Cooper 6 months

Cooper is less than a week from turning 8 months. I'm seriously behind on posting these pics, and I haven't taken his 7 month pictures...well...I still have a week!
  We are going to say that Cooper was still in his sixth month for these pics...although...we may have been a day or so late... oh well!
   He was just starting to sit up on his own, and I had to shoot fast because I knew the first place plant onto the wood would spell the last of our pictures!

Cooper is still such a sweet baby.  He seems to just be pulling out of feeling pretty cruddy, to now just feeling a little cruddy. But all the while, he's such a sweet little guy. He is generally happy, even if he's not feeling well, not breathing well, and not napping well. Because (thank you, thank you Babywise...) he is ALWAYS sleeping well at night.  We can pretty much count on Coop to go 11 hrs and 45 minutes  straight.  He would really like his bedtime to be 5:30, and wake up around 5:15...but that is NOT going to fly around here.  So we slightly torture him to stay up till 6...some days are easier than others...and then he wakes up around 5:45 and talks in his bed until we get him around 6:15.  That is NOT a bad set up right there! We still get some good 1 on 1 time with Jaxon at night.  We do still do a dream feed around 9...which technically we were supposed to drop already...but why change a good thing???
  Every where I go people still stop me to talk about Cooper.  Guess who loves it? THIS MOM!  I adore my little guy and just burst at the seams when someone stops me to say how gorgeous he is, that he should have a manager, that he should be in commercials, that he is beautiful, etc. etc. etc. But what melts my heart the most is when people who knew Jaxon as a baby, or even know Jaxon now, can't get over HOW MUCH THEY LOOK ALIKE!!!   I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO blessed to have these two as brothers!!!

See??? Gorgeous!

 Everyone does comment though on how much more serious he is than Jaxon. I personally think serious is the wrong word, he's just not as gregarious as Jax.  We have determined that Jaxon is  A LOT like me, and Cooper is shaping up to be a lot like Dave.  He is more quiet, sweet as can be, not too many mood shifts, and very very attentive to his surroundings!

Cooper was just about to get teeth here... and was chewing away on his fingers, and drooling like crazy. In fact, you can see the drool lines down the "6 months" sticker on his onesie!

Cooper is VERY expressive when he "talks" to me, and these next few pictures might be two of my favorite pictures of all time in the history of EVER!  Cooper just cracks me up!!!

I think my favorite thing about Cooper right now, is how much he loves me! Is that bad?  We just have the sweetest relationship, and when people say how serious he is, I wish they could see how giggly, and smiley, and laughy, and playful he is with me... but then again... maybe makes me feel awfully special that those times are reserved for Mama.