Just so you know...

I am not going to keep talking about this- our in-vitro, etc. We are moving forward, happily and hopefully. But this has come up a few times, so I just want everyone to know- you don't have to be scared, embarrassed, worried, concerned, etc. etc. etc. to tell me that you are pregnant, when your baby is born, that you found out the sex, etc. etc. etc.

I promise.

I'm not that person and I'm not bitter.

You having a baby does not lessen my chances to have a baby. I want for you what I want for me. I know how happy it makes a woman to get that news, and I promise it doesn't make me sad.

Maybe it would be different if I didn't already have a child. But I know the emotions already. The joy, and the excitement. Please, feel that guilt-free.

if it makes you uncomfortable, then please, tell me in whatever way is easiest for you. You can call me before you put it on your blog, or email me, or act weird when you tell me, as if you need to apologize for something. But the truth is, you don't. And the honest to goodness truth is, I will be just as happy for you now, as I would have been a month ago, a year ago, and 5 years ago.
True story.


The end.


michelle said...

this is another reason why you're awesome.

I am sorry though that it's been a struggle for you and Dave. I'm sure it makes you squeeze that gorgeous Jaxon of yours extra tighter and appreciate him even more.


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

We love you guys!

The Ferrells said...

You made me cry!! You're the best--

Anonymous said...


Sheri said...

thats good to know. thanks.