Evolution of outside play and getting naked

Here's the story:
1. Jaxon is happily gnawing on a chicken bone and getting dirty outside
2. Jaxon's filthy-wet shorts are about to fall off
3. Jaxon shows that they HAVE fallen off my holding them out the window.
4. Jaxon comes out of the playhouse with nothing on the bottom half, and really, once your half naked or more, its time to go inside!

Camera is Back!

Okay, I'm just going to upload a bunch of recent pics of my beautiful, not-so-baby boy. I guess it could be worse than being so head over heels for him that I take 10,000 pictures a week...at least I like him!!!

My Summer Sweety

Here are a couple of Jaxon's pictures from his latest photo shoot at Sears. It was the first time he has ever kept his "flippies" on, and boy do I think they are cute. he is now about 75% walking and 25% crawling, and we are getting very excited!

two much too write, to little time!

HA! For those who think that for a teacher, my spelling and grammar leave a little to be desired...your right! I admit it! My mind has not been in teacher mode for a year and a half now! Anyway, enjoy that horrendous title while it lasts, I won't be able to stand looking at it very long!
I forgot my camera, and boy did I have some cute pictures to upload. So Instead, I uploaded one of my favorite pictures of Jaxon from about 8 months old. Just thinking about wearing that type of clothing right now makes me want to cry, but really, I digress!
We actually do have great news, I would say that Jaxon is about 55% walking, and only 45% crawling these days (55 and 45 DO add up to 100...I may have lost my literary skills but Im still darn sharp in the math department!) He falls often, but doesn't seem to upset about it, so we are hopeful that Grammie and Papa will get a great show when they get home from their cruise on Saturday!
I have also been missing "grammie and Papa" and there absence is the reason that the blog has not been updated recently...what to do with Jaxon when those two aren't doting on his every whim??? Now that I think of it, that is probably why he has started walking, when they are around, his feet never touch the floor! He gets carried anywhere his little heart desires!
Well, I will log on soon to upload our newest pictures!

Jaxon loves to splash

I think the title pretty much says it all...

Jaxon and ketchup

Today I let Jaxon have some french fries (GASP!!! Don't tell Dave, he says no trans-fats for Jax!!!) Anyway, he saw my mom dip one in Ketchup and wanted to do the same. He didn't seem to feel to strongly about it either way. Later I made Jaxon a hotdog for dinner (yes, I do deserve mother-of-the-year for all the healthy food I feed my son!) and since lately he has enjoyed using hotdogs as projectiles rather than dinner, I decided to try the ketchup again, just to see if it would help. Well, help is an understatement! jaxon dipped every piece, and when he could see that he was on him last piece of hotdog, he kept dipping it over and over again and sucking the ketchup off. Only after about 2 minutes of doing that, and losing his hotdog piece in the pile of ketchup, did he realize that he could actually just dip his fingers. Of course after a while of that, he was done eating, and then just really enjoyed playing with/IN the ketchup. Any good mother would have taken the ketchup away at that point, but not me! I saw a photo-moment too good to pass up, and while he was all ready quite covered, I figured giving him a little more time to play would only add to the cuteness of the pictures I could already start formulating in my mind.
For anyone wondering if Jaxon ever actually wears clothes, here's the story. As a mother, You just realize that when it's 4 in the afternoon and your child has already been through 2 outfit changes, it is just not humanly possible to keep a toddler clean...not even sort of! he was going to eat dinner, have a bath, and play for a little longer and then go to bed, who wouldn't like to do all those things in their underwear anyways????

As a side note, we played human-foose ball tonight for mutual. It was incredibly fun, but I do recommend finding out what you are doing ahead of time and planning accordingly. I of course did not do that, and wore flip-flops. OUCH!!!!

True Love

I can no longer deny that Jaxon loves his grandparents more than his parents. I should probably be jealous, but I'm just so thankful he is getting to know them so well. They are two truly amazing people who will bless his life as much as they have blessed mine.

my beautiful white trash baby...

Well, this could be the beginning of something beautiful. Jaxon is starting to take more and more steps, and could actually start walking very soon! Unfortunate for Dave since he is on a business training trip, has the stomach flu, and is missing everything!
Jaxon played outside for an hour today with Aunt Amber and Cousin Kalle while I tutored. He crawled over flagstone, cement, dirt, rocks, and a little grass here and there. After a half hour, his legs got too sore, so he started doing a kind of monkey-walk on his hands and feet, instead of hands and knees. The reason he is fairly naked in these pictures is that his clothes were filthy and he was about to take a bath. Cousin Kalle got to go back outside for a few minutes and Jaxon, not being able to stand the injustice, got to join her. Note in these pictures how red and raw his legs are...nothing can squelch this kid's love of "outside."

No more monkey business...

Like I said, the monkey pictures had to be removed...oh well...it was fun while it lasted!

I love popsicles...AND GRAMMIE!!!

The idea that grandmas let you have everything, and get away with anything, couldn't be more true than with Jax and Grammie Ferrell. If Jaxon wants it, then Jaxon gets it. Jaxon loves to sit on the couch like a "big boy" but hates to be trapped up there for too long. So, Grammie taught Jaxon how to get on and off the couch on his belly so he didn't keep falling on his head trying to get off. (Don't worry, falling on his head never stopped him from doing it repeatedly!) he also loved the stairs, so grammie taught him how to crawl up and go down backwards on his belly, and she never seems to tire of watching him do both repeatedly! Here is Jaxon eating his first popsicle, from none-other than Grammie. (See also the previous picture of Jaxon after eating his first sucker, also from Grammie, and incidently, a great shade of blue that didn't wash off his face for several days!) Other first from Grammie (and some from "Papa") Soda, cheese cake, Key lime pie, Salmon, Pringles, Nerds, cup-cakes, M&M's, ...I think you get the idea!

WOW! Blogging is addictive, and I was just thinking of all the cute pictures of Jaxon that I haven't shared with the world yet, so here are a few more. Here are two halloween pictures, one sick at Christmas picture,one blue sucker from Grammie picture, one cheesy grin, and one "You can't keep me from The Dr. Pepper, not even by throwing it away!!!" picture,

I am allergic to raw eggs. How funny that after all these years it took me finding out more about egg allergies through Jaxon's experiences to find that out. It also took me getting deathly ill this morning by eating two very very runny sunny side up eggs... YUCK!!! The thought is enough to, well...I already did that!

Where did my baby go? He is talking (not quick walking...) and definately has his own personality. He loves to tease and play, throw and chase, and he is all boy.