I guess it will wait...

I have been wanting to do a blog post for a few days now called
 "all the things I love about Jaxon right now, and don't want to forget."
Lots of cute 4-yr old things that he will grow out of soon enough.  At the moment though, he is locked in his room, screaming his head off, while I am sitting at the computer getting myself together. He just had the mother of all tantrums, and yup...he hit me. That is absolutely not allowed (duh...) and when he does it he gets vinegar sprayed in his mouth with a spray bottle (maximizes the area that get's vinegared). He was so mad at this (I have to hold him down, hold his hands down, and plug his nose until he opens his mouth to breath in order to do it) that he kicked me...which means...MORE VINEGAR.  After that he screamed in my ear as loud as he could while I was trying to tell him how much I love him but that hitting or kicking mom, or women in general, is never allowed.  So I marched him up to his room so we could both have some cool down time. I didn't yell at him, and I didn't raise my voice...but boy am I mad.
Let's chalk this one up to "I love you Jaxon, but  I really WANT TO FORGET about this..."

Yep- Another vacation post!

The Next few days went by in a blur of fun adult, and family activities.  It's great to have your kids go do something they love, while you get some time do to some things you want to.  But it's also great to have structured family activities where we can really bond. I don't know if I already mentioned this, but Jaxon has been very anti-girl, thus, anti-mom for a few months.  Without Dave there and with all these activities, we found a new friendship that hasnt worn off.  He still reminds me dad is his favorite and that he "really really really really really really loves dad, and just loves mom" but we are better!

Monday- Jaxon happily skipped off to group (But was very happy to have his best friend/bitter enemy (depends on the day...) Hailey with him! 

He got his face painted several days in his group, everytime the same- SPIDERMAN!!
I and a few other family members, did the 40 foot high ropes course.  Let me just say, I am scared of heights.  But I am more scared to look like a wuss or back down from a physical challenge.  It was one of the hardest physical things I have ever done in my life, and I am dang proud!
Before you look at the pictures, please read this disclaimer-
 I have ghetto booty.
It's true.
I know it.
Sometimes I even embrace it!
Wearing exercise pants and then wearing repelling gear is never advisable when one has ghetto booty, but that my friends, is an observation made in HINDSITE. (get it, HINDsite...) nothing to do about it now...but enjoy the G.B.!!

Boy is this outfit attractive~

Climbing the notched log...this was SO MUCH HARDER than it looked...and it looked really hard!

Climbing the rock wall. Definately the most difficult part of the whole thing, they had very FEW hand and feet holds!

My bro-in-law was taking pictures for me, and I guess he didn't think I would want pictures of the 3 minutes after I got up on the platform.  I just stayed on my hands and knees. I was shaking like a leaf between being scared of heights, and the adrenaline setting in....

Testing the waters on the ropes (wires) it was actually the least hard part...still quite scary!

Monday Afternoon/Evening was "Aspen Follies" Fun and silly games for the whole family!  We were the "Funky Fresh Ferrells" and had a blast with all the kids.

"Everyone holds hands and gets through the hulahoop. (also a gratutious shot of the G.B.!)

Spell BYU on the hill with our bodies... we were the U in case you couldn't tell

Catch sponges in a bucket...

Catch crazy spraying water in little tiny cups then fill a big bucket!

This garbage can was full of holes. We had to plug them all while other team members filled it with water.  It was hilarious and disasterous!

Earth ball relays...

Gunny Sack races...Jaxon prefered running to hopping...

Now Hailey, she's a hopper!

 and lastly, Human tire!

Needless to say we had the time of our lives, and we were exhausted. We all slept well that night!

Vacation part 3

Being the competitive sort of family we are, we signed up for all the sports/tournaments we wanted...basketball, volleyball, racquetball, tennis, ping pong, walleyball, paintball, and tennis... We only skipped shuffleboard and badminton.
(please note the serious look on my face, and my brother reading over my shoulder so that we didn't double book any of our tournament games...no really...we ARE THAT COMPETITIVE!!!!)
  Also being the competitive family that we are...we won ALL of those competitions except basketball!  It was pretty funny...at the closing show where they announce all the winners, we had quite a list.  Imagine my surprise when the announcement read that my mom and I had won Doubles Women's Tennis.  I'm not much of a tennis player, and neither is my mom..to say the least.  Neither of us picked up a racket the whole time there.  They also announced my mom to be the winner of the women's singles tournament. I guess right before the sign ups were taken down, no one had signed up for any women's tennis. My brothers signed my mom and I up in the bracket and then moved us all the way to tourney champions by default....hey.. I LOVE TO WIN, so I'll TAKE IT!!!

Sunday was a full schedule of church. We had church in the outside amphitheater, which was nice to be amongst the tall pine trees with the magnificent view of the mountains! But the sun was really hot, so by the end of Sacrament Meeting, we were all mostly sitting off to the side in the shade.  Dave decided that "Jaxon needed a nap" (Kid hasn't napped in over a year...) which meant he had to sit in the common area with all my brothers ( who also had "napping" kids) and play the wii.  He only got to come for 2 days, I didn't mind.  Did I mention I missed him?  I did.

Sunday afternoon a fabulous Utah photographer came up to Aspen Groves and took some amazing pictures or the ENTIRE FAMILY (28)  in the amazing scenery.  Per Grandma's request, all the granddaughters had matching dresses, and all the grandsons had matching shorts and shirts.
Uhhh...well...the only problem is that I got an email this morning that said her memory card got corrupted...
I don't know who to feel worse for, my family, or the photog. Seriously...this is every photographers nightmare...but also every grandma's nightmare who only gets her whole family together once every two years for a nice picture over the mantel! DOUBLE DRAT!!!

So, while I went to meet the photog at the entrance of Aspen Groves, this picture was taken by my SIL. Only picture to document the occasion now... here you go mom...here's your mantel picture for the next two years!!!

Family Vacation day 2- Saturday

I am bound and determined to blog this darn vacation!

Saturday we got up, and went swimming with Peyton and Hailey (and uncle Ryan) at the motel swimming pool...quite chilly so it didn't last long.  Jaxon kept Uncle Ryan entertained with all his "dives" which are actually the most amazing belly flops you've ever seen in your life.  His feet and legs come way back over his head, but it doesn't seem to hurt J, and he loves the splash.

  Then we went with the ENTIRE clan, 28, up to BYU to eat at BYU at the Cougar Eat. Unfortunately we forgot that only Subway, Scoreboard Grill, and Taco Bell are open on Saturdays...but who doesn't love Taco Bell...right??
  We then went bowling (with Bumpers) and everyone had a great time. The highlight was when all the adults had a basketball shooting contest in the arcade style basketball shoot out. I am proud to say that out of 9 contestants, 5 of which were men, I TOOK THIRD!!! WOOT WOOT! Still got it.... HA!

(This is the ONLY picture I got of bowling before my Point and Shoot died!) BOO!

 Afterwards we drove up the canyon and got to Aspen Groves! This place is AMAZING!!!!  We stayed in the nice new dorm style housing "Beckham Lodge" Each room had one or two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a sitting room with a pullout couch.  The best part was that each floor had a huge common area with tons of couches, and tables for playing games.  The kids joined here whenever they weren't busy doing kids group stuff, and the adults met here everynight for Rook, Blockus, Wii, and general good times!

  We got settled in, unpacked (So nice to have dressers so we weren't living out of a suitcase for a week) and headed to dinner.  Not to bad for mass produced food. Always fairly healthy, with a big salad bar, and dessert with dinner.
  That night the adults had orientation while the kids went to their kids group.  Jaxon really lucked out and got THE BEST counselors of the whole place, Sarah, and Jason, Jaxon was TOTALLY SOLD on Jason, whom Jaxon thought was the bees knees since their names were only one letter apart...and because he is so anti-girl at the moment!
We were ready to get the party started!

Just wanted to let you know...

I'm happy....Happier than I can remember being....maybe...ever?
I'm content....I have so many blessings, how could I feel short changed?
Life is good...and I am working everyday to find more good.

  We haven't gotten everything we wanted this year, but everything we have is worth living for.  I made a decision to stop waiting to live my life.  I'm not putting my life, dreams, love, pursuits on hold anymore "until ________."  ...Until we get pregnant, until our fertility treatments are over,  until I lose more weight, until the first of the year, until we have more money... etc. etc. etc. etc.

  Along with that, I've decided to be more proactive about the things that are important to me. Planning family outtings, going to the temple, cooking more, cleaning more, spending time with old friends, making new friends, researching fertility, Eastern medicine, and getting to the bottom of what is absolutely the best things to put in our bodies.

 I also decided that I'm just letting "things" go.  I have my own saddness, let downs, short comings, disappointments, etc to deal with, and I'm just not taking on anyone else's. I'm not judging, and it feels good. I realized this year, you just never know what someone is going through or has been through.  When someone else makes bad choices, or choices I don't agree with my, only job is to decide for me, "will I, or won't I make a similar decision?"  that's it. I'm trying not to pass judgement, and as a result, I'm not so harsh with myself either. 

  Over here at The Rogers, we are smiling.  We are grateful for all that we have, and focused on it. 
I read this quote yesterday that sums up how we are trying to live, and is our new mantra (It is going to go up in the house somewhere...)
" The happiest people on earth don't have the best of everything,  they just make the best of everything they have."

Ferrell Family Vacation Part 1

I am still anti-blogging, and still haven't figured out the reason! But none the less, I will want to remember all this, so HERE WE GO!

Pre-story:  For the second year in a row, Dave was unable to attend the big family reunion. Last year, Rogers in Yellowstone, this year Ferrell's at Aspen Groves.  I'm praying this never happens again. I miss my man, the help, the company, and making family memories that include HIM!

Thursday- The Drive to Provo
  Jaxon and I decided to caravan up with my brother and his girls.  We also invited our two other nieces to switch back and forth between cars for fun and help. 
Side notes- driving makes me bored, which makes me hungry.  Usually Dave drives and I sleep, I'm EXCELLENT at falling asleep for lengthy car rides. So trying to eat healthy, I had a lot of diet caffinated soda, and sun flower seeds to keep me alert. (sounds healthy, right?)

1st leg- Jaxon (4) and Makenna (7) worked out pretty well. Makenna was a big help, and things only got dicey when they disagreed on the DVD selection
2nd- Jaxon (4) and Alyssa (11 going on 19) HEAVEN!  She helped Jaxon, didn't care about watching the DVD, and chatted with me like a girlfriend would! I LOVE THAT GIRL!!!
3rd- Jaxon and Makenna again...going downhill...they were both tired of being in the car, and tired of each other.
4th- Peyton (8) and Makenna (7) This really wouldn't have been too bad if It hadn't been the last leg of the trip. They were good girls acting exactly their age, but I was a little frazzled having driven the whole thing myself, and their laughter and sillyness was a little loud.  I should probably apologize for being cranky...but they should probably apologize for hitting the DVD player repeatedly! (oh wait, they did!)

We got Checked into the Super 8 right across from BYU and hit the sack.  Not the nicest hotel, but for 28 of us for the nights before Aspen Groves, it was fine. If it were anywhere else in the nation I may have feared for my safety...but good old Provo...NAH!

  I got together with a bestie from yonderyear, Lindsay, and couldn't have enjoyed more, our time sitting outside the creamery while our sons got sticky eating ice cream, and dirty launching dirt clods!
  All the fam started rolling in, and it was wonderful, loud, overwhelming, and wonderful to have all 28 there!
I had a mini- melt down that I think scared everyone as to my mental status for the rest of the trip, but luckily it was the only one.

 Family drama ensued...enough said.

Friday afternoon we all went to 7 peaks. It was a great time.  Everyone watched out for everyone elses little ones, Dad kept the snacks, drinks, and burgers flowing, and even got talked into going down 2 of the scariest slides there.  In his defense, my brothers didn't actually tell him which slide he would be going down. I saw him on the walk back, holding his chest.  He said he renamed the slides. One was called "Nearer My God to Thee" and the other was "Lord I'm Coming Home"  ...at least he had a sense of humor about it!   This was the first activity where everyone got to start getting to know my brother's fiance Erin, and WE LOVE HER! She is wonderful, beautiful, kind and thoughtful, and I can't wait until she is really my sister!

 Friday night more family drama...enough said!  :o)

I think that's the end of days without pictures, so I'll end there for today