Girls camp picture slide-show

Unless you know these girls, you won't be interested in this montage...Robin, this is mostly for you- we miss you!!!!


Not my own of course! My dad is semi-retired, getting closer to the real-deal all the time, and seems to spend a lot of his time finding/doing/buying fun things to do with/for his grandkids! Here are his two latest purchases~! Jaxon's cousins can't steer very well, but we pull the wheel all the way to the left and tell them just to hold on so the "vehicles" drive in circles. (Jaxon does get a lot of whiplash from the stops and starts) Dad is now on the hunt for a full size 4-wheeler so he can drive them around (he exceeds the weight limit on these bad boys) and also a "surrey" a 4 person bicycle with a I love retirement. He just got Jaxon a set of toddler size tools so they can work in the yard together.


Not the most flattering picture, but considering the activity involved.... what can you expect? FYI- that is me with an empty mouth, showing that no legs, wings, guts, etc are left in my mouth! (Tasty!) and the "bucket of death" for those poor little crickets.

My wonderful water baby

Since it is about a million degrees here, its a good thing baby J loves the water. Here are a few of my favorite shots~
This first one is my favorite, it is at VVL clubhouse

These next few are at the splash-pad at the zoo. We looked at animals in the petting zoo for about 15 miuntes, and splashed with our friends Sheryn and Gavin for about 45!

"..pride goeth before the fall..."

Yet another statement that proves the bible must be true!!! Pride was my downfall this week at girls camp, and it was the reason that I ate 3 live crickets! Yes, its true, I did say "3" I did say "LIVE" and I did say "CRICKETS"!!!! The whole story is too long to type, but the boiled down version is that I can't backdown from a challenge, no matter how ridiculous! And...for the record...all three crickets were eaten at lightening speed and my opponents were crushed!!! (So, I guess something good came of the whole situation!!!) Anyway, camp was so fun, and boy did I feel like a kid again...that is until all the "kids" I was trying to keep up with could still walk and lift their arms by the end of camp, and I was hobbling around with bruises, torn jeans, a gash in my arm, and a major stinks to realize that you're not as young as you used to be! We took tons of great photos, here are afew, but I don't have any cricket photos yet!

When we're helping we're happy...

there is nothing Jaxon loves more than "helping" grandpa. They are definately friends for life.

Surprise Success!

Dave's surprise party for passing the CPA exams was a huge success. Family came down from Vegas, and I told so many lies to cover up what was going on...they were just rolling off my tongue right and left (should I be worried...???) anyway, I forgot to take many pictures at the actual event, but everything went perfectly! HURRAY!!!

Baby Jaxon


Girls camp is next week, and I have to show off our Ward Flag ( we are the Hawes Ward Heroes) and our poster, representing our "Woman of Honor"- the Woman at the well. Both were made by Robin the Great (refer to her blog Robins Ramblings for more interesting info!) I am actually really excited about camp, dispite the rediculous heat (Cabins with no AC) and the new nocium bug, which when it bites you, leaves a huge welt, and a crazy itchy rash! SUPER!!!