My 2009 Word of the Year

My friend Ashley did this last year, and I thought it was such a good idea. She picked a WORD for the year, something all encompassing to work on and work towards. I have thought long and hard about my word, and I have chosen- BELIEVE. These are the things I am going to work on believing-

Believe that there is a plan for me, greater than I can understand, and better than I could plan for myself, and act accordingly-be grateful.
Believe that it is MY choice to be happy- and continue to BE HAPPY.
Believe in myself and my goals- they are worth the work and I am capable of achieving them.
Believe that people mean well- Look for the good, Give the benefit of the doubt, and don’t second guess.

Have a happy 2009, you better BELIEVE that I will!!!!

Awesome : Not Awesome

I've seen Awesome: Not Awesome on my friend Jill's blog, and it always cracks me up so here is my version-

AWESOME: Jaxon has a really sweet pair of blue/green/white argyle socks.

NOT AWESOME: I wore them for a whole day in Vegas thinking they were mine, until the end of the day when I noticed that the heel kept slipping down a little and realized they were in fact, not my socks.

Dave always teases me that he cannot tell the difference between mine and Jaxon's socks once they are folded...I guess he's more right than I would like to admit!

"...I'll Focus, I PROMISE!"

Me: Jaxon, do you want to go to a Childrens Museum?
Jaxon: "Please Mommy!? I"ll focus, I promise! I'll be a good listener too!

Have I really told Jaxon to "focus"?? many times that he is no repeating it back to me? YIKES!

Happy Anniversary to ME!

Today is 6 years of wedded bliss! Okay, maybe it's not ALL bliss, but I couldn't have married a better fella'! Dave is Kind and good, never raises his voice, has a killer sense of humor, he's smart and he's handsome! I really lucked out! We traveled all the way to Vegas, and yet we are going to "The Mesa Grill" to celebrate! It is actually more exciting than it sounds-- It is at Ceasar's Palace, and it is Bobby Flay's restuarant (for any food network junkies) Dave got taken there a by a client a while back while doing some work here is Vegas and he LOVED IT! So thanks to my in-laws, yesterday we got to go to the temple and do sealings with my FIL as the sealer, and tonight we get to go out for a hot date! HURRAY! Tomorrow it's back to real life...booo....

Quick Christmas pictures

...Not because there is a lack of pictures, because believe me, there is NOT, it's just we are still in Vegas with no way to upload.
Christmas Eve we went to the Rogers family dinner and program, and it was really cool. Jaxon got to be a wise man, and he was so darling. He walked right up to Mary, handed her the gift, and stood staring at her for the rest of the program (which is better than the other two wise men who got in a wrestling match over a pacifier!) It brought tears to my eyes, to see Jaxon so big and involved.
After we got home and got Jaxon to bed, we did our tradition (second year makes it a tradition) of watching ELF while putting together toys. Jaxon's tool bench was a HUGE hit! Since it was from Santa it wasn't wrapped. Christmas morning he refused to dump out his stocking or open any presents because he was too enthralled with his bench. After he mellowed out he opened his presents from Gr. and Gr. Rogers- a hard hat, goggles, a chainsaw, and a jackhammer! Jaxon is in heaven, and just runs from one toy to the other, as far as Jaxon is concerned, it was a "Man's Man" Christmas. We had a great lunch with Dave's two younger sisters, Mel and kim, and their spouses and children. Then we lounged, ate, napped, ate, and ate. After Jaxon's nap we went to Dave's older sisters house to see their family- (5 daughters!) Jaxon was in TOY HEAVEN! They had gotten a Wii and guitar hero, and boy was it fun! We are continuing to lounge, eat, and play my BIL's Wii and are having a fantastic time! It won't be so fun to go back to real life, but I guess that is what makes vacations/ holidays so fun and special!

Oh yes, and Jaxon only lasted one day with the PNP turned over on him. He crawled out from under this morning (he is stronger than we gave his credit for) and tried to use it to crawl up on the washer again. The straps (by straps, I mean Ductape) holding the PNP up snapped and the whole thing we heard him and ran in. Uncle Andy and Dave rigged up a new device- a large comforter over the top of the pack and play, strapped on with several rachet straps that go ALL the way around the pack and play...we put Jaxon in, put the blanket over the top, and then strapped them all in place! In Jaxon's defense, I don't think he's TRYING to be naughty by getting out, it's just that every time we present him with a new challenge, he accepts it, and RISES to the occasion magnificiantly!!

(not so) Good morning 5:10 am

Yup, that's what time Jaxon was out of his p-n-p and making mischief this morning. He still can't get out of the laundry room door, but that doesn't stop him from finding trouble. This morning he had all his clothes in the washer (again) and we woke to a Crash, then a yelp (just like yesterday) but this time the cry was cut off immediately. I ran in there, and Jaxon met me at the door with, "Don't worry mom. I got my own thumb out this time!" I'm glad at least that he thinks I was more worried about his thumb, than mad for him doing all that again. Later, my MIL was doing some laundry and said, "Ashley, please tell me that YOU got this water bottle out of the cupboard...?" UH, what? So, Jaxon has apparently been climbing UP ONTO the washer and dryer and playing in the cupboards. Luckily he is obsessed with spray bottles, because there were also such things as bleach, laundry soap, spray and wash, etc.
So, we have resorted to the last resort--we have turned the p-n-p over on him so he is truly in a cage. We put the mattress on the floor and rigged the top part over our defense, Jaxon thought it was hilarious, and a real treat to sleep like that! And also in our defense, Jaxon has been C-R-A-N-K-Y while we have been here because he has NOT (obviously) been sleeping well, and right now, we are currently at 3 and a half hours of CAGE NAP!!!! YEESSSSSSS!!!!! Caroling last night was a success, and Jaxon loved it, even though he just stood quietly holding Papa's hand. This morning we froze to death and walked a little more than a mile to the temple to get some of Jaxon's energy out. We walked all around the LV temple (soooo beautiful, by the way) and then the mile home. When we got back Jaxon was shaking and his teeth were chattering, but he was TIRED....again I say....YEEEESSSSSS!!! Tonight we are off to the Extended Rogers Family dinner and program where Jaxon will be one of several wise men...uh....we'll see how that goes!

Sad...but kind-of deserving...

Here in LV Jaxon is sleeping in a pack-n-play in my in-laws laundry room. We thought it was great because while Jaxon CAN climb out of the p-n-p, he CANNOT open the door of the laundry room, because it sticks...problem solved right? WRONG! Today, 45 minutes after Jaxon was put down for his nap (ie- should have been asleep for about 45 minutes) I hear a crash and loud wailing coming through his monitor. I went into the laundry room to find Jaxon with his thumb stuck in the door of the washer..but WAIT! The best part is that his pillow, and ALL his clothes were also in the washer, becuase according to him, "They were too dirty to wear." The question is, how did he get all that stuff into the washer so quietly in the first place???

Las Vegas Fun

(before I get to the LV fun, I have to share something funny that happened when we went and saw the temple lights in AZ-
Dave: Jaxon, do you want to go see baby Jesus?
Jaxon: Umm,...Well...King Harrod gonna be there???
(Jaxon is enthralled and disturbed by the Living Scriptures and Harrod wanting to kill ALL the baby boys!)

We are absolutely LOVING our time here in Vegas! It is so relaxing to be with loved ones, and not at your own house where you have so many responsibilities!
We got in Sunday evening and had a delicious "Christmas dinner" with several of Dave's siblings and their families. It was a crazy, chaotic time, and it was wonderful! We decided that everyday we would do at least one family/Christmas activity, so Monday after everything settled down a little, I took Kim and Dustin's (Dave's sis and husband) family pics at the temple. (The LV temple has some GREAT photo spots!) and then we went to the BELLAGIO to see the water show! Jaxon was ENTHRALLED!!! It was so neat to see it with him! The first set we saw He watched from Dad's arms, and then we went in and saw the gardens- gorgeous! The second water show he got to enjoy from the vantage point of Grandpa's shoulders, you never saw a happier kid. Jaxon has a special place in his heart for his Papa's, and they love it! Today (Tuesday) we are going to decorate Gingerbread houses with cousins, and then decorate Sugar cookies. Tonight we are going to go caroling (I'm excited because Ive never been!) and delivering those sugar cookies! Wed. is a huge family Christmas Eve. dinner with all of Dave's cousins/aunts/uncles in the area. I am loving LOVING LOVING this holiday!

Last Post for now

We are leaving out of town for two weeks, so this will be the last post with pics for a while. Enjoy us at the Christmas lights at the temple (Jaxon and Daddy enjoying some hot chocolate!), the ward Children's party doing crafts, and Jaxon in his Christmas outfit! (Grandma and Grandpa, these are mostly for you!)

Jaxon and A Homeless guy...errr...Santa!

I’m gonna be honest, the Santa at SS Mall this year looks more like a skinny, mangy, homeless guy, than Santa…but in his defense, he was really nice to Jaxon. They talked all about the tool set Jaxon wanted, and Jaxon was happy as a clam!
There's a sign up at the desk where you pay for pictures that says you aren't allowed to take your own pictures...uh...WHAT? I was about to make a stink when I asked about it, but the girl said, "Yeah, that's what the 'new management' says, but they're not here, and we couldn't care less!...You don't even have to buy any pictures!" So I didn't. They let Jaxon have 3 or 4 minutes with Santa and nobody hurried us along, it was great!
Jaxon meets Santa...

Jaxon and Santa discussing his tool set...

You have to agree with me, this guy is a little (read: LOT) dodgy looking...

Jaxon feeling to see if Santa's beard is real- it is...

Santa feeling to see if Jaxon's beard is real...not appreciated!


(Seriously, those eyes! Are you dying???)

I told you there were more coming! I love these photos of Jaxon! Every single one is SOOOO him...from his eyebrow scowl, to his devilish grin, and everything in between! Thanks again Ashley, LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! This is what Christmas is all about--pure unadulterated happiness, all over a CANDY CANE!!! (We visited the mall today...Santa pictures to come!)

Who are you chunky child? And what did you do with skinny little Jaxon?

"It's beginning to look a LITTLE like Christmas"

Well, we kinda dropped the ball on Christmas this year, what with being super busy, super sick, and in/out of town. We got our lights up right away (thanks Dave and Ryan) but our tree still remains sans ornaments. We got some cute decor up, and most of it has sentimental value. I have come to learn with Dave that we will never have a "classy Christmas"...Christmas is so special to Dave-- all decor, ornaments, etc should be homemade, from the heart, and as tacky as possible! (and yes, Dave IS wearing his 25 days of Christmas socks...adding to his collection this year a pair that are motion-sensored light ups!!) Anyway, some of the most special decorations to me are the ones that my mom painted. She was a huge toll-painter back in the day, but had to stop when she had her brain tumor, and has never been able to start again. I now treasure everything that she made. Here is our Snowman Village, with many items from mom-

Jaxon loves the nose on this one (made by mom)-

These two are little puzzle pieces which Jaxon takes apart and (attempts) to put back together several times a day! (made by mom)

This set of Carollers represents my family growing up, my four brothers, my sister and I, and my parents!

I thought this was very cute. This is Dave's present from Jaxon, and I let Jaxon sign his own name! (Is it ghetto to write directly on the present without a tag? Oh well...)

And one last tidbit- this is when Jaxon got into my lip STAIN (yes that's right, not lipstick, LIP-STAIN!) It was heck to get off, but pretty cute on! And bonus- not a speck on his white shirt!

A while back...

About a month and a half ago I was busy busy with another launch at the gym. We launch all new music and team up and teach at each other peoples classes to make it a party! For that one week we get to dress out of our format colors (I normally have to wear white, black, or light blue, or any combo of the three..) anyway, here is our last launch team. It was really fun and our theme was Tropical nights, because that went with the new music! (the black things around our wiasts are mic belts and NOT a fashion statement!)

(these pics were taken on a phone, so not the highest of quality...)

A different Rx...

THE FLU SUCKS! Time table-

1. my sister's baby is sort of sick, she thinks he may have just eaten something bad, and we still play together.

1. I wake up feeling fine
2. My sister is Sick as a dog, her husband (who is law school) is ordered to leave the house so he doesn't catch the flu for finals, and I go over to help with her kids while she sleeps it off the best she can.
3. During my afternoon photoshoot I sweat like crazy and don't feel very well...chalk it up to not really eating anything all day.
4. The drive to Dave's work party in Scottsdale is torture, and the minute we get out of the car, I puke, and puke, and puke again.
5. I throw up several more times during the next hour and a half, (several women in the bathroom discuss loudly whether the person throwing up in the stall is pregnant, or has already drank to much!)
6. Dave quickly scarfs both of our filet mignon dinners down, and we leave before dessert or Casino night (boo hoo- we gave away our "2000 dollars")

1. I sleep all day
2. Jaxon throws up 3 times, once during the prayer while our hometeachers were here...pretty funny in retrospect. ( I just heard it from upstairs, as I was not well enough to be around the home teachers)
3. Dave avoids me like the plague.

1. Dave has to go to work, and whether or not I am better, or Jaxon is better, I am back on Mom duty.

WORD TO THE WISE- WATCH OUT! This thing moves fast! Luckily it seems to move out fast too, but YIKES!


Yesterday Jaxon had his appointment with a physical therapist and his appointment with a pediatric othopedic specialist. The news is good! He has what's called "Idiopathic toe-walking" He has really flat feel, and poor muscle development in his legs and core, all of which lead to, and also stem from toe walking. We have to do physical therapy with him at home everyday to strengthen his core (no, he won't be doing baby crunches...but he still doesn't like it!) and he has to wear a special type of tape on the front of his leg from mid-calf to right before his toes. It pulls up on his foot just a tad bit to remind him to walk with his feet flexed instead of pointed. He also needs a pair of (very expensive) orthodic shoe insoles. So, we were happy to find out that he doesn't have any of the other issues that often go along with toe-walking like tactile issues and signs of autism. It's very treatable, and the earlier found, the better. So, that is an early Christmas present for us, and such a weight lifted off my mind.
(I just grabbed both of these pictures off the internet..)
This is how we have to tape Jaxon's legs. The tape is blue too!

We have to get a regular exercise ball and do this with Jaxon. He should be able to balance on top with something in his hands (a snack or sippy cup) without having to lean way forward or hold on to the ball or our hands, while we tip the ball slightly forward and back, and side to side.

Darned if it didn't look like fun!

Yesterday my sister and her three Children (4,2, and 8 months) came over. Jaxon and Oakley (the 2 year old boy) are seriously TROUBLE with a capital "T" when they get together...all of a sudden, things that used to be naughty and scary become absolutely hilarious! I had quickly taken Amber upstairs to look at their family photos on the computer when Kalle (4) yells, "MOMMA!! AUNT ASHLEY!!! COME QUICK!! THE BOYS ARE BEING REEEEEEEEEEAAALLLY NAUGHTY!!!!!"
As I was running down the stairs as fast as I could, Oakley ran right past them (laughing hysterically), with some substance flying after him...kind-of like confetti. Not a second later Jaxon comes running behind him (also laughing hysterically), holding a Super size Tub of dry Oatmeal, throwing large handfuls at Oakley as fast as he can get his hand in and out of the tub. I yelled, "STOP!!!!" and everyone skidded to a hault. I told Jaxon to go immediately to sit in time out, (which he did with no protest...not normal) and I followed a large trail of outmeal back to the kitchen. I had just opened the tub that morning, so only enough for mine and Jaxon's breakfast had been missing. There was an obscenely huge pile in the kitchen, and the rest was in a trail to the stairway. Jaxon politely showed me that the tub was empty anyways, and thus said he wouldn't do it anymore. At that point, it was either laugh or cry, so I turned away so he wouldn't see me chuckle, because to be honest, It actually looked like a lot of fun to use a whole tub of outmeal as confetti... bright side? At least it wasn't applesauce!

Christmas Teaser

Saturday I took Jaxon over to the house of a VERY talented friend of mine, for a darling Christmas mini session. She posted this pic. as a sneak peak of things to come! I AM SO EXCITED! I think I going to start doing some mini sessions something like this for Easter for all you east-valleyers, so Thanks ONEHM for giving me the go ahead, and also for these awesome shots!

hello BANGS!!!

YAHOO!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to do this for a long time now, but have always worried about what people would think. To be honest, I'm just not really very cool, so I always thought, having cool looking bangs would make people think, "Who is she kidding? She's still ALMOST 30, and she's still NOT THAT COOL!" But guess what? I have recently entered the " WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK?" phase. Don't get me wrong, I still try to be nice and polite and all that jazz, but when it comes to me and my decisions, I make them according to what I want, and what I think is right, and not what others are going to think about it. If I want fun funky bangs, by gosh- I'M DOING IT! So I DID IT!
Rachel was very cute and such a good friend about it- both suportive and cautionary all at the same time. She wasn't totally convinced that I really wanted what I was saying I wanted, so she said she would cut them halfway there, and if I was shocked or disappointed, we could still fix them to be sweep to the side. I saw the half way, loved it, and was very excited to do something totally different, so I told her to snip away and start cutting the jags! She was grinning the whole time, and I'm hoping it was because she liked that I was stepping way out of my box...not that she thought I looked rather silly!
I know bangs are not THAT big of deal, but they are helping to usher in this new period in my, I will turn 30 in less than a month, so this is my fairwell to the 20's and sending them out in style!

Disney-Revisited: Magic- Restored

I get it. I apologize to all you people that I thought were a little off and weird for their obsessive love of going to Disneyland. I'm sorry, and now I get it.

I'll be honest, it's been a pretty tough couple of weeks. I almost cancelled our whole trip, if Jaxon hadn't already known about it, and talked about it 50 times a day. This is going to sound over-dramatic and possibly silly, but being at Disneyland honestly changed my outlook on a lot of things. It almost brought me to tears a few times being there with Jaxon. Everything looks different when you see then through the eyes of a two year old. Everything is beautiful, wonderful, amazing, and spectacular. Not just the rides, or the lights. There are the fences to climb on, the smiles shared with cousins, the wheels on the train car in front of you. The fake snow, the constant singing voices, the characters who live to hug and wave at you, and the laughter that just can't help but bubble, and bubble, and bubble. Jaxon found joy in everything around him, and thus, so did I. It brought a lot of things into perspective about happiness, and where you really find it. You don't need much to experience total bliss, and Jaxon reminded me of that.
As I read back, I see how sappy this post is sounding- and I can't even apologize, because it's true. We even got the see the Christmas Parade. Jaxon was ecstatic to see SANTA! I didn't know he really understood the concept of Santa yet, but I was dead wrong. Jaxon stood and waved at Santa and said to me several times, "HE SAW ME! HE WAVED AT ME MOMMY!!!" and when Santa said, "If you're good I'll come back with presents on Christmas Eve!" Jaxon looked at me with total wonder and said, "MOM! He came...and he said he's coming back!"
I will post more Disney pictures and California fun, but let me say something I never thought would come out of my mouth. One day with a small child at Disneyland is just not enough!"