The Sweetest Prayer and K-LOV

Background information-
On our way to/from the freeway, there is a new church being built and it is not a church of our faith. When they started building it and we started to see their progress, we talked to Jaxon about how even though it's not our religion, we are so glad that they have the money to build a church so lots more people can learn about Jesus. So, as we watched the projects, they got to the stage with the metal framing. Jaxon was convinced that it was actually a jail. Only recently when they are almost done with the outside has he decided that it may be a church after all.

Okay, to the prayer...

"...And thank you for that church, even though it's not our church, that all those people can learn about Jesus. And please bless that it's not actually a jail...and if it is a jail, please keep the policemen safe from the bad guys."

Also today-

J- "Mom, what other language does Sensai speak?" (he started karate, but that will be a different post)
M - "Japanese"
J- "Does that make him well rounded?"
M- "Where on earth did you hear 'Well-Rounded ??"
J- On Lilo and Stitch. Lilo is well-rounded, and she takes long naps!"

I'm telling you, that kid remembers everything he hears!

Thus...I have mostly stopped listening to regular radio music in the car, because although I love me some good hip hop or pop music, he is constantly asking about the words. So...we switched to K-LOVE! I love it! It is a Contemporary Christian Station, and now instead of Jaxon saying, "Why does he want to smack that booty?" he is saying, "Is he talking about Jesus? Did he say he felt the spirit? Does he know about saying a prayer?"

That may sound so dorky, but I don't even care. We love our Christian Rock!


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

I also love K-Love! I always wonder why there's not more "cool" LDS bands. And I also am becoming very aware of Katie repeating everything she hears. Luckily, she only hangs out with Ryan & Calvin so far, so the worst is from Dora the Explorer. :)

The Hoopers said...

We rock out to K-love too. How funny!

Brandis said...

We started listening to that station when my 2 year old started walking around singing, "I guess I just lost my boyfriend, I don't know where he went..." and "ga ga ooh la la!" Disturbing, to say the least so we changed to the Christian station. I figure you can't go wrong letting your kids listen to songs about Jesus in the car. :)