Boy how time seems like Cooper has been here forever, like, what did we ever do before Cooper?  I love that boy!
  Ever since going to Disneyland, our previous, slowly established nap routine has pretty much flown out the window and we are back to 45 minute naps. BAH!  But, on the bright side, being out and about with Cooper and facing the nameless fear about being out and about with him that was causing me so much anxiety, has helped me SO MUCH!  I'm doing so much better, and even with 45 minute naps, we just do what we need to do!
  Let's see, some interesting things about Cooper are, he has started to chuckle, he LOVES to stand up while you hold his hands, (pretty sure he's showing off!)  he loves EVERYONE at this house immensely and smiles copiously at them, and he has started "talking" A LOT! My quiet boy now loves to hear his own voice, and it usually ends in blowing raspberries!   Cooper is drooling like a maniac. Maybe he will get teeth early like Jaxon did?! He's still so chill, rarely cries (except when he's constipated...which unfortunately happens quite frequently) and he HATES to sit in the backseat by himself. At first I thought he just hated his carseat, but he was a champ on the drive to and from from Disneyland, and AT disneyland, so I've noticed he only yaks back there when he is alone. Otherwise he is happy as a clam to have company! He can roll from his stomach to his back, and is very good at keeping his head up during tummy time. He can sit in the bumbo without much help, but it doesn't look too comfy yet, so I'm going to wait a little longer until his head is stronger! Jaxon still adores him, and is getting REALLY antsy to walk around with him, which I said he could start doing A TINY BIT when Cooper could hold his own head up. Jaxon talks to him in the sweetest high pitched voice, and loves everything there is too love about Cooper. I really can't wait until they can interact more! Below are Cooper's 3 month pictures, which are actually 3 months and 1 week because of Disneyland. I compared side by side with his one month, and boy has he changed-
here is a comparison of 3 months and one month!

Crazy huh?

Here are the rest of my favs!


AnnaMarie said...

I think it's funny that you think the 1 month and 3 month photos are different...must be because you see him in real life. But I, seeing him only in photos and short videos, think those two pictures look exactly the same! :)

He is so precious, and is growing up fast. Love every second of it! Katie told me today when I was looking at pictures of Cooper that it's not too exciting to see pictures of a baby, but it's REALLY exciting to see babies in real life. So, we're all looking forward to February, when we can see the real deal.

marie said...

Absolutely adorable!! He's so lucky to have his own personal photographer! The Disneyland trip sounds wonderful! Glad you guys had such a great time!