Easter this year was just great! The weather was perfect, and the cherry on top was that Dave's parents came down for the long weekend and celebrated with us! On Saturday the Easter bunny brought some sweet baskets, and on Sunday we focused on the resurrection of our Savior!
Our ward had an awesome Easter egg hunt at a home right around the corner. They have lots of property and it was set up like a little carnival, just perfect for the kids! They had fresh juice from the groves, Krispy Kreme donuts, and Costco muffins- talk about a feast!
 Jaxon's age group got to hunt for eggs in the Orange grove, and most of Jaxon's finds were up hiding in the branches! 
Then Jaxon decorated a cupcake, had his face painted, and played with his friend Makenna.  Cooper just enjoyed the scenery, and drank some blood orange juice from a cup! It was messy, but he loved it!
Cooper LOVES peaking under Dave's hat to see him. He also LOVES chewing on the brim of Dave's hat.  He does that whenever Dave asks for a kiss because he has quickly learned that Dave's whiskery face is TOO SCRATCHY!!!

My two bigs guys! I love these guys to death, and if you've ever wondered where Jaxon and Coop get their gorgeous eyes...wonder no more!

Drooly Coop man and Grandma! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

My sweet little rabbit.  How many more years do you think this kid will want to have his face painted like a bunny, and THEN do a bunny impression for a picture? I'm thinking not long, so I had to capture it now. Be still my heart....

Makenna is Jaxon's best buddy in the ward. She is in his primary class, lives in our neighborhood, and also goes to Franklin. They have lots in common and love to play together!

And last but not least this is my little man on the way to have his picture taken with the Easter bunny. It's a real racket they're running there! You can't take your own pictures...believe me, I tried...and everytime I put my camera up the Easter Bunny COVERED COOPER'S FACE WITH HIS DARN BIG FLUFFY HAND!  Seriously...what a crock!