Yep- Another vacation post!

The Next few days went by in a blur of fun adult, and family activities.  It's great to have your kids go do something they love, while you get some time do to some things you want to.  But it's also great to have structured family activities where we can really bond. I don't know if I already mentioned this, but Jaxon has been very anti-girl, thus, anti-mom for a few months.  Without Dave there and with all these activities, we found a new friendship that hasnt worn off.  He still reminds me dad is his favorite and that he "really really really really really really loves dad, and just loves mom" but we are better!

Monday- Jaxon happily skipped off to group (But was very happy to have his best friend/bitter enemy (depends on the day...) Hailey with him! 

He got his face painted several days in his group, everytime the same- SPIDERMAN!!
I and a few other family members, did the 40 foot high ropes course.  Let me just say, I am scared of heights.  But I am more scared to look like a wuss or back down from a physical challenge.  It was one of the hardest physical things I have ever done in my life, and I am dang proud!
Before you look at the pictures, please read this disclaimer-
 I have ghetto booty.
It's true.
I know it.
Sometimes I even embrace it!
Wearing exercise pants and then wearing repelling gear is never advisable when one has ghetto booty, but that my friends, is an observation made in HINDSITE. (get it, HINDsite...) nothing to do about it now...but enjoy the G.B.!!

Boy is this outfit attractive~

Climbing the notched log...this was SO MUCH HARDER than it looked...and it looked really hard!

Climbing the rock wall. Definately the most difficult part of the whole thing, they had very FEW hand and feet holds!

My bro-in-law was taking pictures for me, and I guess he didn't think I would want pictures of the 3 minutes after I got up on the platform.  I just stayed on my hands and knees. I was shaking like a leaf between being scared of heights, and the adrenaline setting in....

Testing the waters on the ropes (wires) it was actually the least hard part...still quite scary!

Monday Afternoon/Evening was "Aspen Follies" Fun and silly games for the whole family!  We were the "Funky Fresh Ferrells" and had a blast with all the kids.

"Everyone holds hands and gets through the hulahoop. (also a gratutious shot of the G.B.!)

Spell BYU on the hill with our bodies... we were the U in case you couldn't tell

Catch sponges in a bucket...

Catch crazy spraying water in little tiny cups then fill a big bucket!

This garbage can was full of holes. We had to plug them all while other team members filled it with water.  It was hilarious and disasterous!

Earth ball relays...

Gunny Sack races...Jaxon prefered running to hopping...

Now Hailey, she's a hopper!

 and lastly, Human tire!

Needless to say we had the time of our lives, and we were exhausted. We all slept well that night!


Roger and Stephnie said...

That looks like so much fun! I bet it is really nice to get together with the whole family like that!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Aww, great pics. That was so much fun! Can't wait for 2012!