My My the time DOES FLY!!!

Heaven help me! I'm getting so far behind again!  Here's a rundown of what has kept us so busy in the last 2 months-
~cleaning and other regular mom duties
~Cooper being sick for 2 months straight, ending with RSV and breathing treatments
~Family in town and staying with us for a WEEK!
~Jaxon's birthday
~ Cooper turned 5 months
~Cooper turned 6 months
~Cooper started rolling over to his belly, but refused to roll back to his back even though he's beeing doing  it for months
~The Renaissance Festival
~Lehi Days
~Parent teacher conferences

So much has happened, and changed around here, I can't even remember half of it. (Let this be a lesson to me to keep the blog up...)
So, I am going to upload and blog as many of the afformentioned activities today and tomorrow!!


Tyler said...

Time does fly! I'm looking forward to your posts! I remember saying last year that next year we'd try to be in AZ for Lehi Days. Remind me next year! :)

Tyler said...

You know that was AM.