Isn't it interesting.

Several times last year I said, "29 is/has been the best year of my life!" And it was great, no doubt. This year has definately has had more than it's far share of sorrows and set backs, some more personal than others, and some far too personal to share outside my little family. While I wouldn't say 30 is on it's way to outshine 29, it's so interesting to be put in a position to see what, and who, your real blessings are.
I have seen blessings pour in this year, that have answered prayers in ways that I never expected. I have been deeply touched by the friendship, prayers, helping hands, and honest concern that our family and dear friends have shown. I have truly found who is interested in Mine and Dave's welfare, not just knowing our business, and I am so grateful that it's the majority, and not the minority.
I am learning to pray for what I need, and not what I want. I am learning the prayers are never answered in the way you think they should be, but they are certainly always answered. I am realizing what is absolutely essential in this life- and that I absolutely have it. I am learning to rely on the love and support of people who care, and how to let them help me heal.
So here comes the sap- I am grateful to Heavenly Father for letting me hurt, beg, and grow. And I am grateful for the love that surrounds my family, that helps us through each of those painful steps. thanks guys, really.


. said...

I'm grateful for friends like you, who put my thoughts into words-with such eloquence and symplicity that I wish my mouth/brain unfolded things so well...So thanks! You're awemazing (awesome/amazing-I've been around the YW too long!)

Kelly said...

I read this post and felt so touched by your genuine testimony. I am always touched by all you write, whether it makes me laugh, cry or reflect on myself. Although I do not know what you have been through this year, besides some severe sickness with your boys and yourself recently, I do want you to know I love you. You are a true friend to me and I will remember you in my prayers as you continue to plead for whatever it is your heart desires!

I love you Ash!

Cicily said...

I'm glad you're at the point you can see it all in that light :) It's amazing how Heavenly Father helps us to grow. He is the only one who loves us enough to let us struggle to get where we need to be. Love you.

THE TAASE'S said...

Beautiful post Ash!! I can always count on your blog to make me smile, laugh, ooooh and ahhhh, and even tear up here and there. Profound moments in life are priceless...just as the people are that you described in this blog. Thinking about you in Samoa!!