at the gym (he had to go to kids club for about 10 minutes while I taught and Dave was on his way from work) that as Jaxon was running to him, he ran straight into a gate. Also tonight he still speaking a little jibberish on his way to bed, and really thought he was hysterically funny. All in all, a red letter dentist day!

Yep, still little


Sometimes I think Jaxon is so big.
Then other times...

I am reminded.
Three's not so big, and I'm glad.

The Best Yet...I Promise!

Okay, this one I am still laughing out loud about...
Today I was chopping veggies, so I put Jaxon on a chair by the counter and let him play with soapy water, pans, measuring cups etc. The cleanup is just soapy water, and he loves it! He also wanted to pretend to cook, so he got the "throw aways" from all my veggies...stems, cores, ends, etc. which he mixed into his "cake" that he was making.
Here's the funny part. He was teasing me and pretending to drink the soapy--veggie water, and I told him how gross it would be. Of course, needing to find out for himself, he took a huge slurp. Then he started gargling the words to "Kiss me through the Phone" but instead of saying, "BABY, kiss me through the phone" It was "Mommy, Kiss me through the phone"! And at the end of this, giant soap bubbles were pouring out of his mouth! I ran to get my camera, but by the time I got back, he had realized that soapy vegetable water is in fact, gross, and was doing his best to spit the taste out of his mouth. He did see what a huge, hilarious reaction he got from me when he started singing "Kiss me through the phone.." so he has been singing it ever since. I REALLY need to be careful what we listen to in the car, becuase obviously, he is listening. That vision of Jaxon gargling bubbles and singing that song will never leave me. Priceless.