Saturday night...

Saturday evening here, and there is a lot on my mind. Thanksgiving, family, mine and Jaxon's trip to California tomorrow, but mostly choices. I've been thinking about free agency, what a blessing and a burden. Enough about that...
Thanksgiving was fun and delicious. After several changes of plans, Jaxon, Dave, and I ended up eating with my brother Ryan, and sister in law Emily, and her extended family. A kinder group or more delicious dinner could not have been found anywhere else! We were definately strays, and we are very grateful they took us in!
Thanksgiving weekend has been spent just as it should be- with family. Ryan helped Dave put up Christmas lights,(can you imagine Dave, lover of all things Christmas, WIGGLING with excitement???) (And yes, Dave has gleefully delved into his Christmas sock collection- currently wearing a pair that have motion-sensor lights on the side...I love my big kid!!!) while the kids wreaked havoc in the driveway and up and down the street, and the moms chatted in the driveway and kept the chaos to a minimum. We also had a picnic to celebrate Emily's bummer birthday (on Thanksgiving...enough said) and let the kids run themselves silly again while we thoroughly enjoyed some adult conversation.
Tomorrow Jaxon and I are caravaning to California with Ryan and Emily, where we will spend Monday with my sis in law Sarah (Dave's brothers wife) and their kids, then Tuesday is Knotts, Wed. is Disney, and THursday we drive home. I have been known to a be a hater...or at least "disliker" of all things Disney. But Emily promises that the magic is renued when you go with a child, and also that right now the crowds are non-existant...I'll let you know when the verdict is in! I'm a little nervous about sharing one hotel room with Jaxon, and am PRAYING the bathroom is big enough for his pack-n-play!
So, this is probably it from me for a while, back at the end of the week...

PS- I know I had Christmas music playing, but this is my new FAVORITE SONG!!! I heard it at the end of Twilight...but that is not why I love it. Speaking of Twilight, it was everything I heard it was- silly, and great all at once. (Dave would call it "suck awesome!") and I would definately see it again, and again I would giggle at some parts that are not supposed to be funny!

You win some, you lose some.

This is an exerpt from a weekly email I get from Babycenter talking about the average progress of a toddler Jaxon's age...

"The typical young preschooler picks up new words every single day and will soon be able to string them together in sentences from two to four words long."

This is what Jaxon said to Dave and I last night at dinner...(you can't say the kid doesn't think things through...)
(this monologue is about a 3-tiered dessert server that is on our kitchen table at the moment)

"Mom- dis is made out in glass? If I knockee over, it would break and it would hurt me?...and I might bleed, and I would cry and cry? would be mad and angry at me...and I would have-a go to time out? Daddy would have-a keen it up?"

On the flip side, Jaxon is still falling down A LOT, and walking on his tip-toes A LOT. We are pretty sure he has a condition called "toe walking" which isn't too serious, but does need to be corrected. He has an appointment in two weeks with an Orthopedic specialist, and also a physical therapy evaluation. Please pray that whatever it is, there is a way to help make it better!


Okay, I am still laughing out loud!!! For Thanksgiving--Dave, Jaxon, and I are going to go out to lunch with my brother Scott (from California) and his Girlfriend. So, he said pick any restuarant and get a private room (he is from California, and obviously doesn't know that nice restuarants like that don't actually exist in Gilbert) So I have waited till the last minute and am now online getting numbers to nice restuarants and calling to see if-
1. They are open on Thanksgiving
2. They are open for lunch
3. They have private rooms (not a must, but we will have Jaxon)

So, I am using a google search that brought up all the restuarants in a certain price range, and just calling down the list (To no avail I might add) Anyway, every number on the list up to this point called straight to the restuarant. So, I called "Top of the Rock" at the Buttes Marriott- and this was the conversation-
Lady: "Hello, thank you for calling..yadda may I help you?"
Me: "Hi, I was just wondering if you were open on Thanksgiving Day?"
Lady: "Um, yes...we are open 24 hours."
Me: "Oh really?! Okay, do you have any private rooms available?"
Lady: "Um, all of our rooms are private ma'am..."
Me:"uh, what?... OH WAIT! I am trying to call the restuarant!"
Lady: "I'm sorry ma'am, this is the front desk of the hotel!"

Seriously? What on earth was lady thinking of me when I asked her if they were open on Thanksgiving, and if they had any private rooms?? HILARIOUS!!!

Throw sequence

Here is that throw sequence from our Family photoshoot that I mentioned. Jaxon usually loves to have Dave throw him in the air, and Dave really chucks him up there. I love to take pictures of it, so my normal worrisome self takes a breather. Even after this one I just had to chuckle, but mostly because we documented it!

Dave digs down deep into the legs for maximum throwing height You can tell Jaxon is enjoying it-

Ready! Set! GO! (Jaxon is still having fun)

Jaxon thinks it would be funny to hold onto Daddy's hand- obviously he can't, but it throws him WAY off balance-


Is this considered a safe landing? All's well that ends well I guess-


Yesterday I took Jaxon over to his cousins house to play while I went the cannery and canned for my sister and I. (what happened on the way over there will be blogged later this evening when I have time to weave the tale with the detail it deserves!) Anyway- Before I left I was chatting with my sis and the kids were outside.
I thought I heard Kalle (4) say something a little strange, so I said to my sister,
"I think Kalle just said, 'Jaxon, can I hammer these nails into your hands?' "
Amber: (Laughing) "Oh! We just watched the Lamb of God video yesterday, I guess that's where she got it!"

About 3 minutes later Kalle came in with a Fisher Price hammer and two sticks about 4 inches in length. She said,
"MOM! Jaxon won't lay down on the ground for me!"

We thought it was pretty funny, because we knew exactly what she was going to try to do, and Jaxon was smart not to go anywhere near her!

Crankypants and the photoshoot

This is what happens when the mother of aforementioned crankiest child on earth tries to do a little shoot of said child...enjoy...or cry like I am...
(narrated by Jaxon)
"DON'T tell me not to pick my nose!"


Valiant effort: The fake Smile


This title of this next sequence was taken from Jaxon's exact words-
(he wanted to roll them up and they weren't staying...)

Come on...whose jealous???

"Is it really THIS easy?" ...Um. No.

"Is it really this easy" was my stupid thought on taking Paci away from Jaxon! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! CALGONE TAKE ME AWAY!!!! Seriously, Jaxon has been the crankiest, crabbiest, most cantankerous kid you ever met in your life. He talks back, whines, cries, complains, hits, bops, whacks, tackles and rarely cracks a smile! Oh and those naps and bedtimes that he used to adore..? FORGET ABOUT IT!!! Now it's 20 straight minutes of hysterically crying, bargaining, and made up maladies to get out of bed! Naps are now usually 20 minutes of crying, 45 minutes of sleeping, then a fresh round of hysterical crying as he jolts to wake with no paci to pacify and lull back to sleep!... Followed by at least an hour of extreme crankiness, followed by the rest of the day of run-of-the-mill Jaxon's regular crankiness! AND!!! As an interesting side note, after that first night he never even asked for Paci again- IT'S ME THAT MISSES PACI! OH PACI!! WHERE ARE YOU????? When he was in bed Yesterday night - he was hysterical for about 45 minutes screaming our names at the top of his sobbing lungs, only to tell us such things as we forgot to kiss Bumble, put the covers over Pablo, or put his socks in the hamper!! We searched high and low for a night-light to no avail, so we improvised with a wicker basket over a flashlight, and it appeased him enough to let his tired little body go to sleep.
Today we got him a nightlight, and things (in the nap department) seem to be going a little better, but how do you stop a 2 year old from constant back-talk? I mean seriously, who does this turkey think he is?? He has taken to yelling things at me like," You say sorry to me RIGHT NOW LITTLE GURR!" "You don't tell me to stop it! I tell you to stop it! STOP IT MOMMY!" and my personal (least) favorite- 'NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" yelled at the top of his lungs, like after I have asked him to hold my hand in a parking lot, stop shaking and spilling his sippy cup on purpose, or when asked to share his water bottle with his cousin Oakley! I give up.

Okay, Okay, a few more!

...Because let's be honest, how often do you (by "you" I mean, WOMEN) have pictures taken that you are happy with?? I mean, the camera can only do so much, but with what I have to work with, I like the way they turned out. So here are a few more, but still no Fam. pictures just yet!

(In the next few days...look for a hilarious 'throw Jaxon in the air' sequence that went awry...)

One of my legs, and one of Dave's

Just a teaser!

Here is a snippet of some of my favorite shots from Fam. pics on Sat. I have to say, I really love the outfits I picked for the family! I am not including any of my fav. family shots, because they are in consideration for our Christmas card! Thanks Jen!

"Finally I know..."

Scenario: Jaxon is fake crying while sitting in time out for saying he is going to, "bop and hit"

Then we hear his voice, loud and clear, singing an unknown tune with these words...

"I finally know...not to bop...and not to hit...and finally I know....not to say...bop and hit..."

We look over and he is giving the cheesiest grin ever! What a ham!!!

hurray times 3!!!

Great news, today Jaxon finally tripled his birthweight. His pediatrician says that kids are supposed to double and a half, or triple their birthweight in the first only took Jaxon 2 years and 9 months! HURRAY! He is now officially 27 pounds!


Just saw this on Brandis' blog and HAD to pass it along. Something about something on Oprah, but as a result, snapfish is giving away FREE photobooks ($30 value) if you click here ! You have to do it in the next 48 in, have it finished and ordered, SO HURRY HURRY!

my boy- so funny

Tonight on the way home from the gym after my class (usually Dave picks Jaxon up around 6, but he's working late, so Jaxon has to stay until I'm done around 7:10ish) anyway, I stopped at McD's to get him dinner so he would be ready for bath/bed when we got home. I asked if he wanted a hamburger or Chicken nuggets with his fries, to which he responded he wanted both. I told him he had to chose one or the other and he said,
"Why mom? Cuase it's too many 'spensives when I have have both?"

Also, with Dave working late, Jaxon has been a wreck at night, absolutely hysterical until Dave comes home to tuck him in. I have put him down screaming and he doesn't stop for 30 minutes until Dave comes home and goes in. Anyway, Dave being out of town for a couple days, obviously wouldn't be able to go in and calm him down. We promised Jaxon a new "Colorado Bear" (that's where Dave is) if he went to bed nicely both nights with NO crying! We talked about it all day and he was fine with it. Tonight- Jammies-no problem, teeth brushing- no problem, prayer time- HUGE PROBLEM! Jaxon started yelling, "WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!" with tears in his eyes, " WAIT! I can't say my prayers wiffout Daddy!" I turned him around ready to have a stern talk about earning his "Colorado bear" and he said, "WAIT MOMMY WAIT! I'M NOT CRYING! I juss can't say prayers wiffout Daddy!" So I said, "Do you want me to say it tonight?" To which he immediately stopped crying and said, "Yep!"
He sure loves his daddy!

Lastly, when we are in the car, and I'm not talking to Jaxon, he will ask "where we goin'?" Just to strike up a sometimes he will ask me this 10+ times before we reach our destination. Usually I will say, "where ARE we going Jaxon?" and he will tell me. So yesterday when I asked him where we were going he said, "Ummm, where goin' ta Red Lobster wiff Grandpa!" I thought that was cute because my parents in are China and haven't even seen him, let alone taken him to Red Lobster for many months! I guess some things are unforgettable!

Dearest of dear...

I love the circle of life, no matter what happens, it always comes back around to good friends. this first picture is Me, Christi, Nedra, and Kate- from Kate's bridal that must have been about three and a half years ago. I'm sure there are several other variations of this picture floating around...from game nights, ward parties, hang outs, trips, and other major and minor life events. In the three years since we have all gone separate directions, yet always come back around to each other. I love it. I love those people that just get you, and vice's to good friends- what a blessing!

(Seriously, the years have been GOOD TO US! LOOKIN' GOOD LADIES!!!)

(I had Rachel cut my bangs shorter...waaaaay shorter-- LOVE THEM!!!!!!!)

Well dang.

Photographically speaking, not the best week for me! First the Pecans, now the RR tracks. Got kicked off by a real police officer today in the middle of a shoot! (actually we never made it ONTO the tracks, but got kicked out while underneath...) Apparently it is tresspassing to be on or under the tracks...sweet...
On a different much better note, You know those advertisement headers that are always showing at the top of your hotmail account? (usually a somewhat scantily clad girl encouraging you to join a dating service?) Well just now I was checking my mail, and what? It was a beautiful familiar picture of The Savior! I read the caption, and all it said was The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! WAY TO GO MORMONS!

Ummm, this is a joke, Right?

Okay, there is-
1. A person on a power trip
and then there is-
2. A person so over-the-top drunk with a painfully false sense of importance that all sanity flies out the window....
I had an encounter yesterday, and it was with Kristin, such an over-the-top, drunk on non-existant power, asinine (that's not a bad word is it?) IMBICILE that she could not even see how flambouyantly ludicrous she was being! (nice use of vocab huh? I promised myself that I would do my best to imortalize her in all of her terrible glory!)

Here is the story, bear with me, because I HAVE A LOT TO SAY ABOUT THIS NONSENSE! Okay, all photographers know that a very pretty place to shoot is The Pecans- A neighborhood (I use the word "neighborhood" loosely since there are about 3 total homes built) surrounded by a grove of beautiful pecan trees. Well lately, they have been getting very crabby with photographers. Well, the crabbiness turned into spite, and they posted GIANT UGLY SIGNS all over their previously beautiful grounds that say " NO PHOTOGRAPHY!!!" Let's be serious, that didn't stop any photographers from shooting there, but we did feel a lot less welcome, and a lot more frustration towards this place. If any of the 3 homeowners saw you with a camera, they would come out and give you what for...again, that didn't really stop any photogs. Here is my first problem with this- The economy sucks! Lots are not selling...ANYWHERE! But if everyone knows The Pecans is the prettiest place to shoot photography, then when the market picks up they will also know that the Pecans is the prettiest place to LIVE! FREE PUBLICITY!!! But all the signs and crotchety neighbors...not exactly an inviting place to call home. Well, I went there last night to shoot, and knew we were probably in for a fight, but I was up for the challenge (I even consulted my lawyer brother on whether or not it would be legal for someone to kick me out as long as the gates were open)Well, we didn't get that far.
BUT READ THIS- (it is very important to this most rediculous part of the story!) I was going to shoot the pseudo-daughter of a LOT OWNER! That's right, for all intents and purposes this girl's father OWNS A LOT IN THE PECANS! So, I pull up right before the people I'm shooting, and the gates have been closed! That's right, they would rather keep photographers out, than let prospective buyers in (genius...) and now you have to have a gate clicker to get in! So, a very puffed up, poofy haired women was in an SUV out front, and when I stopped to wait for the couple I was shoot, she rolled down her window and looked at me very angrily, waiting for me to roll down mine. I nicely rolled down my window and asked,
"Do you know if anyone is still in the office?" I was going to VERY POLITELY explain to someone in the office that I was with a lot-owner and we were going to shoot ONLY ON THEIR PROPERTY! She said, (very snootily)
So I explained the situation, and even had the lot number, and she said,
"NO THEY DON'T! I've been involved in every sale, that person does not own lot #4!"
"Yes they do ma'am, but she will be here shortly to talk to you!"
(Ummmm, seriously, why are we arguing about the lot number you dingbat? THEY OWN A LOT, LET ME IN!!!!)
She says, "We are having a HUGE problem with photographers coming in here and taking pictures without checking with me first."
Me: "What exactly is the problem?"
Her: "They didn't call ahead of time, and ask permission, and clear it through me!"
Me: "Yes, so what exactly is the problem with that?"
Her: "The problem is THEY DON'T HAVE MY PERMISSION!"
Me: "Well, you are here now, and I am with a lot owner." (who just drove up)
So Daughter of lot owner walks up, and Mrs. Snooty-face says, "This would not have been a problem if you had called and made arrangements ahead of time, but you didn't, so you can't go in!"
Daughter: "We can't go in to our own lot?"
Her: "No! Not for photography! It has to be cleared through the office first!"
Daughter: "Who in the office do we clear it with?"
Her: "ME!"
daughter: "Well, I'm sorry we didn't call ahead, but since we are property owners, and we are asking you now, can we please go into our lot?"
Her: "NO! We can't have you going in without making arrangements first!"

At this point "daughter" gave up nicely. I have never wanted to punch someone more at any time that I wanted to punch this women. She wouldn't let at lot owner into the neighborhood, because of photography!?! I don't care if daughter wanted to go in and do a naked-headstand- belly dance! As long as it is on the privacy of her own property, its not for that dang lady to say!
Anyway, I honestly couldn't believe it! Fiance of said "daughter" and I voted two-to-one to go back and beat that lady up and skip pictures all together, but daughter put her foot down...(guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship!!)
I haven't decided what I am going to do yet. It is probably going to involve a nasty letter that won't make a lick of difference, but it will MAKE ME FEEL BETTER! (Just not as good as punching that lady...which I haven't totally ruled out!)

really quick

Jaxon now says his bestest friend in the whole wide world is Pablo, a penguin from the Backyardigans! Today he was watching his video while I cleaned the kitchen, and I heard "OOOhhhhhhhhhh" in a whiny, "Oh man," type of voice. I went into the TV room and saw 3 chocolate chips stuck to the television. Jaxon then said, "I'm trying to share, and Pablo keeps moving!" I told Jaxon that Pablo was just pretend and cannot eat chocolate chips through the television. Jaxon dejectedly removed the chocolate chips, and simultaniously lost a lot of respect for poor Pablo.


Sorry people, I think you have been misled. I love my haircut, but it is one of those haircuts, that only the person who got their haircut, and the person who cut their hair, and possibly their sister who sees them everyday---would notice...well, except for the color, I got a nice brown color weaved in! My hair was a disaster, and I couldn't even figure out how to do it anymore. I would blowdry it and straighten in, only to pull it back because it looked horrendous. So, dear Rachel gave me an actual style, that I could blowdry and straighten and would look nice. The bangs you can hardly see in this picture, because I am about to go do a shoot, and it wouldn't work to have them anywhere near my they are swooshed over to the side...which to be honest is more or less how I wear them on a regular basis anyway. It really is drastic, because now I can actually do my hair, but to everyone else, it probably just looks like I actually put some effort into getting ready for the day!

PS- it's very difficult to take my own picture-logistically my arms just aren't quite long enough!

Oh dave!

My sweet Dave. Yesterday when I came home, he immediately told me he liked my haircut. (smart man)
Then, I don't know exactly how it came up, but-
he said, "I don't really like bangs"
(I just had some cut at my haircut!)
"I didn't know until now" (which means he doesn't like MY bangs...nice...)
Ahh well...
then he says, "I thought you were getting your hair CUT!!"
"I did get my hair cut."
"But I thought you meant short. I like it better short."
"Yes I have!"
"You never say anything. You have only told me a couple times you liked the way my hair looked, and both were when it was very long, so I assumed you liked long better!'
"No... I like it short the best...And I like it better curly."
(I did know this... but I prefer my hair straight)
So, at the moment I had LONG, STRAIGHT HAIR, WITH BANGS...and apparently Dave likes Short, curly hair, without bangs...super...good to know...
Anyway, so tonight I washed my hair for the first time since the cut and found something VERY interesting...the way it is layered makes it VERY CURLY!
Dave saw it and now says with TOTAL SINCERITY- " I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIRCUT!"
Let me add for the record- I LOVE MY NEW BANGS, and my new haircut! And to be honest, Dave honestly really couldn't care less if I was wearing snorkle gear, an evening gown, or a snow suit....or it my hair was long, short, shaved, or all gray! It's just not how he sees me, which really is such a blessing, but the point is, I'm not too fussed about his like/dislike of my current hair status, he loves me all the same. I LOVE MY DO, and I LOVE YOU DAVE!


Today was the day people! We sent Paci ("Pah-kee") to HEAVEN! It has been high time for a LOOOONG time that we get rid of Jaxon's Paci(s) he only uses them in bed, but they were tearing up his teeth like nobodys business! So about a month ago we told Jaxon we were going to send his pacies to heaven. Jaxon, taking after his mother and being a real thinker, thought about that for a minute and said,
"To Henny Faddur?"
"Well, sure!"
Then he thought for a little longer and said, "What Henny Faddur going to send ME?"
And so it began, Jaxon started planning what he wanted in return for his pacies, and he decided (all by himself) that he wanted a Backyardigans DVD, a robot, and a donut. (Yup, that right, a donut!) So today on the way home from my SWEET haircut (Thanks Rachel!) I picked up a DVD, a doggy robot, and a backyardigans plush toy of Jaxon's favorite character (Pablo) instead of a donut. I also bought a bunch of ballooons, and when I got home, we tied all the pacies on and took then to the park. (While Dave and Jaxon were getting in the car, I stuck his present from Heaven in the backyard so it would be waiting for him when we got back!) Jaxon was really excited, and actually seemed to understand that there were never coming back...I still had my doubts, but I was hopeful! Jaxon loved watching them float away, and LOVED his presents from heaven. Tonight when we put him to bed, he didn't say a word until we laid him down with only bumble and pablo. He said, "WAIT! I want paci back..." in a soft, sad voice. Both Dave and I cheerfully told his that is pacies were now and forever with Heavenly Father. Jaxon didn't say another word!!! IS IT REALLY THAT EASY? I'm thinking not, but for a start, it was pretty dang good! I will update how this is going come naptime tomorrow...or maybe very early tomorrow morning when he wakes up early and can't find paci to sooth him back to sleep...ahhhhh...

I have to say, it is good to say goodbye to paci, but it is sad too. I think I just let go of the last little bit of my baby. He is all boy now. I took this picture last night, just because I thought he was looking cute. I didn't realize it was his last night with an old and faithful friend...