Cooper's Blessing

 We had Cooper's blessing on Sunday, December 2nd.  It was a quiet affair here at my parents house, but we were lucky enough to have both sets of Grandparents, and one Uncle in the circle.  We had really hoped for more family to be here to share with us and more uncles in the circle, but it was beautiful just as it was...I mean- look at this ANGEL!!!

Mom and Dad Rogers made a quick trip down here for the blessing, between shifts at the Las Vegas Temple where they are now the Temple President and Matron.  Although it will keep us from seeing them as often as we would like for the next few years,  we are so blessed by their amazing service.  We know that thanks to Mom and Dad Rogers, our names were prayed over countless times at the temple when we were trying for Cooper, and for that we are eternally, ETERNALLY grateful!

  As usual, Mom and Dad Ferrell were hospitable and generous in the use of their home for the blessing and the luncheon to follow.  I can't believe in all the hustle and bustle I didn't get a picture with Mom and Dad Ferrell, not one! What's wrong with me???  Luckily we have lots of them with the boys as we have lived here, so it  could be worse! We had a delicous Mexican feast catered by my dear friend Laura which of course was delicious.

  The blessing itself was tender and sweet, and Dave always puts a lot of thought and prayer into the blessings ahead of time.  I have a copy of it, which will go in Cooper's keep sake box.  But one of the things Dave felt very impressed to say was that one of the reasons Cooper took so long in coming to us was a special relationship he would make with Jaxon.  That Jaxon would be an amazing example and leader for Cooper his whole life.  I thought that was so beautiful and special, both for Cooper and Jaxon! One funny thing that happened is that Cooper is SUCH a chill, quiet, baby, but he DOES not like to lay back if he is not snoozing.  He cried during his ENTIRE blessing, and I didn't have a pacifier in the room to give to him. DRAT~
  I need to get a copy of the picture from my other computer, but in the circle was Dave, Dad Ferrell, Dad Rogers, Uncle Ryan Ferrell, Tommie Bonner (Our old home teacher who we adore) and our Bishop, Bishop Turner. 

Here are me and my boy before his his moment-
 A family shot- you can probably see why I postponed our Family pictures for a few more months. I am so happy to have a photo recollection of this day, but I CERTAINLY wouldn't be putting any of these pictures (of me) up in our home!
 Cooper, with his gorgeous blue eyes and curly hair, does .... sort of... look like a girl in this picture! I cut his hair the next day, but couldn't bare to part with his long locks before the blessing!

I really love this next picture of Cooper for a few reasons-
he is a happy baby, but he is very thoughtful.  He loves to just look around and take things in, ...kind of like this! The other reason is that you can sort of tell that he is about to blow some raspberries, which is now his current favorite way of communicating with us! 

And lastly- WHO IS THIS HANDSOME YOUNG MAN????  Seriously, with Cooper here so tiny, Jaxon just continues to look and seem so much bigger. He is so handsome and we just ADORE HIM TOO!!!
Lastly, I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that Dave holds The Holy Priesthood worthily so that he could bless our sweet Cooper, and daily bless our sweet little family.  


Tyler said...

So beautiful! I wish we could have been there for his special blessing day. It sounds like it was just perfect, and so sweet. I love your family!

Tyler said...

That is obviously AnnaMarie, but not going to signout and sign in again.