Jaxon and Elise

Here are some more photos from Jaxon's sears shoot. The photographer was not what I would call "good" or even "mediocre" she just didn't understand toddler mentality...(should it worry me that I TOTALLY have toddler mentality???) This is Jaxon with his friend Elise. Before summer school and other crazy stuff, we would get together with them once a week for a play date! the only problem is, Jaxon really plays like a boy, and Elise plays like a girl...sometimes not so compatible!!!
Anyway, here are the best of the bunch.


This is Jaxon with bumble bear. This photo is not to great, but with some enhancements, it turned out pretty cute. Jaxon LOVES this bear! He lives for this bear! He cannot live WITHOUT this bear! It is a little nasty thing with arms barely attached (thats where he holds it), it has been thrown-up on more times than I can count on two hands. We have tried so hard to replace him with cuter, nicer toys, but Jaxon will not hear of it. He refuses sleep without bumble, and will YELL "UH-OH" from his crib if he accidentally (on purpose) drops bumble out. As in interesting side note, he got his name from a variation of "dumbly-dore" which is what Madam Maxime calls Dumbledore...if you're not a Harry Potter fan, don't worry about the fact that you don't know what Im talking about!

A day at the beach

You might ask yourself, where in Arizona is there such a lovely, kid-friendly beach? I, of course, have the answer. Val Vista Lakes beach pool!!! Perfect, sandy little play area, perfect for little ones becuase there are NO WAVES, and it is so shallow. Jaxon and his friend Gavin (born 5 days apart) scooped water and sand, splashed, and made general merriment for about an hour. At that time we decided their baby skin had had enough. I'm still wondering if Jaxon will ever get any semblance of a tan...time will tell I guess. His little cheeks turn a bright pink as soon as we get outside in the heat, but I don't think that counts!

Fun with Kodak Easy Share...

Summer days well spent

I wonder when (IF?) Jaxon will ever lose that creamy white skin...?!? Yes, Dave is quite pale, (OKAY...YES, Dave is extremely pale!!!) But there have to be some of my genes in there somewhere???

Nice shoes....

While on our weekend away, we forgot to leave Jaxon's moccasins. My mom called and said that she and my dad bought Jaxon, "The cutest little tennis shoes you ever saw!" Well readers, I will leave it up to you to decide if these are "the cutest you ever saw", or even "tennis shoes"...

Choc. cake and other fun tub stuff

I am so impressed by all my other friends blogs, I gotta figure out how to add all the cool stuff...but anyhow, its time for a new blog from us. Things have been busy but so fun lately! I am teaching summer school and loving every minute. Im teaching 5th grade at Franklin NE where I used to teach, and I really REALLY miss teaching. Im leaving Jaxon with one of my Laurels- Moriah - and she is the world's best babysitter, or Nanny as we call her this summer. It makes it really stress-free to leave Jaxon for 4 hours a day, knowing he is in good hands. I am also tutoring in the afternoons, so June will be a lucrative month...as far as otherwise unemployed, stay-at-home moms go!
My sis found a great vinyl lettering guy, and I had a bunch of stuff made that I have wanted to do forever but couldn't afford- I had 2 7-foot x 2-foot letterings done, one 3-foot by 1-foot, and one 1-foot x 1-foot. IT ONLY COST 20 DOLLARS!!!!!! Now I can also afford the wood and paint...not to mention some nice frames for some stuff I have been wanting to put up forever. I am using my tutoring money on whatever I want (teaching goes into the family account) so I am using in on House-beautification! We are also FINALLY having our backyard done. We are just having some curbing put in, and some sod, but Jaxon will have a place to play at last. I also ordered a really cool sprinkler toy from FAO schwartz to try out once the grass is in...GOSH... I feel like such an adult!
I have some really cute pictures of Jax and 2 cousins to post, but they were taken on my moms camera which didnt have its memory card in, and I cant find her upload cables. As a side note, a gross side note for the weak of stomach (consider yourself warned), they were all bathing becuase they were covered in chocolate ice-cream cake. Of course the tub water was nasty after we cleaned them off, but let them play none-the-less. Well, after about 10 minutes I started to notice that there was more Choc. cake than before...MAY-DAY!!! MAY-DAY!!! IT was NOT choc. cake, Jaxon had pooped in the tub. So we hustled he and his two cousins out, washed everything down, and then put them back in to re-wash...it was pretty funny, despite the fact that I was the designated fisher-outer... if you know what I mean!

The best Weekend Ever...in recent history

Finally, a blog not about Jaxon. Dave and I just got back from our "weekend Away" as it has been referred to during the 5 months of planning. Dave finished his last CPA exam on Thursday (his last as long as he passes...we are all hopeful since he passed his other 3 on the first try) and we rode off into the sunset on Friday morning! Oh what a glorious morning it was!
First of all, having my husband, who does not have a big, giant, life and work altering test over his head is amazing. This is the first time in our 4 and a half years or marriage that I have not been married to a student, or a "student of the CPA exam" that has to come home, and still study! WAHOOOOO!!!
friday morning we put Jaxon down for a nap at Grammie and Papa's and hit the road. First we went to the temple, and it was so peaceful, a perfect way to start the perfect weekend. Then we went to our hotel,a beautiful resort in Scottsdale, got situated, and then went to see Shrek 3. I wasn't too impressed with the movie, but hey, I didn't have to pay a babysitter or rush back home to a child. I also got to snuggle my honey the whole time. Then we went back to the hotel, rested, played some pool, and then went to dinner. We shared a meal at Claim Jumper, and got a piece of their crazy delicious 5 layer choc. cake to go. We enjoyed it in our room for the rest of the weekend. Sat. we got up around 8, went to breakfast at Village Inn, then went to see Pirates III at the Cine Capri. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. We had lunch at an awesome place called Ultimate Pita (or something like that) and it was delicious and healthy. We went back to the hotel, worked out for an hour, (felt great after all the junk food) and then swam for a little while. I could live in the pool, but Dave being so fair...not a huge fan. Then we rested some more and went to a place called Pizza Picazzo for dinner. It honestly has the best pizza I've ever tasted...WOW YUMMY!!! Then we went back to the hotel, rested, played some speed scrabble in the lobby, and watched a movie in the room. This morning we got up at 8 and just hung around until check-out. It was perfect, and relaxing, and such a great way for Dave and I to get reaquianted!!! As an added bonus...there was some sort of strange boom in the bunny population at our hotel and we saw 25 on Friday and 32 on Saturday...
I sure love my Davey J!!!
It was fun to get back to Jaxon, but of course, he still loves Grammie and Papa more, and wasn't all too thrilled to see us...oh well...one day he will realize how much he should love us!!