Cooper- 4 months

Our Sweet Cooper is almost 5 months...but these pictures WERE taken right around 4 months.  Now that we are in the new house, I finally have my pictures, AND internet on the same computer. Boy will that make blogging easier!
  It's hard to remember all the things I have loved about Cooper at this stage, becuase he has been sick for two weeks straight. He shoots snot rockets everytime he sneezes, and blows snot bubbles everytime he breathes. His eyes are red and watery and he whines or cries pretty much non-stop.  He snores like a bear, even when he's awake, because he's so congested! Just keepin' it real!  ;o)
In case you don't believe me- please see exibits A, B, and C below-

 But let's see- he adores Jaxon.  If Jaxon is in range, Coop will twist his head/neck/body around to see him.  And I HAVE GOT to get Jaxon talking to Coop on Camera, because it is hysterical!  Jaxon talks in  high HIGH pitched voice with a CRAZY look on his face which I know HE thinks is a smile, but actually looks like he is grimacing in serious pain! (Cooper seems to love it, so I guess he doesn't mind)
  Coop can roll to his belly from his back both ways, and has rolled from his back to his belly once!  He smiles a lot (When not sick) and chuckles occassionally, but has not started belly laughing yet.  We just moved him from the 1-2 Costco diapers to the 3's and they pretty much wrap around him twice!   He loves when you hold his hands and let him pull to standing, and then LOVES to stand up and look around!  He still hates to have his feet covered, and will kick any blanket or covering right off them.  As soon as he is well we are going to stop swaddling him, and stop going in at night when he cries (to give him his paci back) . The pediatrician says it's time to stop, and to just pull the bandaid off all at once!  he loves to suck on any part of his hand or finger, or anyone else's that he can get to his mouth.  He loves to chew on his bottle nipples on the sides of his mouth, like he is just gnawing on them!
 Here are some pictures for your viewing picture, of before the sickness turned by sweet HANDSOME boy into a disaster!!!

Can I just say that the reason I love this next picture, even though it is slightly out of focus, is Cooper's FOOT!  He has big ol' feet like Dave and can spread his toes out just like Dave too! I love seeing that!

PS- Come back sweet happy Cooper, COME BACK!!!!