Family Vacation day 2- Saturday

I am bound and determined to blog this darn vacation!

Saturday we got up, and went swimming with Peyton and Hailey (and uncle Ryan) at the motel swimming pool...quite chilly so it didn't last long.  Jaxon kept Uncle Ryan entertained with all his "dives" which are actually the most amazing belly flops you've ever seen in your life.  His feet and legs come way back over his head, but it doesn't seem to hurt J, and he loves the splash.

  Then we went with the ENTIRE clan, 28, up to BYU to eat at BYU at the Cougar Eat. Unfortunately we forgot that only Subway, Scoreboard Grill, and Taco Bell are open on Saturdays...but who doesn't love Taco Bell...right??
  We then went bowling (with Bumpers) and everyone had a great time. The highlight was when all the adults had a basketball shooting contest in the arcade style basketball shoot out. I am proud to say that out of 9 contestants, 5 of which were men, I TOOK THIRD!!! WOOT WOOT! Still got it.... HA!

(This is the ONLY picture I got of bowling before my Point and Shoot died!) BOO!

 Afterwards we drove up the canyon and got to Aspen Groves! This place is AMAZING!!!!  We stayed in the nice new dorm style housing "Beckham Lodge" Each room had one or two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a sitting room with a pullout couch.  The best part was that each floor had a huge common area with tons of couches, and tables for playing games.  The kids joined here whenever they weren't busy doing kids group stuff, and the adults met here everynight for Rook, Blockus, Wii, and general good times!

  We got settled in, unpacked (So nice to have dressers so we weren't living out of a suitcase for a week) and headed to dinner.  Not to bad for mass produced food. Always fairly healthy, with a big salad bar, and dessert with dinner.
  That night the adults had orientation while the kids went to their kids group.  Jaxon really lucked out and got THE BEST counselors of the whole place, Sarah, and Jason, Jaxon was TOTALLY SOLD on Jason, whom Jaxon thought was the bees knees since their names were only one letter apart...and because he is so anti-girl at the moment!
We were ready to get the party started!

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