FVC Update #2- AKA "injury update"

Monday evening here and it has been a fun, full, and injury prone day! This morning I took my first ever tennis lesson (with the head coach from Weber State in Utah) and it was really fun. On our way back we ran into one of Jaxon's counselors who hustled us to the front desk to assess Jaxons HUGE knot on the side of his head. They were going for walk, and he tripped and smacked his head. He was laughing and enjoying the popsicle they gave him, so aside from his lopsided head, we are pretty sure he's okay. After lunch all the adult brothers and sisters and spouses headed out to go Wave-running. It was REALLY FUN!!! We saw a pod (I think that's the word) of Dolphins about 10 feet from us, and we were having a blast...until...Dave threw us violently from our machine and I cracked my ankle against the side as I catapulted off. I literally saw stars and couldn't even find words to talk it hurt so bad. Our time on the jet ski after that was not quite as fun because too many bumps and waves really hurt. My bro the doc. checked it out, and it's just way swollen and painful. It's currently wrapped and iced...but it will heal just fine. This evening after dinner Jaxon was running in our apt. and tripped over my shoes and hit his mouth on the corner of the coffee table. He now has a fat lip almost as big as the knot on his head. Dave is as of yet not injured, but he still has night time basketball with my brothers, so there is a huge possibility that he will end this day with an injury as well. We were going to go rock climbing at the rock wall tonight, but since I injured my ankle, Amber and I will be going to "Adult Craft Night" instead.... not quite sure what that consists of, but it should be interesting!

Good for a laugh...

Yesterday evening at our orientation meeting, the head couselor said, (and I quote...)
"Make sure you STAY HYDRATED!!! Always carry a water bottle and send them with your kids to their camps. It has actually hit 80 a couple afternoons this week!"
He said it as if 80 was unbearably hot, and such a tragedy! AHHHHH...give me 80 degrees anyday...it's almost enough to make you want to move to California....almost...but not quite!

Family Vacation Center Update #1

Sunday morning here, and vacation life is GOOD! We flew from Phx to Santa Barbara yesterday afternoon, and I'm pretty sure that while none of my 13 family members on the plane minded too much, there were quite a few others that were ready to parachute right out after all the toddlers (who in their defense were REALLY excited!!) were yelling and screaming in excitement to each other and for the general public. Once at the FVC you are treated like royalty...the counselors really go out of their way to make it enjoyable for you however they can. We met up with our other 12 family members and fun ensued. We all got unpacked in our seperate dorm apartments and the kids could be found riding scooters, blowing bubbles, and drawing in chalk on the side walk. Dinner, along with every other meal here is fabulous. We eat in the UCSB dorm center, but their food DOES NOT taste "Dormy" they have a plethera of options including vegitarian and vegan options. Most of which are cooked to order right in front of you. Aside from the fact that all 7 children under 3 had not had naps and were letting it be known quite loudly, it was a great time. The welcome show was way cute and the kids immediately fell in love with their counselors. Our family won the award for biggest family at the FVC with a wopping 25 people. (Another family won the dinasaur award because they have been coming back every year for 21 years- this place is that great!) At 7:45 when Jaxon went to meet his counselors and stay just for half hour to get to know them, I thought there was no way it would fly, he was exhausted. WRONG! He flew out of our arms into the "Buggy" giant red and white striped stroller for 12, and off to the Small World he went. We went to get him half hour later, he saw us and ran hollering "NO GO NO GO!!!" the other direction, and I got to the "Ball box room" just in time to see him go barreling into the side and do a 360 degree flip in. (Not intentional...) he went down at 8:20, and it is now 8:40 AM on Sunday and he has not made a PEEP! I have even gone in to check on him a few times just to make sure he is breathing! Just to let you know how good the food is... For breakfast I had a made to order egg-white omlette with Peppers, Onions, tomatoes and ham, a hot out of the oven banana muffin, and half of a waffle that I made on one of their many waffle irons! DELISH!!! Today's agenda was going to include church, but since Jaxon is still sleeping, and Dave just got to go to breakfast, we may not make it. (the family just left without us, and JAxon is still snoozing!)We also have a family BBQ, the family carnival, and then the kids go to their clubs while the adults have a fancy dinner at the faculty club, and then go to "casino night!" HURRAY FOR VACATION!!! More updates to come!

"Like a Fish out of Water..."

OR....like a fairly young and energetic fish in the rest-home of extremely old and cranky fish.
Let me explain...all summer my mom has been asking, begging, bribing (etc) me to come with her to HER water aerobics class called "SILVER FLIPPERS" Silver-for the color of everyone's hair, and for the type of currency they probably used in the barter system when they were growing up, and Flippers-for the type of flotation devices needed for this crew to not sink straight to the bottom of the pool. (Let me insert right here that my very young 63 year old mother is also WAY out of her element in this class...I think it just must make her feel good to be in SUCH better shape than these other duffs...) She has been wanting me to come because she wants me to certify to teach this class because it would be WAY easier on my knees than Aqua Dynamic. Well, I was at least 3 quarters of a century younger than everyone in the water...and they ALL eyed me suspiciously when I got in the pool. My mom was beaming proudly, and did not see that this was going to go from bad to worse in a hurry. As we started warming up, the mantra that I chant to my own aqua class came to my mind, "In the water you can make it as hard or easy as you want, but if you don't get a good work out, it's your own fault!" So, I decided to make the best of a strange situation and really work hard. Within ten minutes of class starting, I was jumping and kicking my way straight to the olympics, quite proud of myself for working hard, when I looked around and noticed that I had AT LEAST (no joke here people) AT LEAST a 6 foot berth around me in every direction. EVERYONE had moved as far from me as possible and were now glaring daggers at me. I moved towards my mom and said, "I don't think I'm very polular in this class" She looked sheepishly around and whispered, "Ashley! You have to remember that most of these ladies go get their hair done once a week, and they won't thank you for splashing them! You need to tone it down!" That's it! My mother was officially embarrassed that she had brought me. I thought it was a bit of an exaguration (the whole hair-do thing) but about 20 minutes later we were doing a floating activity (sounds riviting, I KNOW!) and the teacher said, "Now Gertrude (or something to that effect)I know you get your hair reset tomorrow, so you just lay back and start floating!" Now that's not something you hear everyday! I kept my head down during the rest of the class, but getting out of the pool was another issue. OF COURSE, everyone needed to use the steps, and I saw no less than one cane and one walker waiting at the top of hte stairs. I hopped out the side like the renegade I had been labeled as, and my my mom said I was NOT welcome to come back with her anymore! I was honestly working every minute not to burst out laughing at the situation, and the only thing that probably kept me from it was the fear that one of my coworkers or managers would come in and wonder why on earth I was taking a Silver Flippers class.

Jaxon and Papa

Hands down, without question, Papa, or "Bampa" is Jaxon's number one all time favorite person! It doesn't matter what Papa is doing, Jaxon would rather be with him than anywhere else! Jaxon cries real tears when he leaves Bampa's arms, and I honestly don't know what is going to happen when they leave for China. I did a quick shoot (really quick- Jaxon's not much for sitting still these days...errr....ever...) with Papa and baby J, and boy do I love both of these guys!


(First scroll down and turn off my music so you can hear my little man singing in the mic!)

This is my first attempt at uploading video, but it does seem to be the hip thing to do... anyway, Jaxon wrote a special letter to Persephone and Doofer at Kids Club at the mall, and he and his cousin got to go up on stage and sing into the microphone and sing "The Wheels on the Bus" Anything Doofer related is top on Jaxon's all time favorite things, so we will be hearing about this for a long time. Jaxon's little voice singing over the phone PA system just did my mother heart good!!! Doofer also picked Jaxon up and carried him around a little and then set him on the stage for another song- here are some photos too! (don't mind the gym clothes....)

JAXON- The next American Idol!

He sure loves the Mic....

I like this one because it looks like Persephone is about to smack Jaxon!

He watched her intently the WHOLE time... This is when Doofer carried him up and sat him on stage!

When Chemical Burns are a good thing...

So, at the risk of boring most of you to death, this is what is going on in my life. As I have blogged my knees have been giving me serious grief to the point that I didn't know if I would be able to continue teaching Aqua. Well, on Tuesday I ran into a friend of mine from Aqua training and she said she sells (She is an Arbon (sp?) rep) an "all natural" icy-hot type cream. Well, I use icy-hot a lot, and I wasn't about to spend double on the "all natural" version...so I politely changed the subject. After my workout I saw her again and she MADE ME (I'm not kidding) put a pea-size dab on both knees. Within in 30 seconds I was SURE I was experience chemical burns on my legs ( I actually just said they were ON FIRE!!!!!, but Marie suggested that they may be chemical burns) anyway, this feeling ( along with an hot-icy chill) came and went throughout the day. Every time my knees sweated or got wet, it was burn-city all over again. Well, Tuesday is the night I teach, and at the end, my knees were surprisingly un-jacked. The next morning...FANTASTIC! They are feeling better than they have in quite a while. My two theories are that either:

1. It kept so much blood flowing to and through my knees that they didn't have time to swell, constrict, or do whatever it is that hurts so badly.
2. The burning was so painful that it took my mind right of the pain inside the knee.

Either way, I've ordered a tube of that fire-paste and I will be smelling like a retirement home for the unidentifiable future!

The one down-side to this is that I was unable to partake in one of my favorite past-times---the time honored SUPER HOT BATH!!! The water hit my knees and it was absolutely unbearable. Anyone who knows me, knows that it would take a near-death experience to keep me out of the tub...and it REALLY WAS THAT BAD! In fact, it kept me from the tub for a full 24 hours...

Is it sad?

Is it sad that the most interesting things that happen to me on a day to day basis are the funny things that Jaxon says? I know when he's 4 or 10, or 22, these things will no longer be funny, but the fact that my 2 and a half year old, who has only within the last 6 months started speaking in complete sentences, and still likes to look at his own dirty diapers (just giving some context on the mentality level) says these things to me just cracks me up. This is what he said in the car today-

J- "Where going Mommy?"

A- "Home"

J-"take a nap Mommy?"

A- "Not yet, but in a little while."

J- "No take a nap Mommy. MY bed too Dangeous"(Dangeous-not a type-0, just how he says it)

A- "What? Your bed is NOT too dangerous!" (As I'm totally laughing)

J- "Uh-Huh Mommy! Aligator under my bed! TOO DANGEOUS!"

We have been reading that book together ever since he fell in love with it at music makers, but what a funny kid to make the connection. I was of course laughing pretty hard, so Jaxon told me, "I'm funny! I call Papa, tell him my joke!" WHAT? Now he knows he made a joke? He is sure to outsmart me in the next 6 months...then what?

A few nights ago Dave brought this Surprise home for Jaxon. For anyone who has ever wondered where Jaxon gets his hilarious expressions...now you know!

Great to be in love

It's great to be head over heels in love with two different men...and have them both be totally fine with it. In fact, they love each other just as much! I love how Jaxon looks to Dave for his cues on EVERYTHING! If Dave laughs, Jaxon starts chuckling and AFTER the fact says, "Why laughing Daddy?" This weekend Jax refused to have anything to do with me, and wouldn't even let me get him out of bed. He said, "GO WAY MOMMY! GO GET DADDY!" As much as I adore the kid, this is weekend music to the mother's ear! They played all weekend and this morning Jaxon was very disappointed and a little confused when the, "Get Daddy" did not produce the desired results!

Dave and I got to go to the temple this weekend ( a MUCH MUCH overdue trip) and it was wonderful. We (I) have been shamelessly spending as much time (with Jaxon) at my parents house as possible, because they are his favorite people in the world, and they will be moving to China for ONE WHOLE YEAR in August. It is a tragedy (to me) that I can't face right now, but I want Jaxon to get as much quality time in as possible.
It's less than a week until we go to the Family Vacation Center and I am VERY EXCITED!!! The weather is Santa Barbara on the beach is always cool and refreshing, sunny with a nice ocean breeze. Last time we went Jaxon was only 5 months old and I was a neurotic post-partum first time mom, and Dave could only stay for 3 days. This time I AM READY TO PARTY!!!!


For all of you FANTASTIC photographers out there that read my blog, I have a question. Do you just carry your big ol' camera with you everywhere you go? I am always finding photo ops...swim lessons, Gr. and Gr. house, etc. but I haven't lugged the camera with me....since you never know, and I don't ever want to leave it in the hot car...what do you do?


Because I have nothing else to blog about, and I am still trying to think of some things for a "My Favorites" that my other favorite favorites haven't already blogged about, here are some little known, fairly useless facts about kissing-

1. Two out of every three couples turn their heads to the right when they kiss. (in case you were wondering, we are lefties here at the Rogers house!)

2. A simple peck uses two muscles; a passionate kiss, on the other hand, uses all 34 muscles in your face. Now that’s a rigorous workout! (no wonder I'm so buff! I JEST, I JEST!!!)

3. Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two lip impressions are alike.

4. Kissing is good for what ails you. Research shows that the act of smooching improves our skin, helps circulation, prevents tooth decay, and can even relieve headaches.

5. The average person spends 336 hours of his or her life kissing.

6. Ever wonder how an “X” came to represent a kiss? Starting in the Middle Ages, people who could not read used an X as a signature. They would kiss this mark as a sign of sincerity. Eventually, the X came to represent the kiss itself.

7. Talk about a rush! Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters in our brains as parachuting, bungee jumping, and running.

8. The average woman kisses 29 men before she gets married. ( I always knew I would find something at which I was above average!!!)

9. Men who kiss their partners before leaving for work average higher incomes than those who don’t.

10. The longest kiss in movie history was between Jane Wyman and Regis Tommey in the 1941 film, You’re in the Army Now. It lasted 3 minutes and 5 seconds. So if you’ve beaten that record, it’s time to celebrate!

These are the times to remember...

Nothing huge or super exciting...just Jaxon, Dave, and I laying on the floor in Jaxon's room singing songs before bed. Jaxon can sing along with most of "I love to see the temple" and "Nephi's Courage." It just struck me as such a simple pleasure that I take for granted too often- I really love those boys.
Also, this is what Jaxon said to me in the car today-
"NO NO Drive car mommy! You too Dangeous" (not a typo- that's just how he says Dangerous) Let's be honest, if there is anyone in the family who is a "Dangeous" driver...it IS NOT HIS MOTHER... I will leave it at that!

Same subject, different Day

Tuesday night means video update! Tonight's class went well...on any other night I would say it went fantastic, but with the video camera rolling, every little thing counts! The good news is that I DID NOT fall again. The bad news is that I had a couple of choreography blips... my manager did give me the tentative thumbs up but said she needed to review the tape before she decides. I'm much less emotionally tied to this one, and I had 36 people in the pool (for which I am now getting paid!!!) so I'm cool either way. One problem I am now incuring is serious knee pain. I have ALWAYS had bad knees, but it is getting worse. Before I make any rash decisions, I am going to give it one more month, but what a bummer to come this far and...well...let's not talk about that yet! But, this little guy is become my new best friend and constant companion....

Thank you BABY WISE!

Let me give a little background information-

From the moment Jaxon was born, I did a sleep training program with him called Baby Wise...
Right now there are any number of reactions, including, but not limited to, "She's Satan's Spawn" ,"She must HATE her children", "WOW-She's a genius" "Interesting, That takes A LOT of work!" or "What the heck is Baby Wise?" None the less, thanks to Baby Wise, Jaxon is, and has always been a sleeper! He loves his bed, room, sleep time, etc! So, having made a SHORT story LONG, here is the story behind the post. At 11:30 today when Jaxon finished lunch, he put his bowl in the sink and yelled "NAP TIME!" and headed for the stairs! Normally his nap time is 12 or 12:15, and I didn't want him to go down so early because I tutor from 12:30 to 1:30 and need him to sleep through it. I offered Ice cream AND watching Shrek to keep him awake but he said, "NO! Nap time!" I pulled out a few of his favorite books, which he did sit down and read with me. After each "the End" he would slam the book and yell, "NAP TIME!" We only made it through 4 books before he would be appeased no longer. At 11:50 he was happily running up the stairs! He didn't even want me to finish singing one verse of his favorite pre-nap song. He was practically jumping into the crib! On another heart warming note, I said, "Love you Jaxon" and he usually says, "Lubby!" (His version of I love you) but today he said, " I Lub you too Mommy" How cute is that?


( In the car)
......" I GOT MY MIND SET ON YOU...."
Ashley- "This song makes me happy, I'm going to add it to my blog"
Dave-...let's be honest...Dave doesn't say much...

(At home)
Ashley- "Do you remember the name of that song I wanted to add?"
Dave- "Nope"
Ashley- "I think it's by George Michael, I'll search for it!"
Dave- "okay"
Ashley; (in a sad voice) "No luck."

After I blow-dried my hair and came back to the computer I turned on my blog and guess what was playing??? When I left, Dave got on the radio station website and checked their playlist! Then he added it as the first song on my blog. Turns out it's by George Harrison, not George Michael. Such a little thing to do, but means so much. I sure love my sweety!

A little perspective goes a LOOOOONG way!

Thank you to everyone who commented so sweetly on my Tuesday night mishap, even if you were just trying to make me feel better...it worked! Especially thank you to Donnie, who left the following comment:
"For anyone who has made assumptions of what water areobics is, needs to take your class. I think I was actually sweating in the pool...is that possible?"
For anyone who doesn't know Donnie, she is about the fittest, most in shape, beautiful gal you ever met in your life! So coming from her, that is a HUGE compliment.
So anyway, I will be retaping next week. I watched the video myself, and I think it's just not professional to send it in with the fall. So, I am not making a big fanfair like last week, but of course, anyone who wants to come, now or EVER, please let me know! It's fun to come try, especially if you come with a friend!
There is one little piece of good news, my pay, and when it starts has been up for debate lately. Normally, no one would start teaching a class until they were completely done, video done etc. but they were in such need of aqua teachers that a couple of us got through the system and got a class before we were 100% passed off. Well, normally you aren't elligible for pay, until you are through with everything, but I finally got the word today that I am now getting paid, that includes Tuesdays class, which had 32 people!! ( I get a base pay, and then a small amount ($0.50) for every person in the pool, but hey, 32 people is $16 bucks on top of my base pay... I won't sneeze at it!!!
Okay, as for the rest of my life, (I do have an life outside of this drama right now, though my blog would seem to speak otherwise) we are great, happy, healthy, and busy! We are getting SO SO SO excited for our bi-annual Ferrell Family Reunion in Santa Barbara the first week of July. It's at the Family Vacation center, and is honestly the best vacation you could possible have with your kids. Every age group of kids has counselors that take them on the most fantastic adventures, games, food, crafts, etc. The Kids wake up begging to go (they have to eat breakfast with the family first) and CAN'T WAIT to get away. Then they go to bed dreaming off the wonderful adventures of tomorrow. Then we as adults have the whole day to play. It's at UCSB, and they set up tons of activities, or you can do your own, plus its a 5 minute walk to the beach. I am SO READY!!!! There will be 25 of us this year, and it's so fun to have the WHOLE family together!

What to say?

Well, tonight was my video, or should I say, my first video attempt. Let's start with the positives (I'm going to toot my own horn for a moment...keep reading to see why I need a good build up). My choreography was great, my cues were right on, and I think I added some fun personality to the class. Every single thing that I was worried could possibly go wrong (and that Dave gave me a blessing covering) went perfectly, honestly-the best it possibly could have! I had 32 people in the class, which I am almost certain is a gym record for the water!!! (THANK YOU THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME!!!) Now, for the part that I have cried about several times tonight...during the hardest song (track 6- cardio kickboxing) I was doing jumping kicks (this is NOT a granny class--Im telling you!!) Anyway, I came down on the side of my foot, and my options were 1. Sprain my ankle, or 2. Fall down so as not to put that much weight on the side of my foot. I chose option 2, and I was down for 4 beats. I jumped back up and didn't miss a move, I got right into what we were doing, make a quick joke to the class, and kept going. I didn't cry, I didn't get frazzled, I didn't lose where I was in the music, and I kept smiling. In my mind I kept thinking, "HEY! This is real life! I am teaching on a pool deck that has a huge crack down the middle, the surface is uneven, and IT IS WET from splashed water! Everybody falls...its what you do after that fall that counts!" So I kept going becuase what else was I going to do with 32 people in the pool? And I didn't just plod on...I had fun, I did it right, and I accomplished my goals. Well, after class I talked to the manager who was taping, and she said she didn't think we could send the tape in. Needless-to-say, I was, and am crushed. I know it's not THAT big of deal, and I can tape again next week, but it really sucks that I worried, and practiced, and lost sleep over all the things I needed to do right, and I did them ALL, and it's still not good enough. The manager that taped me is fairly new, and is going to review the tape with the other manager. If they say "We aren't sending it in", then I'm retaping next week. If they say, "It's up to you," I am still not sending it in. If they say, "We think you should still send it in", then obviously I will, but I'm not holding my breath. Alas, everything happens for a reason, so what is the reason for this?

It is now an hour after I wrote the above section and I have been laying in bed unable to sleep. And I think it has come to me- It happened because, "It's what you do after the fall that counts." That's just it. I won't "go all gospel," but that is the lesson I am going to take from this. Now I ask myself the question, why did I need to learn this lesson right now? What is happening, or going to happen, that I will need this lesson for? Yikes...I'll keep you posted...

Passing along a good thing...

I just saw this on my dear friend Christi's blog, and had to pass along a good thing when I saw it! Delta has Round trip tickets to SLC this weekend for $138....yes that's right, round trip for $138...so if you need to jant to Utah...wedding, long lost relatives, mental health break from children etc...NOW'S THE TIME!!! (And here's the link) http://www.delta.com/booking/travel/reservations/specres/index.jsp?fare=PHX,SLC,79,2008Jun14,2008Jun17&Log=1&MkCpgn=EM080614Milesnon

(for the record, you'd probably spend that much in gas just running your regular route and errands here in town, so GO FOR IT!!!)

Out of the mouth of babes...

Here are a few of my recent favorite Jaxon-isms

Need put dough-ordinance in my arm-pips.

(The song Follow the prophet)
Follow the "paw-fit"....he knows "the flute",
Follow "the pawfit"....don't go "away"!

(In Nephi's courage song..)
Nephi was "outrageous", this was his reply (instead of courageous)

Wanna play basket-hoop

Ready or Not...

The time has come, I am making my Aqua video. I would love for anyone and everyone to come, because the more familiar faces and names in the pool, the easier it is for me! I am trying not to freak out too much about it, because if worse came to worse and I (or management) wasn't completely happy with it, I would just make another one...I don't really need to worry until my final copy goes to France for evaluation...then I can start freaking out!
A few questions answered here for anyone who MIGHT want to come:
1. It's free!
2. Yes, you do have to be in a bathing suit, but board shorts or t-shirts are welcome.
3. YOU WILL NOT BE IN THE THE VIDEO! The camera is mounted on the ceiling OVER the pool, and only gets me on the deck, you will be there for fun and moral support!
4. You can get a great, or an easy workout, and no one can tell the difference because all the work you are doing is under the water! SO- if you want to come just for fun, you can. And if you want to come to work, YOU CAN!
5. It is easy on joints (for injured persons) and great for pregnant women!
6. Teenage/tweenage daughters (and hey, why not? Sons) are welcome to come with you, their parent!


Let me know if you are planning on coming, so I can leave your name at the front desk for them to let you in for free. It is this coming Tuesday at 6pm. (there is a kids club that is $3 a child if you want/need to bring them.

Help a sista' out!

If you don't see your name at the side of my blog in the links section, will you leave a comment with your info so I can re-link you? Some got lost in translation!


Okay, many people have been asking about my sweet new blog layout, and I cannot even begin to say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! My good friend and web-designer extraordinaire Lauryn VanRooy did it for me!!! She also designed the awesome layout of my photo website, http://www.everydaylovephotography.com/, and then coordinated the whole thing to my photo blog http://www.everydaylovephotography.blogspot.com/ (yes that is shameless advertising, but also you can click on the link easily to see Lauryn's great work!) She also designed the cutest dang business card for me that you have ever seen, and got me a smokin' deal! They have a pink back, they are thick and shiny, and they have rounded corners---they really stand out in a crowd!!! She also designed the website of our good friend Marie. Lauryn is in the web design and general digital design business, and she is STELLAR at what she does!! Her creativity is astounding, (I NEVER NEVER NEVER say what I would like, because it would seriously stifle her creativity, I let her roll, and I am NEVER disappointed!) her work is fast and professional, and she keeps all her web designed sites running as smooth as can be! If you have ANY (I MEAN ANY) design needs, go to her website at http://www.very-inviting.net/ I can promise that she will deliver some seriously awesome goods, and you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! Can you tell that I think LAURYN ROCKS!!?!?!?!

(this is Lauryn at her recent birthday party, looking fantastic with her new blond locks!)


So, today was quite the day for little Mr. Jaxon. And might I add before I tell the story, that none of these things were done with any ill-intent...but YIKES! This afternoon Jaxon had a shower at my parents house, and then ran downstairs because he loves to yell, "I'm a nakey J-bird!!" So he was showing off for my mom running around naked! (great habit to be starting...running around naked to show off...I KNOW!) anyway, we never let him run naked at our house, but gramma's house, gramma's rules! So he was enjoying his clothing-free romp and even ventured outside. He came back in and after about 10 seconds yelled, "MOMMY WOOK!!!" So I looked, and Jaxon had done 3 separate "droppings" on his way in. Luckily (if there is any luck in this situation) all of these 3 spots were on the tile, and he hadn't gotten any on himself. He did say, "I don't like those stinkers!" While I was frantically cleaning everything up. Obviously the next step after throwing away this bag of "stinkers" (in the outside garbage can) would be to put a diaper on this kid. Well, on my way back into the kitchen, I see Jaxon happily and with great amazement watching himself tinkle on the tile! This time he said, "WOOK MOMMY! I MADE WATER!" Okay, so round two of frantic clean up began, and I again took the offensive bag outside. I was on my way inside to put a diaper on Jaxon when Amber (my sister) and her 3 little ones came in. Honestly, I probably only looked away for 10 seconds (this is every mother's excuse right?) turn around, and jaxon has done 2 more small piles, this time on the carpet, right next to his cousin Oakley. Here's the rundown, Jaxon stepped in it, (also had it on his leg) then tracked it on the tile, Oakley stepped in it, but had sandles on, and then stopped moving. My mom got the sandles off Oakley, and I picked Jaxon up under his armpits and ran him outside. I hosed him off, (much to his great joy, this whole ordeal was pretty funny to him) Ran inside, picked up, scrubbed off, and sprayed carpet cleaner on the carpet. Wouldn't you know that by the time this was done, there was one more small puddle on the tile? I AM NOT KIDDING! My mom can vouch that this entire scenerio really happened. I think I almost had a nervous breakdown worrying about her house, but she wasn't concerned in the least...after raising 4 boys of her own, she said this was all par for the course! Jaxon has been eating a lot of fruit lately, but I have no idea how someone that little could store that much in his body! (I warned you it was gross!)

A Conversation...

Mommy: "Jaxon, who are you going to marry?"
Jaxon: "In the temple mommy?"
M: "Yes, who are you going to marry in the temple?'
J: "Jesus!"
M: "That would be nice, but you can't marry Jesus, you have to marry a girl."
J: "A gerr mommy?"
M: "Yup, a girl!"
J: "Okay Mommy, I marry Doofer!!"

Doofer is the man dressed as a giant prairie dog at singing time at the mall...and I'm not sure on the current rule about prairie dogs in the temple...