Yup, there are a WHOLE BUNCH of pictures in this post, and they are all from my cell phone.  Might I just interject- I've been watching (and Loving!) a lot of Shark Tank, and if one of you would invent a moderately sized cell phone that had an SLR camera attached, I would seriously pay a few thousand dollars for it. So, go ahead and get inventing...and credit me with the idea...and pay me 5% royalties! 
  That being said, Here is a photo review of our Thanksgiving weekend!

We were invited (and were happy to accept the invitation) to stay with Scott and Erin in Laguna.  They are always such gracious and generous hosts, and our time there is always relaxing and refreshing, AND FUN!  I was most grateful this year to get a whole 4 days with Dave not working, because busy season with a newborn has not been very fun!
Here are Dave and Cooper on Cooper's first airplane ride!  He cried on the way up and down, and was perfect in between.  Jaxon held court between G and G across the isle, and loved every minute.  He got to preboard with Grandpa, so by the time Dave and I got on about 5 minutes later he was shouting to us- "MOM! DAD!  See this magazine?? (Skymall) Open it up to page 3! QUICK!  See this motorcycle, I WANT THAT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!" 
I swear that kid doesn't miss a beat!  It was like a powerwheels motorcycle, and if we hadn't already bought his big Christmas present, and if we weren't still working on him learning to ride his bike better, we probably would have considered it!

All of us couldn't fit in Dad's rental car, so dad, mom, Dave, and Cooper took the rental car straight home. Scott picked up me and Jaxon, and we drove to pick up Aurora for the weekend.  Boy was Jaxon excited about that! He adores Aurura, and she is so good to him!  We picked up Aurora, stopped for some dinner, and headed home. 
When we got home, Aurora the baby LOVER, who also has a pretty new little brother, just LOVED to love on Cooper- and it doesn't look like Cooper minded at all!

   Cooper and Jaxon both woke up super early in Cali (With daylight savings- bah!)  so on Thanksgiving morning around 6am our family of 4 bundled up and went on a chilly, foggy, beachy, wonderful walk!  We saw lots of other people out walking their dogs, and there were "Happy Thanksgivings" all around!
  We spent the day preparing, or mostly watching Dad preparing, a Thanksgiving feast. Cooper napped pretty (really) crappy all day, so by 3 when everyone started arriving, he went down for a very long nap.  Jaxon and Aurora played and mostly stayed out of the way, and Scott and Erin's guests, who were all completely lovely, started arriving. 
  Football was on all afternoon, and that's where Dave, and Cooper when he was awake, could be found-

  Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, and plentiful, and full of people I love.  I was feeling very grateful for all of my special blessings this year!  Cooper woke up halfway during dinner, and the rest of dinner was spent by most every person at the table making jokes about how Coop, and a darling little 6 week old there named Kate, were going to be married.
Everyone Joked it was a good thing Cooper wore his tie, and Kate wore her bow so they could really impress each other.  Kate had even more dark hair than Cooper if you can imagine, and we had fun taking some pictures- for which both of these very chill babies sat with LOTS of patience.  Towards the end Cooper did start trying to suck on Kate's headband, but all in all it was a super cute success!

After dinner uncle Scott broke out the drinks for all his guests (minus the Ferrells and Rogers) and even made Jaxon and Aurora a virgin version-
I wasn't thrilled with the idea of sensationalizing drinking for Jaxon, but aside from the picture, true to Jaxon form, he wasn't really interested in his drink at all, so it was a moot point.
 After dinner we also all went around and said what we were most thankful for, and it is always so special and such a good reminder, that NO ONE, EVER says they are thankful for material things. Not Wealth, cars, houses, toys, etc.  Every single person was most grateful for the ones they love, the friendships that sustain them, and their health.  Someone said that Thanksgiving was their favorite holiday because it's the least commercialized and focuses our attention on each other rather than our things.  I loved that, and will hold Thanksgiving even more dear to my heart.

  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, since I got up in the night with Cooper, Dave would get up with him whenever he woke up, usually around 5:30, and take him on a walk with Jaxon, while I got to sleep in.  The cool ocean breeze from the open windows, the enormous bed with deliciously fluffy pillows, sleeping completely soundly because I knew I wasn't listening for Cooper--- yes, I REALLY enjoyed those extra few hours!
 Also each of those days Coop got to spend as much time as possible with his sweet Aunt Erin. She had a special way with Cooper, and he was particularly mellow and smiley with her.

  Jaxon too had a special affinity for blond women (true story!) and the only reason I'm not completely offended is that Cooper definately knows I'm his mama, and still loves me best! (Shhhh, don't tell!)

  Friday for lunch Dave and I borrowed the rental car and the 4 of us drove a half hour to what was previously Pat and Oscars, but is now O's American Kitchen.  This is mine and Dave's favorite restuarant HANDS DOWN, and we have SO MANY FUN memories at it's various locations in California, and even the one that was in AZ for a short while. we ALWAYS get the same thing- Lemon Chicken Greek Salad, and LOTS OF THEIR DELICIOUS AMAZING breadsticks.
On the way, both of the boys took a snooze, and Dave and I listened to Christmas music and the breathing of the best two gifts we've ever been given!
(Jaxon can sleep in the most ODD positions!)

When we came home, Aurora's friend Grace was there, and the kids swam in the heated jacuzzi, and the very VERY CHILLY pool.  Jaxon loves both Aurora and Grace, and he tries so hard to be mature and impress those girls so he can play with them.  They were, for the most part, so kind to let him tag along, and only a few times was he invited to vacate Aurora's room, for some girl's only playtime.  We completely understand that two, 10-year old girls that let Jaxon tag along for 80% of the time, and are completely kind to him during that time, are pretty much GEMS! They made up songs and plays, played games, colored, and wrote letters!

That is Jaxon's letter to Dave-
"Deare Dad you are fory genarars you o are the best dad in the word. love. jaxon. farame. jaxon. to. David"
"Dear Dad, you are very generous. You are the best dad in the world. Love, Jaxon. From, Jaxon. To David.

Mine was also cute, but without as many compliments and darling misspellings!  (PS- "Dear" "from" "very" and "world" have all been Jaxon's spelling words. And later that day when I asked him to spell each of those words for me, he spelled them out loud correctly!) What a nut!

Saturday Cooper napped poorly again, but is always a sweetie in between, so I'm not sure why it's so hard for me and makes me so nervous!?  Here he is sitting with one of his other favorite ladies in the whole world- Grammie!  (Please note- Cooper and I have lots in common, including curly hair that got crazier and crazier the longer we were at the misty-aired beach house!)

Cooper also got a bath in Scott and Erin's GORGEOUS kitchen sink! He loves the water, loves baths, and most especially LOVED all his bonding time with his daddy, who he really hadn't ever gotten to know yet due to busy season!

Saturday afternoon Dave stayed home with Coop, G and G went for a drive to Riverside, and Jaxon, me, Aurura, Grace, Scott and Erin went to lunch at CPK, and then went and played at Dave and Busters!  Scott and Erin are always so generous and make sure we do something fun (and delicious) while we are there.  I let Jaxon play all the money on both of our cards at Dave and Busters, and he and I had the time of our lives.  Jaxon is all about the games that are low skill, and high ticket yield, and that is just fine with me!

When we had played all the cash on our cards (thank you! Uncle Scott) Jaxon had 2260 tickets!  We cashed them in and "went shopping" at the prize store.  Jaxon takes this SOOOOOO seriously, and we were in there so long deciding that we had to pause for a bathroom break! He ended up with a giant slinky, (I tried to disuade him, but it turned out to be so fun. Aurura got one too and they would race them down the stairs at the beachhouse) a medium sized football, with which he has already played catch with me, Dave, and grandpa several times, a soft monkey plush toy for Cooper, which Cooper loves, and Jaxon is SO INCREDIBLY PROUD of, a roll of sweet tarts, and a sucker/flashlight.  All in all a great haul, and picking and showing off his prizes are just as fun to him as earning the tickets in the first place!

Here are the 3 Amigos, plus one of Jaxon and Gracie-  If you can tell he is blushing in that one....I think there's a very good chance Jaxon had a little crush on Miss Grace!

Saturday night was more football, with everyone (all 9 of us) snuggled on the couch together. I love those moments, LOVE!
 Sunday morning we packed up and headed out.  It was the end of a perfectly relaxing weekend, and just what the dr. ordered before heading into the craziness of December and the continued work on the house!
  Jaxon sat between G and G again, and Cooper slept in Dave's arms from liftoff to touch down- pretty awesome!
  I am so SO very thankful for my amazingly amazing husband, my TWO sons, my dear brothers, sister, and their wonderful spouses, and my sweet friends.  I loved having time to reflect on those things, and think about how to make gratitude a bigger part of my life, all year round!

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