Jaxon is double jointed!!!

Okay, that is not actually a surprise to anyone that knows Jaxon, has met Jaxon, has seem pictures of Jaxon, has heard of Jaxon, or has heard me talk about Jaxon. It's just that lately he is figuring it out and doing all sorts of cool/weird/gross things. For instance, he can pop his shoulder blades in and out, but only seems to remember he can do it when we are rocking in his rocking chair together...then he just pops them in and out as I sing. Then today Dave said, "Jaxon, show Mom your thumbs!" I thought he had just actually figured out which one was his thumb, because up until now he would just stick up his pointer finger. But he looked at his hand, scrunched his fingers a little, and that little thumb starting jumping all over the place- while he laughed hysterically.

So now what?

Traveling freak show?

Youngest Ever Chinese Gymnast?

This explains his shocking flexibility...Dave refuses to put him in gymnastics, and I mostly do to, but man, he would ROCK!

Any suggestions???


The Ferrells said...

Just love that little guy to pieces until I can get there and take my turn!!! I miss you all.

Sarah said...

Super cool!!!
Is Dave super sure he doesn't want Jaxon in gymnastics?
Those guys are super fit.
Maybe Jaxon can do magic tricks... you know, as an escape artist from straight jackets, etc.
Could work with him being able to pop out his shoulder.
Ooh, ooh, I know!!!
Jaxon could be a dancer!!! That should be your next suggestion to Dave.
If he's really not thrilled about that one, maybe he'll reconsider gymnastics.

The Hoopers said...

I would LOVE to put my little guys in gym. It really helped O with her coordination and self confidence. We haven't put the boys in just because its a bit expensive, and we are already forkin' out so much for O's gym. Maybe someday...