Halloween Funnies...

A few funny things happened tonight. Jaxon and our next door neighbor's grandson, Vincent, ended up going trick-or-treating together. They are good buddies, and were both dressed us as "Scary Monsters" (Dinosaurs). Anyway, they made the cutest darn pair you ever saw in your life, and I didn't even bring my camera! Vincents mom took lots of pictures, so I am hoping to get a few from her. Anyway, we would let Vince and Jaxon go up to the doors by themselves, and they said some pretty interesting things...

Door #1- Wow! hello monsters!
Vincent- We are going to all the houses, do you have any candy?
Jaxon; Yeah, give us some candy!

Vincent decided he was done trick-or-treating after about 20 minutes, and Jaxon followed suit. I said,
"Jaxon, don't you want to get some more candy?"
" NO MOM! I already have TOO MUCH candy!" I told Jaxon I was going to write that in his journal because I'm pretty sure he would never say it again.

When we got home he took off his monster costume because he was too hot, so he was handing out candy in his diaper with Dave. One little boy about 4 or 5 came to trick-or-treat and just stopped and stared at Jaxon. He then looked at Dave and said, "Uh, sir...why is your son naked?" For some reason it struck us as pretty hilarious. Jaxon only had candy for dinner (mother of the year, I KNOW!) and went through several stages of sugar high/crash and burn. On his high he was running in circles, flapping his elbows in some sort of chicken dance, oh man was it funny.

My sister the SAINT, my son the HITTER

Ahhhh dear. It's been quite the week. Not bad, just busy. Before I tell this story, know that I already feel immensely guilty... yesterday, my little sis. took Jaxon from noon- 7pm so that I could catch up on my photo editing before another weekend of shooting and so I could teach two launch classes without having Jaxon in the daycare the whole time. That in itself is so selfless. (Let me insert here, that I have said it before, and I will continue to say it, Amber is one of the most service oriented people I know. She does not do it for recognition, she does it because she has such a kind heart. She takes after my dad, and she cannot bear to see anyone in need- OF ANYTHING! I was in need of time, so she set aside ALL of her needs to help me!) Add on the fact that she has 3 kids, ages 3, almost 2 and 6 months...add 2 year old Jaxon to the mix, and that is a recipe for chaos! Anyway, Jaxon did fine most of the day (or at least Amber said he did, so as not to make me any more guilty) but he did have several hitting incidents. I just don't know what to do. He responds well (as in- he crys hysterically and is SO SAD) when we spank him, but what does that teach? "I am going to hit you, so you won't hit anyone else?" I'm having trouble reconciling that one. we take things away, but if it is not IMMEDIATE, he really doesn't understand. Does anyone have a suggestion?
So, I felt very guilty for-
1. letting my already overwhelmed sister babysit all day
2. Jaxon whacking her children several times
3. Pawning Jaxon off,
4. Not spending enough time teaching my son correct behavior.
Needless to say it was a looooooooong day for everyone. So today I decided that it would be a Jaxon and mom day...not just Jaxon trailing along with me on all my errands and housework. So after the gym we went and bought baby pumpkins and paint. We set up shop in the drive way, put on an old shirt and went to town. I didn't "make him paint correctly" and couldn't care less at any messes he made. As an added bonus, Jaxon's buddy Jack and his mom came over to paint too! Jaxon had a good time and was COMPLETELY FILTHY by the time we finished. Then another added bonus, Amber called and said Sonic was doing $0.25 corndogs and ice cream cones for Halloween. We packed the dirty boys up and headed to Sonic. A good time was had by all!
My house is still messy, my photos still aren't done, but I am feeling a lot better about the different hats I wear, and the order of importance I assign to each one. Well, being a mother means coming second. And as a mother, the more I remember that, the happier I actually am.
So, I need two suggestions, how can I repay my dear, sweet, saintly, sister? And how do I stop Jaxon's hitting? (If you have any potty training ideas I would take those as well!)

A Normal life?

I'm not sure I ever had a normal life, but any semblance of normalcy that may have existed is quickly slipping away! I feel like my life is on fast-forward and overload all at once...and the funny thing is, I'm not too stressed out about it, which is ABNORMAL for me! My house is a semi-disaster, and the light at the end of that tunnel does not look to appear until after Christmas. My car...well...there is no semi about it! My friend Rachel rode with me today, and all I could do was IMPLORE her NOT TO LOOK IN THE BACKSEAT!!!
Bless Dave's heart, he folded 6 loads of laundry tonight. Now, there are two ways to look at this- either I am a terrible wife for waiting to do laundry until there was enough for 6 (HUGE) loads, or Dave is a GREAT husband for folding it all in good humor...as for me, I'm a 'glass half full' kinda girl, so thanks for being GREAT Dave!
I'm afraid my posts are going to get further and farther between for the next couple months, but I did want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to AMBER and TRICIA for planning an awesome 2nd annual Ferrell Family Halloween Party on last minute notice. We had scary/gross out foods (Bloody fingers, spider web dip, toxic waste, tarantula fangs, grave yard cups, etc.) and fun games for the kids. We had pumpkin bowling, wrap the mummy, and my personal favorite, stick the wart on witches nose!

Jaxon and his buddies/cousins Jonathon and Oakley (Oakley's hair has been dyed for Halloween)

Wrap the mummy results- at first Oakley was too scared, but he did want in on the picture!

Mommy's littly Mummy

Stick the wart (Chewed green gum) on the witches nose, and yes, I did draw that sweet witch!!)

Pumpkin bowling quickly turned into "pumpkin Chucking"

Kalle caught some sweet air!

My food addition- spider web dip (like 7 layer...with less layers) and tarantula fang chips (not pictured)

Scary witches brew!


Yesterday I took my "apprentice" out to shoot and look at some lighting at a new fav. location of mine- the railroad tracks!
Let me explain "apprentice"- one of my old young women wanted to do photography for her Young Women in Excellence project and asked if she could work with me! Of course I said YES!We have shot a couple times together, and she does a GREAT JOB! Yesterday we talked a lot about lighting, and the background and WAH-LAH! Look at these great pics she took of Jaxon and I! I did some creative cropping, and then some editing with the new actions I have, but it's fun to be at a "shoot" and not be the one behind the camera!

Oh, and when did I get so short? Seriously, I haven't always been like this have I?

This is us-

This morning Jaxon got to watch some extra Backyardigans (Which, by the way, he is obsessed with!) while I cleaned up in our bedroom. Last night he found his Christmas PJs from last year and insisted on wearing them...and for the most part, they still fit! Also, I'm sure it's totally inappropriate, but that Bra picture is hilarious, especially because he put it on all by himself!


No, not in the presidential election, though that should be a priority as well, I'm talking about voting for Jaxon in his halloween costume. To be honest, the picture is not even that good...last minute thing...but hey, it doesn't matter as long as the votes start pouring in! You can vote once a day for the next week, so PLEASE VOTE FOR JAXON!!! Here is the link- he is in the 23rd row down on the far right-in this costume!!! There are only about 100 entrants, and the prizes are a $500, a $300, and a $200 gift card, so GET TO VOTING PLEASE!!! (remember, you can vote everyday!)

Goodbye Funk!

Yes! yes! It's gone! This morning has been happy, healthy, and productive- we went to the gym, the Ranch Market, came home and cleaned and washed everything from the market, then cooked some chicken I need for dinner (yes! Making dinner!) and then made bread! I still have a little gunk left in my throat, but nothing to worry about.
For those of you who have slyly...and not so slyly, asked if "being in a funk" is secret code for "being pregnant" the answer is no- sorry!

I'm One Lucky Girl!

Well, as I am pulling out of my funk, it is really touching me to think about how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I do.
-Did daddy duty all by himself yesterday evening so I could go hear Susan Easton Black speak on Brigham Young. (She was my FAVORITE!! prof. at BYU- more to come on this...)
-Let me sleep in this morning till I woke up on my own at 8:30. Took Jaxon to the store, to grocery shop and also give me peace and quiet.
-Always does the dishes and folds most of the laundry...rarely having to be asked!

Jaxon- Come on!!! Everything he does (well..95%) makes me grateful!!!
Last night he cried when I wasn't there to sing him a song goodnight and made Dave promise to have me come in, get him out of bed, and rock him while singing a song! You bet I did it!

- Went with me to hear Susan Easton Black speak, and because I didn't have time to go home and put on a skirt, she went in jeans too, just so we could feel uncomfortable together, I really think that is love!
- Calculated EVERYTHING I need for food storage-- as in amounts, number of cans, and cost.
Then she canned some of it at the cannery for me, and we are going to continue to switch babysitting/canning until we both have our whole year supply (more on this later too!)
- Comes every week to my aqua class, so she can "WOO HOO!" and support me, even though she would rather be working out on land!

-Is letting me do her engagement AND wedding pictures!
-Invited me to dress shop with her yesterday- boy was that fun, and nostalgic, and she will certainly be one of the most beautiful brides in existence!!!

- Comes to my aqua class faithfully!!
- Is so much fun to chat with- never a dull moment
- So smart and whitty, always keeps me laughing
- Is so fun to plan Ned's shower with!

Thinkin' time...

All week I have been in a funk. I don't quite know how else to explain it, but if you have ever been there, you know what I am talking about. Several things contributed to it, but none are exactly the cause. I have been a little sick, and a little busy, and a little down. Anyway, the good news is, today I started to feel like my old self again. I still skipped the gym, but I did get dressed, made a batch of cookies with Jaxon before we even left the house for music time at the mall, and made tortilla soup and corn bread when we got back. (if you know me, you would know that I WOULD HAVE to be mostly out of the funk to cook anything, let alone 3 things!) I was productive during nap time, and when Jaxon woke up we played at the park and in the driveway.
I did have a tender mom moment today. I was spraying off the front porch and Jaxon was playing around me. I said outloud to myself, "I could really use a broom..." next thing I know, Jaxon comes running around the corner with a broom he found in the garage. He said, "Here go Mom. Here's your broom!" I don't know why it struck me like it did, maybe because he is getting so big, and also because it was thoughtful. I showed him what I was going to do with it (Mostly because I couldn't spray the junk out, and sweep it at the same time) and HE DID IT! I'm telling you, he fully swept all the crud I sprayed- into the grass or the rocks at the street. I was so impressed. He kept saying, "I'm just doin' my job mom!" and, "Mom, I'm your special helper? Mom! I'm your special helper!"
Where did my little baby go? It made me reminsce a little, so here is a bit of my stroll down memory lane! Every time I look at pictures of Jaxon as a baby it just cracks me up-- I just don't remember him being that chunky! No one would accuse him of being big these days, but it's like he's been slimming down since the day he was born! (not a bad attribute to have!)

Day on the Farm

Here are a couple pics from Day On the Farm and Jaxon's first pony ride---mostly for Grandma who is dying to see them, and is reminscing about her own pony!

What the BUSY!

My goodness, I know I haven't updated lately, and this one isn't going to be too interesting... It's "Busy season" photographically speaking, and I'm not complaining because I love it, it just really monopolizes my time to shoot and edit. (I also enjoy saying I have a "busy season" just like Dave...it sounds so official!) I'm also training to be a silver flippers instructor (read the post about silver flippers from about June about the class) because it is highly attended and easy to teach...I just have to get over the fact that the ladies that old don't smile much... Lastly I am planning a VERY SPECIAL bridal shower and also doing engagement pictures and wedding pictures...anyone have a guess as to who they are for?????????

Talking Rudely and Toot Water!

I have lots of cute pictures from Day on the farm to sort through and upload, but I wanted to include this before I forgot. This is a conversation between me and Jaxon in the car yesterday.

Me:(In a slightly loud, slightly "rude" voice) Jaxon! Stop yelling "NO!" at Mommy or you are going to go to time out when we get home!
Jaxon: Mommy, you're being berry rude!
Me: What? How am I being rude?
Jaxon: You are talking Rudely to me!
(seriously the kid's two and a half, and he said "rudely"???)
Me: How am I talking rudely to you?
Jaxon: You are talking TOO LOUD and not berry nicely!
Me: Jaxon, when Mommy is frustrated, and you are not being a good listener, I have to talk loudly. It's not rude when Mommy has to talk like that to you, I had to talk like that because YOU were being rude to ME!
Jaxon: Nooooo...YOU were being rude to ME! Now, I'm MAD and ANGRY!
Me: Why are you Mad and Angry?
Jaxon: ummm...ummmm...uhhhhh...I don't be-member, why I'm mad and angry mommy?
Me: I don't know....

Saying, "I'm Mad and Angry" in a deep voice is one of his favorite things to do these days....I never tell him "NO YOU'RE NOT" I always just as "why?" Then he usually laughs hysterically and says he's just kidding.

Here is the other funny conversation we had this week while Jaxon was in the tub-
Jaxon: (Looking down at the bubbles he was "creating" and laughing hysterically)
Then a few minutes later as he was drinking the tub water he said,
"HEY MOMMY---I'M DRINKING TOOT WATER!!!! Then he proceeded to laugh hysterically for a very long time, and I just couldn't hold it in! I was laughing so hard I was crying! He kept singing, "TOOT WATER! TOOT WATER! YUMMY YUMMY TOOT WATER!!!"

Zoo Fun

This morning Jaxon and I blew off the gym and headed to the zoo. It was still a little toasty, but we really enjoyed ourselves. It was fun being there with just us, because I didn't care one bit when Jaxon spent ten minute climbing on a fence or looking at bugs! Here is our photo highlights-

Jaxon was THRILLED by the snacks in his new Dinosaur Lunch box! (thanks Cousin Aurora!)

We enjoyed a thrilling "train ride" (Love those dangling feet!)

Climbed on a random fence for about 10 minutes

Jaxon REALLY loved the goats!

Fun on the tractor!

This is us- white trash version

Today I broke down and let Jaxon finger paint! He had watched all together too many DVD's during conference weekend and I had had enough! He had a great time outside, and the best thing is his outfit! Our neighbors always give us their grandsons clothes after he grows out of them, and that is how we scored this AWESOME wifebeater! Even though the paint was washable I decided not to chance it with his good clothes!

"Mom, can I lick it?" "Sure. It's gonna be gross though..." (it's non-toxic...live and learn right?)

When in doubt, wipe it on your shirt!

Snack time!

Conference weekend- photo edition!

Jaxon and Grandma watching Backyardigans on his little DVD player. We made a little bed for him at hte bottom of the stairs to watch his DVDs while we watched conference
Jaxon posing in his new Halloween shirt. This is my new Mr. Attitude. He slams his little fists onto his hips, walks with a swagger, and looks the other way when I try to talk to him-Seriously? A lady at the grocery store saw him do it Sat. Night and said, "WOW! He is WAY to young for that attitude!" tell me about it!

Mr. Funny Face strikes again!

This is seriously my new favorite picture of Jaxon! Could he look a little more perplexed and forelorn? I think not!

Jaxon and his beautiful crew of girl cousins! He ADORES THEM!!! Can you see why???
As I was getting ready for the day Friday I looked over and saw this- I helped him actually turn it on, and then got the camera. I said, "Jaxon, look at mommy and smile"...this is what he chose to do instead... (please disregard the un-made bed...uh....I swear...this doesn't normally happen at our house!)