Keepin' it real

So, when Cooper was born I was not struck with debilitating postpartum, and life with a newborn pretty much rocked. 

Now he is 7 weeks, and not sleeping round the clock like newborns do.  My postpartum is creeping back. NOTHING like with Jaxon, but bad enough.

 Just thought I'd keep it real.

I adore Cooper, he is the sweetest baby ever. But he's still a baby. And as it turns out, babies still freak me out.

Saturday Jaxon and I took Cooper for a walk.  Our first stop was at Circle K across the street for a Slurpee for Jaxon.  The manager looked at Jaxon and said,
"Hey! Where's your grandpa?"
Jaxon- "Las Vegas"
Manager- "What? He's gambling away your Slurpee Inheritance???"
Jaxon- "Tell me about it..."

I thought it was pretty funny that he totally recognized J, and knew that he gets a slurpee with Grandpa every visit!

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AnnaMarie said...

Well if he sees them daily...:) Love it.

Don't freak out about Cooper. I don't think anyone really likes babies. ;) I am always relieved when they start doing stuff and aren't so hard to understand. Wait...all of my children are still hard to understand. Just keep doing what feels right, enjoy him as much as you can even if he doesn't sleep all night or sleeps all day.