A lot has happened between me giving up soda (which I miss a little more every day...) and us going to the Easter Pageant, but this was such a special night, I have to blog about it before I forget.

I still remember the first "Easter Pageant" I went to here in AZ. I was 16 and had never heard a thing about it. Some friends invited me, and I thought I was going to see some sort of "Pageant" as in girls, swim suits, talent section, etc. Imagine my surprise! Anyway...I digress...

So the day before the Easter Pageant officially starts is "Dress rehearsal" night. They run the whole thing through with costumes, but start it earlier (7 instead of 8) so of course, we had to go. It would still put Jaxon to bed well past his bedtime but he is old enough to understand the play and he already had learned so much of what he would be seeing, and I felt really strongly that it would be an amazing experience for him.

I had a photoshoot that I Couldn't change, and was very worried that I wouldn't get there in time to enjoy it with my boys, but I rushed and made it before the performance even started. Jaxon immediately crawled into my lap, snuggled his way in, and stayed there THE ENTIRE TIME!!!

I LOVED IT! This does not happen very often...1. he's a 5 year old boy now, and 2. He is RARELY EVER STILL!!!

We spent the next hour in the most beautiful weather, setting, production, and conversation there ever could be between a mom and her 5 year old boy. (Yes, Dave was also there, but he saw the tears in my eyes and the tenderness between me and J, and he let me have the whole moment,...thank you Dave...) Jaxon never stopped asking questions (Albeit, possibly a tad too loudly, but who could be mad at the sweetness of a little guy asking questions about Jesus, the desciples, the ten virgins, John the Baptist, etc..) And for one precious hour, I got to whisper my testimony of the Savior's life, mission, and ministry into Jaxon's eager ears. If this sounds cheesy, it's because it is, but I just can't write casually about this night I spent with my boys. It's moments like this that I will treasure forever.