Vacation part 3

Being the competitive sort of family we are, we signed up for all the sports/tournaments we, volleyball, racquetball, tennis, ping pong, walleyball, paintball, and tennis... We only skipped shuffleboard and badminton.
(please note the serious look on my face, and my brother reading over my shoulder so that we didn't double book any of our tournament really...we ARE THAT COMPETITIVE!!!!)
  Also being the competitive family that we are...we won ALL of those competitions except basketball!  It was pretty the closing show where they announce all the winners, we had quite a list.  Imagine my surprise when the announcement read that my mom and I had won Doubles Women's Tennis.  I'm not much of a tennis player, and neither is my say the least.  Neither of us picked up a racket the whole time there.  They also announced my mom to be the winner of the women's singles tournament. I guess right before the sign ups were taken down, no one had signed up for any women's tennis. My brothers signed my mom and I up in the bracket and then moved us all the way to tourney champions by default....hey.. I LOVE TO WIN, so I'll TAKE IT!!!

Sunday was a full schedule of church. We had church in the outside amphitheater, which was nice to be amongst the tall pine trees with the magnificent view of the mountains! But the sun was really hot, so by the end of Sacrament Meeting, we were all mostly sitting off to the side in the shade.  Dave decided that "Jaxon needed a nap" (Kid hasn't napped in over a year...) which meant he had to sit in the common area with all my brothers ( who also had "napping" kids) and play the wii.  He only got to come for 2 days, I didn't mind.  Did I mention I missed him?  I did.

Sunday afternoon a fabulous Utah photographer came up to Aspen Groves and took some amazing pictures or the ENTIRE FAMILY (28)  in the amazing scenery.  Per Grandma's request, all the granddaughters had matching dresses, and all the grandsons had matching shorts and shirts.
Uhhh...well...the only problem is that I got an email this morning that said her memory card got corrupted...
I don't know who to feel worse for, my family, or the photog. Seriously...this is every photographers nightmare...but also every grandma's nightmare who only gets her whole family together once every two years for a nice picture over the mantel! DOUBLE DRAT!!!

So, while I went to meet the photog at the entrance of Aspen Groves, this picture was taken by my SIL. Only picture to document the occasion now... here you go's your mantel picture for the next two years!!!


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Plagiarism! :)

Have her go to a computer expert to retrieve the data. I bet it's there somewhere. Most independent camera shops have a connection. It'll be worth it! Or send them to Michael, and he'll be able to get them if they're there at all. Seriously. He got the videos from my old digital camcorder that I thought were long gone, and so did the Best Buy guy.

Emily Ferrell said...

I love the picture. At least it shows the family's personality really well. Boy does Peyton have a LOT of hair.

Michelle said...

My husband and I drove by Aspen Grove on Saturday! Hope you are having a great time it would be fun to see you!