Poor Jaxon, he's a real ladies man through no fault of his own. Most of his cousins are girls, all of his friends in the ward are girls (except Jack, but his mom just had a baby girl, so they haven't been getting out a whole lot-WE MISS YOU JACK!) Don't get me wrong, Jaxon loves girls. He just has a hard time with the drama, tattling, and emotions that go with it.
Jaxon's to do list on any given day is-

Get dirty.
Smell like a boy.
Fall down, preferably with someone else.
Play swords.
Hit and be hit.
Do something mischievous with a sidekick.
Get dirtier.
Have a "fun bath" not a "clean bath".
Go to bed.

Behold-A picture of Jaxon with one of his new best buddies- Sydney. Again, don't get me wrong. Sydney is one if his best friends, and he tells me every other day that when Grandpa gets back from China, he is going to take Jaxon and Sydney to Disneyland! He loves her! But-This picture pretty much tipifies the dichotomy between Jaxon and every
"friend that's a girl" that he has-

He's wearing a t-shirt and exercise pants, it's 9 in the morning, and he's already dirty.
She's beautiful, dressed up, and clean.
He's being goofy, she's being cute.
His hair is not combed.
Not a hair on her head is out of place.
He's holding his prop like a football.
She's holding her egg like an egg should be held!
Calling all rough and tumble, don't mind being dirty, BOYS! Jaxon needs some male-bonding!!


Jason and Kate said...

When Wyatt gets older we can play. That is too cute. Opposites attract...even at an early age.

The Hoopers said...

You should let him come play with Isaac some time. He's almost NEVER clean!

Valerie: said...

haha Love the picture!! We just finished family Home Evening Tonight(we dont do it on monday's cause dillon has too much homework so we do it on the weekends) and she has already started asking if he will be at church and its not even sunday morning! She is going to miss him so much if we have to move out of the ward.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness.
I love that photo.
Jaxon's facial expression is priceless.

Now as far as getting a playmate for Jaxon, feel free to move to CT (in our ward). Noah would love to have a rough and tumble partner.

Katya's good and all, but she's still a girl.

The Hardings said...

Hahaha. You always make me laugh Ashley. And I cannot believe how big Jaxon looks in that picture! Too bad "Dukin" isn't around to play with him.