Goodbye sweet Soda- Parting is such sweet sorrow

This year I am celebrating/hating/observing/suffering through LENT. I'm not Catholic, but giving up something for 40 days to try to better yourself, well that sounded like a good idea... a few days ago.

Clearly I thought that before the withdrawls set in. Oh and the caffeine shakes, those are awesome too. No seriously, It is really hard, and I want a Diet Dr. Pepper with easy ice and a squirt of cherry (from Sonic) like nobody's business, but I'm surviving. I'm adding it to the list of hard, slightly to extremely, painful things I've done that are for my own good, and that I feel good about once they are done.
My master plan is that in 40 days I will be clear of the strangle hold that said bubbly deliciousness has held over me...and that a new, ridiculously skinny/buff body will prove that it was actually Diet Dr. Pepper holding me back all these years!!!

And then I will quite that amazing/awful stuff for good.

But if by some very small chance only one of the two above scenarious happens, I'm hoping to still kick the habit.

Wish me and this headache luck!