Seriously, I love it. Jax and I are here at the condo in Utah with my parents, and Dave is currently on his flight here....5 hours early..HURRAY!!! It was snowing like crazy yesterday, and had been all day, so it is a winter wonderland here! While I'm SO SO SO glad I don't live in it, we are thrilled that it snowed for our trip! After a trip to Walmart and Big-5 this morning, Jaxon was outfitted head to toe for some serious snow play. (and dang if it's not the cutest thing ever...pictures when I get home) Today is gorgeous and crisp and sunny, and we played outside for 2 hours! I pulled him on a sled, we threw snow balls, made snow angels, and spent the entire last hour "building a fort" ...that will need some serious architectural fortification when Dave gets here! Tonight we will all go out to dinner, and tomorrow we are geared up for a family fun day in the snow.
Saturday my dad and I take the ties to our first Bridal Fair-- I'm super excited! So Dave and Jaxon will get some good bonding time. Then Dave leaves Sunday, but I have Monday and Tuesday filled with fun get togethers with old friends.
Did I mention I love vacation?
(our fort looks almost exactly like this...I swear...)

A few funnies

This year at Disneyland, Jaxon was about a half inch too short for Splash Mountain (We snuck him on the last ride of the second day...Dave refused to have any part of it and sat out that ride...) and a couple inches too short for Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Star Tours, and Indiana Jones. His cousin who is a year younger was tall enough, and that really rubbed salt in the already painful wound! We told J that if he ate REALLY REALLY heathly food this year, he would grow big and strong and be able to ride all the rides next year, so thus far, he has been very into what is healthy, and what is junk. We have some variation of this conversation at least 5 times a day...but this one was pretty funny, becuase I just never know where he gets these new words!
J-Is soda healthy?
M- No, it's not too healthy, but if you don't drink too much, it won't hurt your body.
J- What about 5 gallons???
J- Okay, how about 5 calories?

Also, since Dave had almost 5 days home with us for Christmas, Jaxon has become a real Daddy's boy. All the things he used to ONLY do with me, he will now only do with Dave. (sit on Dave's lap for prayer, have Dave help him, give snuggles and kisses, sing Goodnight song on Dave's shoulder...) Also, this one is a little weird, he has been very kissy lately. He kisses his favorite foods, our hands as we go to help him with something...just whatever is in reach of his lips that he likes. BUT- he won't give me any kisses, but Dave he kisses like crazy. I love that he loves Dave, but it's starting to get on my nerves! This morning he kissed my hand as I was getting him into his car seat and I said,
Thank you for that kiss! Lately you have been saving all your kisses for Dad!
J- (With a scowl) That was an ACCIDENT! My kisses are ONLY FOR DADDY!


No really. we. are. lame.

Yesterday was mine and Dave's 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!
How did we celebrate you ask?
we didn't.
we forgot.
Totally forgot.
Dave remembered at work this morning because his boss asked him about it...that makes us even more lame-we were reminded about our annivesary by Dave's boss.
How do you bounce back from that?

Christmas Card 2009

We were a little late getting our Christmas card out this year...so yours may still be in the mail...otherwise- here it is in all of it's glory-

We picked this picture for a number of reasons, but I do feel like it was a good summation of our year---"Come What May, and Love it..." :o)

Here's what the back said-

As 2009 comes to a close, we cannot say that we are too sad to see it go! Though this past year brought many unforeseen trials, we also watched blessings pour in from Heaven and from dear friends and family. Dave is now working for a wonderful firm with a truly amazing boss, and always plays a great T-Rex (Jaxon is “Steggy”) in the nightly dino-games. Ashley still loves her busy photography work, gym work, Ferrell-Family business work, and of course, being a mom. Jaxon continues to be the star of the show, and in his own words, “The King of the Castle!” He started (and adores!) preschool, can name and identify at least 10 different dinosaurs, and loves to make people laugh! We are eternally grateful to our Heavenly Father for his guiding hand, and for the example of His Son, Our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I feel so....old!

No, not because my 31st birthday is a week away (But thanks for reminding me...) but because I will be a 31 year old in a college class! YIKES!!! But I am officially signed up- TEC 110 Sewing Basics at MCC. Monday mornings from 8-11:50. Perfect with Jaxon's preschool schedule (with a little tiny bit of babysitting trading with Malia) and I will even be in the same building as him.
I don't know if my mom is "pleased as can be" that I am finally showing some interest in basic homemaking skills, or "completely mortified" that her 31 year old daughter can't sew a lick (and boy can my mom sew!!!!) and after 2 years of sewing classes when I was 10 and 11, I still don't know the first thing about sewing machines, and am now paying someone to teach me all over again! Here goes nothing! I look forward to sewing all sorts of "neat" projects like pillow cases, night gowns, and pot holders!


(Jaxon is punching zeros into my cell phone...A LOT of zeros...)

J- Mommy, this is pretty...
M- Yes! It is pretty!
J- No! You didn't let me finish! I was going to say, "This is pretty Jazzy!!"

I'm pretty sure I've never said "pretty Jazzy" in my life...and I know Dave hasn't.
This kid cracks me up!

Happy. Busy. Want to sew with me?

Hello from the Blog-post-less Rogers. I am doing just what I said I would in December...spending lots of time with Jaxon and Dave, doing fun Christmas stuff, spending time with Family, and NOT being on the computer too much. I am loving it. Life is getting back to "normal-er" and Jaxon is eating up all this time and attention.
The reason for this blog post is that I think I am going to take a Monday morning Sewing class at MCC next semester, and I wanted to see if anyone wanted to join me? I've been itching to learn to sew, and this is my perfect opportunity while Jaxon is in preschool on the same campus! Let me know if you're interested!

Finally- A post!


Well, true to my word, I have tried to make December much more about Jax, family, and The Savior.

Untrue to my word, my life has not slowed down nearly as much as I had hoped!

Anyway, this will be a post full of randomness-

First, because I think it's hilarious-
Jaxon loves swords, and sword fights with Dave at least once a day-
Dave always says, "En Guard!"
to which Jaxon has always said, (so we thought)..." En Guard!" Right back...
Well lately when Dave says "En Guard" Jaxon throws down his sword and says,

Next- a couple of my favorite from Disneyland! Disneyland really deserves it's own post...but I don't know when it will come... so let me say, Disneyland is awesome. The magic comes back when you're there with your kids. Lots of cousins, lots of emotions, and LOTS OF FUN!!!

First Jaxon's greatest Pal (besides his Daddy) and the man that made this trip Possible- GRAMPIE! (or "Gramps" as Jaxon has taken to calling him!) We love you Grandpa!!!

Jaxon and Oakley trying desperately to lift the weights. Always good fun!

This is probably my favorite picture from the whole trip. The first 4 rides Dave had gone to get fast passes all over the park, so Jax and I and his cousins rode without Dave. Jaxon for some reason was too scared to open his eyes...so this is what he looked like-
I love this one in particular, steering the car, with his eyes closed.
After Dave came back he did his daddy Magic and he and Jaxon would "throw Fire Balls" at anything Scary. Jaxon kept his eyes wide open for fire ball opportunities!

Don't mind this handsome little devil...just reading his Disneyland Map!

Jumping on Grandpa's hotel room bed-

And We're Off!

Catch ya on the flip side!


J: Mom, how many earrings do we have today?
M: Uhhh...just two.
J: Just two, and then we can go home?
M: What?
J: We have to run over two earrings and then we can go home?
M: Jaxon, what are you talking about?
J: Earrings mom, EARRINGS! We always run over earrings before we go home. Like earrings at the store, at Fry's, EARRINGS!
M: OOhhhhh!! Do you mean Errands?