My Squarefoot Garden!

HURRAY! I am so excited about this garden, and have been waiting until the long summer months were over. My sister has a business building and planting squarefoot gardens! It's so great because you can put it anywhere~ (we put it on a corner of our dead lawn) She mixes the perfect soil componants and even gets free coffee grounds from Star bucks to mix in ,because it helps the PH balance of the soil. You can use a squarefoot garden year after year, and only need to add in one thing to the soil each planting season! Okay, yes, that is a serious plug for my sister, but don't run out and call her just yet, she is looking to hire a strapping young HS guy to work for her a couple days a week because moving hundreds of pounds of soil takes it's toll on a teeny tiny body!

SO, the moment you have all been waiting for----MY GARDEN!

I went to home depot because I wanted a couple plants that you get starters for and don't just start from seeds. (varieties of bell peppers) As an aside, the pepper plants didn't look so good when I bought them at HD, but it was all they had, and I am hoping to nurse them back to health. If they poop out, I will pull them out and plant something else in a couple weeks.!

I also got 4 cute pots and my 4 favorite herbs to plant next to my garden.

So aside from my herb pots and peppers, I have tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, two varieties of carrots, beans, squash, and something else which I can't remember right now!

I have been lovingly watering and watching it for almost a week, and HURRAY! My first two plants have sprouted up! Squash, and cucumbers!

First- the cucumber...this is magnified a ton! It is currently probably about a centimeter high!

Next, the squash-also greatly magnified! I love this little thing...doesn't it remind you of Little Shop of Horrors?

Holy Ikea, work filled, spiritual Saturday!

This morning at 9- Jaxon, me, my brother and my dad all went to Ikea for some breakfast and then for some shopping for storage for our new ties. (THAT JUST CAME IN...HURRAY!!!!)
Jaxon played in the play area while we got 8, 5x5 square shelves (just like the ones that I got for Jaxons toys, but 5x5 instead of 4x4), and 125 bins for them. Then we got EVERYTHING, yes EVERYTHING into one small truck and Dave's Ford Focus. We drove home with the emergency lights flashing, and unloaded everything into my parents formal sitting room...(My mom is REALLY loving this tie business...) then the real fun began... Dave and Ryan put together all 8 shelving units and all 125 bins from 12 until 7:00 when I got back from the RS broadcast. Have no fear...while I was still at my parents house I started sorting all the ties by size and type.
I am super excited for the website to go live (we are probably about a month out) and for our GRAND OPENING BLOW OUT SALE... more to come... but if you have ever wanted a super cute, stylish tie for your sons, (especially one that is not 1 of the 4 made my Children's Place that season that every other boy will be wearing), and especially one that they can match with dad and all their brothers, we are your place! I AM GETTING REALLY EXCITED!

Photo class work...

I'm taking a photography class (that is kicking my hiney by the way...which is like..."YIKES!!" and, "HURRAY!!" all at the same time)

Did that make any sense?


Our first assignment is lighting (hasn't been turned in yet, so I will let you know if it is acceptable or total crap...)

But I digress... my husband looks pretty hot with sidelighting...wouldn't you agree?

PS- Dave LOVES being my new model for assignments, he is actually thinking of "going pro" when my class is done since he will inevitably have so many shots.
(let's be serious...he's going to kill me before these 12 weeks are up...but it's not my fault he holds still and listens slightly better than our three year old)

Laundry day...

Has anyone else ever noticed that it is IMPOSSIBLE to be completely caught up on laundry? No really, not just it seems impossible, it actually is physically impossible. Because even if everything you own is clean or being cleaned, you are still wearing clothes that will need to be washed, will take a shower and dirty some towels, will eat stuff that needs to be wiped up with a dish rag. So, I think I am going to impliment, the "Naked, No eating, No crafting, No messes, No showers, laundry day" Then my friends, the laundry will be COMPLETE!

(Is it just me, or has this crossed your mind too?)

For the Love! (Part II)

Here are a few more of my favorites from Jaxon's back-to-school shoot. He has the kookiest, weirdest fake smile right most the time I told him, "Don't smile!" In which case he would make a really funny mad/kissy face. The one where he is looking up and it's obvious that it is sheer joy in his face...Dave was hiding behind some pillars and would jump out to scare him...Gotta love my hubby!

For the Love!

No seriously. My heart skips a beat when I look at this kid...and I'm pretty sure it's going to happen to a lot of swooning girls throughout his school years. Here are a couple of my favorites from his "Back to School"...or in his case, just..."To School" shoot we did today. We bribed him with a pocket full of quarters...everytime he followed directions Dave put one from his "Money Pocket" to "Jaxon's Pocket" and it worked out pretty well!
There are lots of great ones, and probably more to come but it's late!
PS- Dave was a rock star, such great help, and followed directions AT LEAST as well as Jaxon! I know Dave hates the sun, and pictures, so it was double-y great service!

Odds and Ends

Not much out of the ordinary has been going on here lately. We have gotten a few fun new additions here and there around the house though...a couple of which were generously given to us...I LOVE HAND-ME-DOWNS. (read: we will NOT be offended if you offer us your old stuff that you don't want/need anymore but think that we would want/need!)

First the freebies- One of Dave's friends from school/work gave us this awesome bike that his son grew out of. You hook it into the TV and it comes with 6 or 7 different bike riding games to play. This has been awesome for Jaxon's strength and coordination in conjunction with his PT. He loves it, and rides it every night!

Second- I've been volunteering at the elementary school I used to teach at, because my grade level (5th) lost all of their aides due to budget cuts. ( PS- I LOVE being back in the classroom, and it REALLY makes me miss teaching) anyway, today on my way in, an old friend handed me a tiny violin case and said, 3 1/2 is the perfect age to start Suzuki violin lessons. Here is Jaxon's new violin. WHAT? I had never considered violin lessons, but now we have a violin.... I think I will sign him up for like 4 lessons and see how it goes...let's be honest...we can't afford a piano (heck, we can't even afford a violin but here we are...) so violin might be the way to go...
(I put it next to a small water bottle so you can see how tiny and darling it is!)

Next, my new tiny work Laptop. So fun! YAY!

These last 2 are my favorites! I got my paycheck from the photo work I did for the lawfirm. We mostly paid bills and saved, but we did splurge on 2 things I have been wanting FOREVER!
#1- a water dispenser! I love water, but I had nasty disgusting tap water! This thing was only $100 at Walmart, and I LOVE IT! Cold delicious water at our fingertips at all times!

#2 is this storage/bookshelf thingy from IKEA! It houses nearly all of Jaxon's toys and looks a lot nicer than the piles we used to have all over the room. Those are not the pictures that will be staying on top. I just ordered a bunch, and I am really excited because our living room is tiny, and this is the first surface I have really had to decorate/ cover in pictures! HURRAY!

So that's it from here...


That's right! 16!!! That's the number of pictures I have in the "MESA: 2010 Official Visitors Guide"

(That's how I feel!)

The best part?? I got a cover shot again! YESSSS!!! It is not the major cover shot, it is one of three insets on the front, and it is Dana Park Ranch again!

Seriously, I'm so excited that I think I will have the magazine and the Map and Guide framed. Is that lame? Wait, I don't care if it's lame, because I'm pumped!!!!

(Now I will go start my photography class and be brought crashing back to earth by how little I actually know, and how hard I have to work!)

True Story

(Today my mom had to drop Jaxon off at Preschool for me, becuase I was teaching a class.)

She tried to drop him off at the wrong preschool...dispite his insistance that they were at the wrong place.

She didn't believe him and tried valiantly for 20 minutes to convince everyone there that he was at the right place...

She only left when she was absolutely certain his name was not on the sign in sheet.

Turns out there are actually 2 different "preschools" at MCC...and Jaxon is in neither. He is in the Early Childhood Education Lab.

Maybe I should have been more specific...

First Day of Preschool

Today was it, the official first day. Ahhh... wow. It was wonderful, and hard for me all at once. I am so glad I have him in the child development lab at MCC, I just love it. I spent the entire morning of preschool (yes, all 3 hours) in the observation room with the headphones on- watching through the one way mirror and listening to everything going on. Yes, I know that sounds overprotective, and possibly creepy...but actually it's incredibly interesting to watch your child interact, while they do not know you are there! Jax had a great day, and really loved it. There were some pretty funny parts, including when he really didn't understand the "Fruit Parfait" they were supposed to be making for snack he just kept adding stuff to his cup and stirring until someone noticed... I was laughing, and he didn't seem to notice too much that he didn't really eat any of the snack!

Please note- I do not plan on spending all day every day observing. Just for this first day I was a little self indulgent. After class we had a little picnic outside with his friend Brailyn and her mom (even though it was SUPER HOT) the kids ran themselves silly..actually they ran themselves exhausted, and Jaxon took a fantastic nap!

Hurray for education! WHAT A BLESSING!!!

At least for today...

I feel like a superstar!

Some days (more often than not) I feel like the house would actually run better without me in it.
But not today- today was great!
Jaxon was fun, and funny and helpful.
I did 4 loads of laundry (But didn't fold them- that's Dave's job)
I made homemade taco soup in the crockpot and a batch of cornbread muffins.
I did all the dishes and loaded the dishwasher, and scoured the sink.
I cleaned (not just "cleared off") all the kitchen counters and table.
I swept (but not mopped- that's Dave's job. We are an equal opportunity household!)
I taught 2 gym classes.
I met my sister and her kids at Costco for shopping and lunch.
I ran errands at Target and didn't buy ANYTHING I didn't actually go for.
I got Jaxon's Halloween costume.
I read Jaxon 3 books.
I explained to Jaxon (in VERY vague terms ) what an episiotomy was...because her heard me talking about it on the phone and would't stop asking...
I made lunches (for tomorrow) for Dave, and Jax, and I.
So for today, I feel like a star!
PS- for anyone in my family, doesn't this picture look so much like mom and Grandma as young ladies?

True Love

No really.
"Bumble" and "Pablo" outrank Dave and I.
As in, it's not even close.

I had to include this one.
Because Jaxon is hysterical.
and he knows it.

PS- We're growing out a summer buzz, and this is the best we can do at the moment!

Halloween Mini Sessions!

Halloween Mini-sessions that they are a GO!

The two days will be
Friday the 9th of October
Saturday the 10th of Oct.

Friday I will start at 1:30 and go until we're done...late afternoon!
Saturday we'll start nice and early...say...8am?!

Remember the $35 covers 15 minutes of shoot time, all of your children, and a disk with at least 8-10 pictures and full copyright release!

While I am happy to shoot all of your little ones together in their costumes,there will be NO "family" (ie- adults too) pictures for Halloween Minis, sorry!

Remember!!! For every person you refer to me that signs up for a mini session, you receive $5 off your shoot...
ALSO! Everyone who refers at least one person gets entered into the drawing to win a free Christmas Mini!

ho. ly. crap.

I just read an article, and this statement from our United States President-

"I'm going to be making a big speech to young people all across the country about the importance of education; about the importance of staying in school; how we want to improve our education system and why it’s so important for the country. So I hope everybody tunes in."

Does anyone, ANYONE think that this speech will be solely educational, with no propaganda or self/project promoting? Yeah, I didn't think so...

President Obama will be making this speech next week. And guess what? This speech will be televised to the students AT SCHOOL! NOT at home with their parents to discuss what is said...everything that is heard will first be heard from President Obama's standpoint, then the teachers standpoint, then the kids will undoubtedly talk about it. So parents, Congratulations! You will be 4th on the list to talk to your child about what is said...I mean...that is if they remember or want to talk to you about, since you will not actually have seen it yourself! His SUPER LEFT WING LIBERAL staff is MAKING LESSON PLANS for ALL GRADE LEVELS that will be sent to schools. This includes leading questions during and after the speech....uh...WHAT????

So, as for the "...How we want to improve our education system..."

...Maybe he will talk about how he poured Millions of dollars into our education system with the Cash for Clunkers's not right...

...Maybe he will talk about he is going to pour millions of dollars into our education system with the upcoming cash for appliances program...wait...that's not it either...

...Maybe he'll talk about all the money he has designated to get classroom sizes smaller, teachers back to work, districts out of debt, aids back in the classroom,...wait, what????...he hasn't done that either?

Well then....what on earth could he possibly have to say that I would want my children to hear?
(Yes, I am feeling fiesty this morning...)

Decisions Decisions...and I don't mean to sound rude...but...

First of all, the top 3 doctors I wanted to go see aren't on our insurance.

No insurance=no go.

So I decided to go with a dr. who I have actually heard mixed reviews on (All great reviews but one, and I do trust the one's opinion...), but he fits the following criteria-

1. Close by
2. Will try a VBAC, if all else is well
3. Delivers at Banner Gateway
4. Loved by some friends who had fertility issues because he was sensitive and helpful.

It is Dr. Huish the "I don't mean to sound rude" part. I have obviously opened up on here about our fertility/infertility that we are dealing with. Anyone who knows me AT ALL knows that I deal with things by talking about them, around them, through them, over them, ETC! But, that being said, this is a weird and crappy and unchartered territory in our lives. It's strangely private, yet public. I don't mind that people know, but, I want people to know on my terms....
is that weird?
Does that make any sense?
Is that fair?

Here's the thing...I kinda hate it when people say,

"How's the pregnancy/trying/fertility/infertility stuff going?"
Because people, unless you hear from me that I'm pregnant, then the answer is,

"Not as well as we would like..."

So, when I talk about it, ask questions about it, etc. here on the blog, please PLEASE feel free to chime in, give me advice, tips, names of people who have been through it, etc. But in person, via email, etc., please don't ask me how it's going. It gets really depressing to keep saying, "Well, we're still trying..." because in my mind it really just sounds like "Well, we're still failing."


I Decided to call Dr. Bolero-Anderer to make an appointment. She is all by herself now, so her first available appointment was the first week of Oct. I made the apt. and right at the end of the conversation I asked if she does V-backs. Her receptionist said, "no, she doesn't do those anymore." So I decided to try to give Dr. McNeil a call. Her receptionist was EXTREMELY rude and short, and Dr. McNeil is not taking patients that WANT to get pregnant, only new patients that ALREADY ARE pregnant. She rudely asked if I wanted to try someone else in the office but she was so RUDE (did I mention she was rude? ) that I said no. Now what? Has anyone who reads this had a VBAC??? Comments please...