So blessed to be a mom!

I can honestly tell you I have three of the very best guys in the universe living with me in this house! (I'm sure Cooper is awesome, because he hops around all the time in my belly so I don't have to worry about him!)
On Friday Jaxon said to me-
    "Mom, if you are in the same room as me when Dad gets home could you, umm..go somewhere else? I mean, it can be somewhere where you still feel comfortable, just not, ummm...close to us. I need to talk to Dad about something really private about Mother's don't want to hurt your feelings, but you will need to go away...but still somewhere comfortable."
  That made my mother heart just swell!  Yesterday Dave and Jaxon ran some "super secret errands" and Jaxon takes his job as secret keeper very seriously...that kid is a VAULT!
  This morning Jaxon ran in super early to wake up Dave and whisper in his ear.  They left the room, and I fell back asleep! At 7:30 they came in with a tray of breakfast in bed for me!  It was all Jaxon's idea, and he was sure proud.  He even insisted on what they were going to serve- eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes.  Dave talked him out of eggs, because even the smell makes me sick, and normally I like bacon, but not right now, but Dave and Jaxon both like the two meats, so they ate the for me and I had the pancakes! They gave me a beautiful card, and then had me come downstairs and have chocolate covered strawberries waiting for me! 
  Then I got to rest for a little while longer before getting ready for church.  After church we made beef and veggies shish-kabobs on the favorite right now as I can't keep down chicken!  We also had my specialty fruit salad and rice, it was just perfect. We talked to both my mom and Dave's mom on Skype and rounded out a wonderful afternoon.  Now we are all snuggling together on the couch while Dave plays on the ipad, I type this blog, and Jaxon is playing a spelling game on my phone- this is the life!  Just wanted mostly to tell my boys and our posterity how truly blessed I am to have them.  They are as good as it gets!