Jaxon's Easter pictures

I know all my posts have been about Jaxon lately, but I have been feeling guilty that I haven't updated his journal blog since before I went to China (January)-YIKES! So, when I get a second, I will copy and paste this update from the family blog to his blog and not feel quite so bad!

So here are a few of my favorites from his Easter shoot. This is probably my favorite shoot of Jaxon ever- not because of what he's wearing (though I love it) or the backdrop (also cute), but because Dave was upstairs and getting Jaxon to laugh and giggle- so this is the REAL Jaxon.

I also included some of my favorite outtakes and silly faces- because that's the Jax I know and love!

My smiling cutie-

Thinking he's clever-
Fake smile-

Another fake smile-

"I'm doing my best to look interested" face

Teasing us because he is actually allergic to eggs-

Not wanting to let go of the giant egg-
And of course, his favorite- making a mess!


Tyler said...

What a nice looking kid...must take after his mother. Very nice pictures!

The Ferrells said...

What a cutie--what else in the world is as important? His grandmother says he's #1 and those pictures prove it!!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Those are awesome, Ashley. Jaxon really is a good subject...I bet he's on the track to be a male model or something. :)

Sorry to hear about the croup. ;(