WORST. DAY. EVER. (Cooper edition)

Holy Smokes.  Remember how I said this kid is, "Quiet as a mouse" "Never cries" "Best baby ever"???  Okay, well I still think he is the worlds best baby, but the other two, well...I know have to prefice them with... "as long as he hasn't gotten shots!!!"

 This boy screamed like I have never heard screaming, cried his blue little eyes out, and never forgave me the rest of the day after his darn shots!

The day started out well enough. A lovely bath which Cooper adores, just like Jaxon did!
After wards he snuggled in bed while I got ready- (This is a rare view of Coop without some CRAZY hair..his wet little curls stuck to his head!)

Then we came upstairs for some snuggle time!
(I figured I'm not in too many picturess these days...plus I had sort-of done my hair, plus I'm holding Coop in front of my body and the camera angle is hiding a mryiad of sins!!!) :o)
Then I had to wake Coop up after only a 45 minutes nap to go to the Doctor.   Even then he was just happy as a clam---
Step 1- Smile at mom.
Step 2- Flirt with Mom. (smile, then look away, then look back shyly to make sure I still have her undevided attention!)
Step 3- REPEAT!
What was that? Pardon?  I don't remember hearing anything about "shots"...?!?!
And it's been pretty downhill from there. 
Scream, cry, sleep for a short amount of time, repeat.
It didn't help that we had him out and about for a marathon 3 HOURS that afternoon! (He has never been out that long before!) We had to look at flooring for the house and then head over to the house to talk to our contractor. Ryan, Em, and the girls came over and the kids went to the park. (YES! LOVE that there is a park across the street) while us adults talked house...and other stuff!
He went to sleep fine that night but wouldn't eat much. At 3:10am he let out a cry to beat all and I rushed in there and gave him his paci.  Then I went to make a bottle, because I had told Dave I would probably have to feed him in the middle of the night because he had eaten so little that day.  But he didn't make anymore noise until 5:10 when he started screaming again.  It is making me so sad, all this screaming, because he has never done this his whole life. Even when he's hungry he starts with a whimper and gives us a chance to feed him before he gets going! So I fed him and put him back down, but noticed he felt a little warm.  Between 6 and 6:45 he was fretful so we gave him some tylenol. At 6:45 I went to get him for the day, but as soon as I picked him up he snuggled in and closed his eyes. I sat in bed holding him and browsing the internet on my phone for 2 hours!  It was sweet, and I think he needed his mama as much as he needed his sleep.
The rest of today has been better than yesterday, but with real crying, and occasional screaming which we have never dealt with before.  It's all kind of freaking me out a little. I read online that these symptoms should be gone in 48 hours which is 10:30am tomorrow morning...so I'm trying to keep my anxiety in check until then...
In happier news- Here are Cooper's updated stats-
Weight- 11 pounds 8 ounces = 26th percentile
(Dave and I were so shocked about this! We though he was looking downride chubby!!)
Height- 23 and 3/4 inches. = 61st percentile
(again we were surprised, he actually went UP the curve- last time it was 59th percentile, and we are pretty sure Jaxon has never moved UP the curve in his life!)
Head circumference- 16 1/4 = 66th percentile
(Once again surprised- we Rogers/Ferrells have HUGE HEADS! Way bigger than the 66th percentile!)


ThePalmers said...

Love it! What a cutie pie... and still looks just like his Mama to me! :)

AnnaMarie said...

Aww, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Shots are tough. I usually give Tylenol a half-hour before shots and then again throughout that day. Even for my big girls!