The "Point and Shoot SUPER CATCH UP!"

I just uploaded all the picture from my point-and-shoot, and here is the super catch up, otherwise, I will never get to it!

1. Jaxon's SURPRISE PRESCHOOL GRADUATION PARTY! Yup, you read correctly, we DID have a preschool graduation party. Set with balloons, signs, and all of Jaxon's favorite foods! (Pizza, strawberries, carrots with aunt Amber's Ranch sauce, and Brownies for dessert!) I made signs all with words that Jaxon could read, and he loved it. I had my mom and dad keep him for an hour while I set up so it would be a surprise, and when he walked in, he was just like Dave- EMBARRASSED! Ok...he's a little like me, becuase secretly he liked it, but it was great! Grandma and Grandpa came over, Jaxon read all his signs, and we ate his favorite foods. We all went around the table and talked about things we love and admire about Jaxon, and it was wonderful!Some might think that a "preschool graduation party" is a little over the top or excessive, and they are probably right, BUT I DON'T MIND! With just one, we take every opportunity to celebrate, and make a big deal out of little things!

I'm so proud of my little preschool graduate.... but I'm not quite ready for him to start kindergarten yet...let's not talk about it...seriously... I'm changing the subject now!
The secret set up...

Jaxon and his best buddy...

Here are the few pictures that I took in Wyoming that were NOT taken on my big camera. This first one is Jaxon and his two cousins Peyton and Hailey. They would come to our room every afternoon to play while their little sis took a nap in their room. Here they were playing "Vampires" and they are sleeping in their coffins. Morbid, yes. But cute none the less!

Here is when we walked down Main Street to go to the local ice cream shop! Everyone thought it was delicious, except Jaxon, who just thought it was fun. He has the BEST Relationship with food, and no matter what it is, or how good it tastes, if he's not hungry, HE'S NOT INTERESTED! Wouldn't that be nice???

HURRAY!! On to my quick trip to Utah! I went up for a dear friends wedding, and in the process got to get together with several other dear friends, and do some tie business to boot!

The first day there Jaxon and I got together with sweet sweet Lindsay and her awesome band of boys! We took the boys to McDonalds where they organized a large and detailed game of "Star wars fight guy teams" with all the kids there. Lindsay and I happily chatted for AN HOUR AND A HALF while the guys played! LOVE IT!

Then they treated us to Krispy Kreme's where the boys showed their commraderie while watching the donut conveyer belt!


Next up, One of the most beautiful and love-filled weddings in history! My dear friend Laurie who goes all the way back to Freshman year in Taylor Hall got married to a wonderful man named Nate! Everything about it was beautiful, and special, and personal, and it just filled me with love the whole day! I didn't whip out my camera for a picture with the bride (Though there were some taken so I will get them as soon as I can) but I DID get it out for a picture with My dear friend Amy, also from Freshman year! I swear these girls get more beautiful with every passing year (and I hate to admit HOW MANY have passed since Freshman year at BYU...)

It was fun to stick to Amy like glue the whole day, since I didn't know anyone else, and she endured it like a champ!!!

Saturday before we left for home, I got to get together with dear friends MICHELLE and BETH, who if you can believe it, go all the way back to 4th GRADE!!! They were my first friends when I moved to California. After I moved to AZ, we lost contact for a while, but thanks to Facebook we are back in touch, and also thanks to FB, we had breakfast together! We had to get a picture together in front of this hilarious (But OH. SO. DELICIOUS.!!!) crepe restuarant in Orem. It has a giant owl out front, and a tree growing right in the middle of the restuarant. Can you say "Crepes with Nutella, strawberries, and bananas????)

Finally before we left we walked around campus one more time...

Here are grandpa and Jaxon in the underground library, which I believe is the second biggest library in the United States, after the library of Congress!

Not always scholars though.... they are best friends!

On the way out of town, we had to get the compulsory pictures with the cougar!

"Look Mom! He's eating my arm!"

This summer has been so fun, and such a whirlwind, and this last Utah trip was the perfect way to wrap it up before school starts, but we AREN'T talking about THAT....remember????

"The Talk"

Yup- the talk. You know that one... THAT one... about "YOU-KNOW-WHAT."

In all of my child development classes at BYU, I was taught to be open and honest about
ess-ee-ex with kids. Tell them the truth when asked questions. You don't have to tell them EVERYTHING when they are just asking about something small, but never lie, and most of all, NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER act embarrassed or uncomfortable. Also, they said that you should have talked to your kids about sex before they ever hear it from anyone else. Make sure that they know the truth, and hold it sacred, before they hear jokes and lewd comments and don't know what to believe, and are too embarrassed to ask about it.
So, Along the way Jaxon has asked questions about this or that, and the jist of what he has asked about and knows is that our bodies are sacred, expecially our private parts, and that babies are made when the dad's seed and the mom's egg come together in the mom's tummy. He has never asked how it gets there, so we have not shared that information yet.
So....where is all this leading? Dave and I wanted him to hear the actual word.






...from us, before he heard it from anyone else. So tonight at family night, we decided it was the time. We have been leading up to this by talking a lot about the word "sacred" and what it means. So tonight, we talked about being a good friend in order to make good friends when he goes to school, and then we geared up, we took a deep breath, and we did it.
I reminded Jaxon about the seed and the egg, told, reminded, re-reminded and then RE-REMINDED him about how sacred this word was, and then we said it- SEX.
He was completely unimpressed, and UNINTERESTED! So anticlimatic!
We talked about how he might hear other kids talk about it, who don't know how sacred and special it is, and they might laugh or make fun, but it's becuase they don't understand. And we told him that if that ever happens, he just doesn't need to be involoved because he actually knows what it is and how special it is.
Then we finished with the fact that this....this not something we talk about with other people. Just our family.

And then, the kicker- the statement that really outlines how the whole conversation went...

Jaxon says...

"How could I talk about it with anyone??? I FORGOT WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT!"

So glad we could have this serious talk buddy. thanks.

The Money Shot

Our trip to Wyoming was FAB-U-LOUS! Yes, you read that right.

We went to Wyoming,
and it was fabulous.

Quite possibly one of the best vacations of my life. I guess when you become a parent, it's the little things, and the little ones, that make a big difference. Jaxon had the time of his life, of course, because of his plethera of cousins! And I mostly loved it for the same reason! The people I love more than anything in the world were there. Even when they are cranky, or stubborn (or...gasp....I am cranky or stubborn...) There is no one I would rather be with than my sweet boys, my parents, my brothers and sisters, and my brother and sisters in law!

Darn it- it's just the truth!

There were so many fun things for Jaxon (and us) to do, and to be honest, to be in a slow livin', down home town...where we could mozey down main street to see EVERYTHING in town, and where my cell phone rarely totally took me away from the stress and hustle and bustle of crazy town USA that is my life in Mesa!

I have a ton of pictures, and lots to tell, but let me just leave you with this little story-

As soon as we decided to go to Wyoming, "where Cowboys and horses live" Jaxon wanted a cowboy hat in the worst way. So, being the over indulgent parent of a single child, I quickly conceded. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life when he wears that hat.

Then, he started saying, "Howdy Pardner" several times a day...and the little part of my heart that was not already mush...melted on the spot! I kept my "big" camera with me almost everywhere we went in Wyoming(and broke my favorite purses' strap because of it) I took several pictures that I love, but these my friends...these that I am about to show you, were what I was waiting for.


And I am going to print one of them for a 12x12 in my house. But which one?

Get ready for it...

no really....

are you sitting down....??

Once you catch your breath and wipe that last tear from your eye, tell me....which one do I print?

(Also tell me, where did he get that innocent little half smile from? seriously.)